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Pivot Doors in Luxury Homes

Pivot doors are among the most popular door we get requests for. Pivot doors in luxury homes are very common and are often over sized. Over sized is anything over the standard 3’ x 7’ door size. We supply the most high end and high precision doors to luxurious homes all around the world.

No one can do what we do.

For those who are not familiar with pivot doors-

Instead of the doors motion being controlled by traditional hinges, a pivot-hung door swings on a set of pins mounted in the top and bottom. The pivot door rotates on a pivot box in the floor and the top jamb rather than traditional door side hinges. This creates an elegant masterpiece that rotates effortlessly and usually no hardware is visible, except for the handle of course.


Pivot doors have many uses and can come in many different sizes. It is most popular to have over sized pivot doors that provide generous openings, but it is not necessary. Pivot doors are most commonly used as exterior doors, giving a beautiful and grand entrance to a home. They can also be used for interior doors. Whether it is to the bedroom, bathroom, or even laundry room pivot doors can add an elegant entrance to any room of your home. You could even have pivot doors for your closet!


We can make any size pivot door you may need and our doors are always built with the highest precision. We have perfected our craft so much that our tolerances are always within ±0.006”.
Our pivot doors are exceptionally lightweight, high strength, and always dimensionally stable.


Here at Sing Core, we always get requests for pivot doors. The majority of them are over sized. People from all over the world come to us with doors like this because we are the only door company who can make door of this magnitude last for many years. That is why we offer our-


A guarantee like this is unheard of in the door manufacturing industry. Usually, you will be offered 1 year at the most, but never 50 years. So if you need an over sized door, or any door, to last over 50 years, Sing Core has you covered. For more guarantee information, click here.


Sing Core’s patented technologies are always on the cutting edge of the door manufacturing industry. We are constantly working on improving our already state of the art technology. We can proudly produce large doors with great confidence that it will remain truly flat for the entirety of its lifespan.

We offer many different skin choices. Our choices range from concrete, metal, fiberglass, exotic woods, MDF, to even plywood. Click here to see our skin choice page. We specialize in custom doors, so if you do not see what you need just ask!


To order, go to our pricing page and fill out one of our pricing forms. This is the fastest way to get in contact our salespeople. Click here to go to fill out a pricing form.

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Breaking News:

Breaking News: Thin Doors Need Strength Too

Breaking News: Thin Doors Need Strength Too!

Sing Core has always been on the leading edge of the reinforced structural panel industry.

Our panels are among the lightest, strongest, and overall best on the market.

Watch the video below and hear how solid our doors really are.

This panel is super thin for its overall span. Overall thickness is only 1 3/4″. Our patented torsion box honeycomb allows us to create lightweight high strength panels that can be any size without any warping. Solid wood would be very heavy and can potentially warp shortly after being produced. This panel is a whopping 65 1/2″ x 120″ and only weighs 139.6 lbs.!

As you can see, the skin is birch plywood that is less than 1/8″ thick. Combined with our torsion box honeycomb design, this panel will be stable and remain rigid for many years.
Due to this panel being truly flat, it can stand alone on edge. If there was any deflection, the panel would be unable to balance.

Thin oversized panel standing on edge. 


Can any anyone else achieve this?



Let us know!
If not, share this with a friend who may need our patented technology.


<tbody=”border: none;”>

A door with these dimensions is greatly feared by many door manufacturers. A door like this is nearly impossible to build without having issues. Common issues with doors so large and so thin include warping, delamination, prevalent weak points, and many others. If this were produced with solid wood, the door would be unable to stand alone due to not being true flat. Sing Core’s true flat doors and panels comply with AWI standards and can stand alone.

Sing Core’s patented lightweight and high strength torsion box honeycomb core design makes building oversized doors easy and provides lasting strength and durability. We know our doors and panels are among the lightest and strongest on the market, so we guarantee every door and panel for 50 years!

We never do veneering in house. We only trust local professionals for veneering services. Sing Core only provides substrate to be veneered. We highly recommend using your local veneering professionals. Veneering requires highly trained professionals to ensure a quality finished product.

Our substrate with MDF is very good for hot pressing as well as preventing telegraphing in the outer skin. This is the best option for ensuring a quality veneered door panel. With Sing Core substrate and 1/8″ MDF, no cross-banding is required. MDF is a very stable substrate to use.

