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DIY Sing Sandwich Trade Show Booths

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Yes, Sing Core is creating huge impact among the trade show displays appearing at high end conventions and events across the United States. Our custom trade show display components are by far the best for the most discriminating exhibitors with the highest performance expectations.

Only Eco-friendly Sing Trade Show Displays are lightweight, insulated, perfectly flat, connect quickly & easily and are stronger than steel pound for pound.

Yet, many budget-minded trade show exhibitors are reaching out to our friends at Lowe’s Home Improvement to let their exhibition design ideas run-free by utilizing our low cost standard Sing Sandwich panels available from your local Lowe’s Pro Desk.

Here are some examples of do it yourself trade show booths and trade show displays that can be quickly self-engineered for the avid do it yourself trade show display project with the best booth displays ideas.

Do It Yourself Trade Show Booth

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Photos (above) examples of trade show display creativity using standard Sing Sandwich panels from Lowe’s Home Improvement

Just imagine vendor booth display ideas you could come up with with all the possibilities offered by using standard Sing Sandwich panels from Lowe’s in your next DIY trade show booth project.

Here are some more examples of do it yourselfers tackling their how to build a booth ideas for small budgets with standard Sing Sandwich as lightweight high-strength trade show panels.