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Exterior Pivot Doors

When it comes to exterior pivot doors, there is now a way to assure that you have the best Eco-friendly exterior pivot door made in the USA today. How do you know you have the best exterior pivot doors? Because only exterior pivot doors with Sing Core inside are guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years!

Of course, there are many ways to build a pivot door, but if you have the highest expectations for pivoting doors, then you desire a door which has the following pivot door characteristics:

You Want Your Exterior Pivot Doors to Be

1. Lightweight
2. High strength
3. Fully Insulated
4. Dimensionally Stable
5. High precision
6. Eco-friendly
7. Versatile (any size, any style)
8. Sustainable
9. 50-year structure guarantee
10. 50-year warp-free guarantee

And there’s only way to wrap up all those benefits in one door, and that’s to have patented Sing Core and patent pending anti-warp technologies built-in to the exterior pivot doors before they are manufactured.

Inventor Peter Sing is revolutionizing the entire large door industry, surprisingly, without ever manufacturing a door. Which, at first blush, looks like a contradiction.

If pivot doors with Sing Core inside are the only exterior pivot doors which can be fully structurally guaranteed as well as non-warping for 50 years, and Sing’s factory does not make doors, how can the most desirable pivot front door in America not come from the Pacific Northwest factory?

The truth is, it takes a village to create the best door in the world which can be guaranteed for 50 years. This is an extremely complicated task, especially for pivot front doors which may be exposed to the elements.

There is an exacting science which goes into each door which is built with Sing’s patented and patent pending core materials inside. So, I’m sure you’re wondering,

How Do You Make a Sing Door?

You start with a visionary idea about what you want your exterior door to look like, by answering these questions:

How tall would you like it to be?
How wide and how thick?
What style/What would you like it to look like?
What material would like to have it made from?
Where will the exterior pivot door be located?
Will one side be 100% exposed to the weather?
Where will the pivot point be located (center/offset/edge)?
When do you need it?

The answers to these questions are provided to your door engineer, custom door designer, or architect, who works in concert with Sing Core behind the scenes.

All of these are factors which determine how the inside (exterior pivot door blanks) of your modern custom pivot doors will be built. This is where patented sing Core technology shines.

With this information in hand Sing’s True Flat Team of experts goes about co-engineering the base door to which external materials will be added to complete the door.

Once the exterior pivot door blank is completed, it is sent to your favorite millwork, custom door manufacturer, or pivot door company for final finishing which may include hardware and prehung.

And you’re not done, yet. If you’re going to want to have the best door in the world installed on location, you’re going to need highly qualified craftspeople to properly install and hang your door to maintain the precision and performance of your high quality

All these factors are raising the bar for pivot entry doors in general but certainly for oversized pivot doors and impressive exterior pivot doors which present challenges for translating your visionary custom exterior pivot doors to trouble-free real-world expression and functionality.

Modern Style Pivot Doors

Among the most progressive contemporary architecture and design, modern style pivot doors are cresting the landscape of the most leading-edge creations breaking new ground daily. And by the looks of things, it looks like the bigger the modern pivot doors, the better.

The evolution in the modern pivot entry door arena seem to prefer large sized pivot front doors to maximize curb appeal and instantly impress anyone who encounters such a magnificent oversized pivot door which leaves a lasting impression.

Floor to ceiling pivot doors are leading the pack, followed by the modern steel pivot door, which until the invention of Sing Core were just entirely to heavy to articulate and be practical.

French Pivot Door

Exterior pivot doors can act as a bridge between the structure’s interior and the landscape which expands beyond the egress point. If the lite cut out in your exterior pivot door accounts for one-third of the door’s surface area or more it is considered to be a French pivot door.

This is a blend of glass pivot door which provides style and grace which helps to minimize the separation between the indoors and outdoors. While these wood and glass pivot doors are primarily found in commercial applications, they are starting to make their way into the most high-end homes in the United States, and abroad. As is the case in modern pivot entry doors, the larger French pivot doors seem to garner the most attention.

Metal Pivot Doors

Your metal pivot doors can be the best metal pivot doors if they are manufactured with lightweight Sing Core inside which is stronger than steel pound for pound (660 PSI). Aluminum pivot doors are the most common of the metal pivot doors.

Even though the aluminum pivot door appears to be the most popular, the noticeable growing trend in large pivot doors is in the exterior steel pivot doors arena. Sing Core provides the best metal pivot door fabricators with pivot doors made of cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel. But it’s not just cold rolled steel pivot doors and hot rolled steel pivot doors which are configured and manufactured at the Sing Core factory. You will also find, Diamond Plate Steel Pivot Doors, Galvanized Pivot Doors, Quilted Steel Pivot Doors, and Stainless-Steel Pivot Doors, just to name a few.

Custom Wood Pivot Door

By far, the custom wood pivot door is where Sing Core’s abilities are in the highest demand because of natural wood’s natural inclination to move in accordance to changes in the environment. When wood is used to create exterior pivot doors, especially if one side is exposed to the weather, this creates the perfect storm for warped doors.

As you know, a warped door is not much like a door at all, if it can not function as a door, even if it was based on the most beautiful pivot door ideas.

Wood pivot doors comprise the popular exterior pivot doors, but problems are inherited massively throughout the life of what would otherwise be such a beautiful door. The constant ongoing maintenance of such a masterpiece can make the owner of the project wonder why he or she ever allowed themselves to conceive of such a pivot door.

Thanks to Sing Core, you can have the perfect warp-free exterior wood pivot door which are built to last for centuries and can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years, just like our world-famous exterior mahogany wood pivot doors.

Shouldn’t your exterior pivot doors have Sing Core inside?