For other applications, plywood is very strong and provides the best dimensional stability. This is the best option for applying overlays, such as wood staves, drywall, concrete board, etc… We offer many different plywood options, see our skin type page for more information.

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Pivot Door Manufacturers

Pivot door manufacturers are the backbone of the success behind the impact patented Sing Core is seeing in contemporary architecture design and modern pivot doors around the world. Where the power of these emerging technologies really shines is in modern pivot entry door, but none of this would be possible without the support of the biggest and best high-end pivot door manufacturers.

Patented Warp-free MDF Door Core for Pivot Door Manufacturers

The growing trend of modern pivot doors is often pushing the boundaries of size, where it is generally assumed that the bigger the pivot door is, the greater the impact it will have on those who encounter such a giant articulating pivot door.

It gets more complicated the larger the pivot door is because you are attempting to surpass the limitations of the materials used to manufacture these highly customized pivot doors, especially if you are working with a modern pivot front door.

A modern pivot front door is more far more complicated to manufacture due to its having one side which faces the project’s interior and the other facing the exterior, and could be exposed 100% to the elements, and as they change, the materials begin to move. Given enough movement as the door adjusts to the environmental changes, will cause the door to fail. It may not operate freely, adding stress and strain to the pivot door hardware, compromising the pivot door’s ability to seal correctly, and it may become impossible to secure as locking mechanisms may not line up properly.

This is the plight faced by the best pivot door manufacturers, and that’s where inventor Peter Sing’s patented modern pivot door solutions come in, which have been changing the way modern pivot doors are made.

The Sing Core Solution


Pivot Door Manufacturers

Pivot door manufacturers rely on Sing’s ability to match up the perfect modern pivot door core substrate to both the size and materials to create a pivoting front door that will not fail. Backed by Sing’s True Flat Team, his factory, located in the pristine Pacific Northwest in McCleary, Washington, they are able to provide these high-end pivot door manufacturers with the exact door core to match supplication, size, and materials.

The result is a modern pivot front door which will not warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for a full fifty years. (No, that is not a misprint.) The modern pivot door cores with Sing Core inside can deliver a large pivot door made of nearly any flat building materials which can be

Guaranteed Warp-free for 50 Years

This is an unprecedented warranty that can not be achieved without having patented Sing Core inside.

Sing’s patented technologies enable modern pivot door designers to expand their horizons and to exceed high performance standards which would normally be limited to what was previously possible using existing technologies and materials.

What makes Sing’s core so special?

Sing’s core is a hybrid composite technology which combines traditional woodworking craftsmanship and space-age technology to accomplish this feat.


Sing starts with a torsion box grid structure, which has long been known as an effective way to make a large lightweight door with increased dimensional stability. Sing multiplied the strength of the torsion box by making the torsion box grids smaller (2 to 3 inches) and achieved even more strength by flipping the grain orientation to vertical. Then he fills the vertical grain torsion box voids with recycled foam. Sandwiched between two stress skins and cold-pressed with formaldehyde-free adhesive, results in a solid modern pivot door core perfectly matched to the specific needs of the most discerning pivot door manufacturers.

Since the inception of Sing’s core, he has also developed patented and patent-pending anti-warp mechanisms which can be inserted into the core at precise locations to prevent warping of any modern pivot door surface material.

For instance, wooden pivot door manufacturers know that they will receive a one of a kind sing solution for a large wooden pivot door that will be unique and different for each type of wood featured on their warp-free in wooden pivot doors. Whether the doors are white oak, walnut, mahogany, teak, cherry, or cedar, the core will be different. And if it is to be used as a modern pivot front door, even more specialized.

When people hear about Sing’s special technologies, of course, everybody wants a pivot door with Sing Core inside, and they may reach out and contact Sing Core for such a door, but Sing does not build the doors for which he is so well known. Sing only supplies the top pivot door manufacturers with the components which makes these doors possible.

Believe me, you wouldn’t want what he ships to the pivot door manufacturers, it doesn’t much look like a door, but what the pivot door manufacturers do, is to create the most beautiful and most magnificent modern pivot doors using Sing’s core as their canvas.

It is the perfect synergy between the pivot door manufacturers and Sing’s core, resulting in an interior or exterior pivot door that is lightweight, high strength, fully insulated for sound deadening and increased climate control, and can be guaranteed warp-free for 50-years.

And remember, Sing core can support nearly any available flat building material, including but not limited to, aluminum, brass, cold rolled steel, copper, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, Formica, FRP, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, HPL, Kevlar, Masonite, magnetic white board, stainless steel, and of course, any type of available wood species.

