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Modular Exhibit Systems

The most proficient exhibitors spend a great deal of money when they attend an exhibition show. Exhibit manufacturers expend a great deal of effort to make certain their customers have the high end representation they expect because their image and reputation (both the exhibitor and the manufacturer) depends on the impression made at the exhibition.


Sustainability is an issue if you’re constructing a high end display on site, then basically disposing of it. While the new exhibit is being built for the next exhibition to be attended (assuming you’re attending more than one exhibit per year).

Modular Trade Show Displays

Enter modular trade show displays which are an Eco-friendly approach to expensive exhibit systems that are effective but inefficient.


A modular exhibit system offers huge benefit for the exhibitors who use them. Their modular design is based on interlocking lightweight, high-strength panels that interlock. These exhibit systems can easily be assembled by one or two unskilled laborers in any configuration you desire.

Once assembled the exhibitor may apply exhibit signage or vinyl wrap, just like a custom build, only after the exhibition event, the booth materials are disassembled and stacked (flat packed) and transported to the next event for reassembly on site.

The custom case could be flipped over and used as a portable trade show counter, making it an active component within the exhibit when unpacked and assembled.

Easy to Assemble Exhibition System

How easy is it to assemble a Sing Modular Exhibit System? So easy in fact that this one person (with very little help) assembled this 70 ft trade show display in little more than half-an-hour (see time lapse video).

Tools required? An Allen wrench. That’s it. Nothing else, thanks to the cam-lock design of these particular trade show display panels, which interlock almost as easily as LEGOs.


Individually Customizable Exhibition Components

Whether you’re using your modular exhibition system for a stylish museum display, art show, product demonstration, training seminar, trade show display or temporary in plant office space, you can customize your exhibition components to meet your architectural specifications regardless of your trade show booth sizes. Your individual components can be manufactured to any size (height/length, width and thickness) to achieve the high precision results you desire.

Economy Standard Modular Trade Show System

For the more economically-minded and frugal exhibitor, we try to maintain a regular inventory of our standard modular trade show components in stock, which require little or no lead time, otherwise your custom trade show panels may require four to six weeks for delivery.


See: Standard Modular Trade Show System

Modern Trade Show Booth

Imagine owning your own high end modern trade show booth that could be lightweight, easily transferred, assembled, disassembled, stored and reconfigured live during the exhibition event.


In between shows, your modular exhibit system is safely stored away, ready for the next exhibition.

And if your company grows, from a 10 ft x 20 ft exhibit space to a 10 ft x 70 ft piece of exhibit real estate, no problem. Just add the modular trade show components you need to expand the system you already have. No need to buy a new exhibit system (unless you want to), making your Sing exhibit system the ultra modern trade show booth. The only

Modular Exhibit Systems Guaranteed 50 Years

Only premium modular exhibit systems and trade show displays can be guaranteed warp-free including full structure warranty for a full 50 years.

That means your investment in SingCore exhibit systems are intended to far exceed the life of any other trade show displays and effective return on investment (ROI).

Easily Repairable

With such a long life, you might be concerned about the eventual damage to a Sing modular display panel. Again, no problem; unlike other trade show display panels, a Sing Panel can be repaired (for instance, if forklift forks were run through it) and returned to its original condition without compromising the strength of the original panel.