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Insulated Sandwich Panels



KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASing Sandwich is the new invention that reinforces outperforming any other structural insulated panel.

Most sandwich panels are called SIP or foam sandwich panels. Traditional panels use EPS foam or urethane foam as the core material sandwiched between two pieces of facial boards. The facing material is usually metal or wood based sheets (or skins).

View our applications page and our Sing Core Photo Gallery to see endless applications of Sing products that are based on the same sandwich panel but out perform any type of SIP panel, lightweight core and honeycomb panel.


Sing Sandwich is manufactured with patented Sing Core material which independently tested at 660 PSI by the University of Washington, compared to average sandwich panel strength of only 10 PSI.

The difference is in the patented vertical grain torsion box fuse-filled with foam grids. It is this structure that functions similar to concrete and rebar increasing the strength 30 times or more.


The best news is that Sing Core doesn’t cost much more than traditional polystyrene sandwich panels and even costs less than other low compression EPS foam sandwich panels.


Marketing would have the masses believe that fashion is disposable, developing products that are designed not to last, so that consumers continue to replace inexpensive products as they fail, creating repeat business.

Sing Core is Eco-friendly, made in the USA and a socially responsible approach to building sustainable goods that last for centuries.

See for yourself by comparing Sing Core to other core materials.

Insulated Sandwich Panel

How to BuyMetal Composite Sing Core panels are true straight, light and strong.

To order Sing Insulated Sandwich Panels submit an order form either by email,, or print and fax it to: 360.495.4585. We’ll provide a quote within one business day. If you have questions, please contact us.

Easy Ordering

All we need to know is the length, width, thickness and what you desire on the exterior, and your custom specialty panels are made to order. Getting a quote for your specialty product, is easy, thanks to our simple online order system.

Bulk Discounts

If you’re looking for a bargain price, remember, the more you order, the less expensive your total order will be per piece. Quantity and wholesale inquiries are encouraged. Feel free to contact us for more information. Click here for Closeout specials.

Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Sing Core can be custom made within 24 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.

Fast delivery: Any thickness and almost any length, less than 5 ft wide, can be made with in 48 hours if it is rush order.

SINGCORE Insulated Sandwich Panels are easy to order. You may choose from our stock panels or order custom sized panels. Our price is based on the length, width, thickness, and quantity. Submit a Work Order by fax or email, and we will give you a quote within one business day. If you have a tight budget, give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.