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Art Exhibition Wall

When it comes to supporting the arts, you might be surprised how much SingCore stands behind the artists and their work.


An art exhibition has many challenges when developing the space available and transforming it into a delightfully exquisite artistic experience. In many ways, the actual flow and design of a particular art exhibition is as artistic as the art showcased.

Whether the art exhibition is taking place in an established gallery, private showing or an artists gallery, the art gallery exhibition will be much more exhilarating if you’re augmenting your design and flow using Sing temporary exhibition walls, an advanced improvement in museum science industry exhibit design.


These temporary exhibition walls are not just your ordinary exhibition wall. The portable gallery walls could be one of the best art show display ideas to be used among galleries and museums, making every art exhibition a unique experience for gallery patrons and supporters.

Having portable exhibition walls gives the museum or gallery the freedom to design and redesign the available space to maximize the artistic expression while empowering the creative process, like the Rumney Guggenheim Gallery.

You might be surprised to discover how much New York at is backed by Sing portable gallery walls.

The designer of a particular exhibit, especially if it is a traveling display art gallery exhibition, is an opportunity to showcase – not just a unique viewing experience for your location – but adds value to the gallery or museum.

Sing exhibit wall panels are insulated lightweight and high strength exhibition panels that help to create a high end exquisite exhibit wall that can be reconfigured on the fly, if necessary. Among any movable walls for art galleries, the Sing solution is the most convenient to use material that is easy and simple to assemble and disassemble, use, reuse, breakdown and store for the next special occasion.

The secret lies deep within the patented exhibition panel design based on a torsion box hybrid system that is stronger than steel (660 PSI) pound for pound, yet extremely lightweight for easy deployment of your exhibition display system.

Sing exhibition wall panels are dead flat and remain straight and true for long periods of time. In fact, Sing exhibition wall systems are manufactured using the most advanced Eco-friendly exhibition booth material that are the only portable gallery walls that can be fully backed by our 50 year warp-free and full structure guarantee.

That’s why you will find Sing temporary exhibition walls throughout the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) and the Cincinnati Museum Center, like in this Princess Diana exhibition, for example:


You can find Sing exhibition panels for sale via your regular distributor currently serving your exhibition art gallery at an art gallery moveable wall price that makes sense for all your art gallery exhibitions.

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