Sing’s core is stronger than steel pound for pound, rated at 660+ PSI and features the highest precision, which is also very highly sought after by the most prestigious end users.

That’s why you could find Sing’s core anywhere from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and anywhere in between.

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Metal Pivot Doors

Metal pivot doors include modern steel doors which are by far the most popular modern metal front doors in demand today.

Today’s modern metal door can take on a wide variety of visual representations and can include the combining of many different materials to achieve a unique architectural design, look and feel.

Modern steel front doors are leading the pack in the arena of modern steel doors, for many reasons, which include the wide variety of steel materials which are available for making your modern metal door, such as hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel, diamond plate steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel modern metal front doors.

Of all the varieties of steel doors the steel pivot door is the most prestigious and the bigger the pivot door the more attention is garnered when encountering such an architectural contemporary work of art.

When approaching large modern steel entry doors, certain challenges tend to arise when approaching this type of design because any metal pivot door of that size is going to be extremely heavy, and if it was constructed using traditional welding processes, you will sacrifice the precision of your contemporary steel entry doors.

Sing Core solves all the problems associated with steel doors

Solving the problems associated with large contemporary steel doors is what inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending true flat technologies are all about. His invention, aptly referred to as “Sing Core” is the secret ingredient inside the most noted large door designs found in the most exclusive locations throughout the United States, and the world at large.

What makes Sing’s core so special?

.020 white oak combined with white oak solid edge for World Trade Center


High Precision

When you start welding on a modern steel door, you will lose the precision of that door, as welding may be an effective way to join steel components structurally, but it damages and distorts the steel in the process. Sing’s patented steel fabrication process does not use heat or welding of any kind which preserves the integrity of the steel throughout, and Sing’s core is already high precision, sporting tolerances of +/- .006-inch.


The issue of heavy weight is the first thought that comes to mind as Sing’s core is so effective at reducing the weight of the otherwise overweight modern steel pivot doors, which results in a door that can be shipped less expensively, easier to handle in the shop and on the job site, and requires much less expensive “heavy duty” hardware to accommodate these modern steel exterior doors with Sing Core inside. Whatever the steel weighs (+ 10%) will be the weight of the door. The heaviest gauge you would need is 18G, and 20G is best and looks like a solid steel blank.

Stronger than Steel

Sing’s revolutionary technologies empower contemporary architects, door designers, the biggest and best companies to provide their clientele with modern stainless steel entry doors that are lightweight yet stronger than steel pound for pound. Sing Core was tested to far exceed 660 PSI.

How can 20 Gauged steel be so much stronger? Why? See unbreakable glass:




Glass stronger than steel? Even hitting unbreakable mirror with a hammer does not break.

While solving the issues associated with weight and strength would be surpass the expectations of anyone looking for such a solution prior to Sing’s invention, there are other advantages to having Sing Core incorporated within your modern steel door design.

Fully Insulated

While building a torsion box door might be a enough to handle the weight requirements, Sing fills the voids, which world normally be left open, with rigid recycled foam which offers any such door the ability to offer insulation for both climate control and sound deadening qualities.

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Only doors made with Sing’s core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail (including structure) for 50 years. We know of no other company can do that.

That’s why the biggest and most renowned door companies in the world say,

“There was just no way it could be done before we had Sing’s core.”

Of course, steel is not the only metal used to make metal pivot doors, aluminum pivot doors are also among the more popular contemporary metal doors.

Sing Core specializes in contemporary metal front doors made in the united states aluminum door modern metal door designs. Though most are commercial aluminum door pivot door applications, aluminium pivot front doors are becoming increasingly popular in high-end residential projects as the are growing in popularity amidst other architectural modern metal front door designs.

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Modern Pivot Doors

Modern pivot doors are making dramatic appearances in the latest contemporary architecture designs today, and the bigger they are, the more impressive they are. Among them, the modern steel door and other types of custom modern entry doors are leading the way in new methods of approaching large modern pivot doors.

There’s no doubt that modern pivot doors represent the proverbial balancing act between weight and strength and as each modern pivot door must conduct its own balancing act according to the visionary concept of the contemporary architect, designer, or door engineer.

While pivot doors are often thought of as pivoting on a precise center point, more modern pivot doors are often outfitted with pivot door hardware that is not based on the pivot door’s center. Modern contemporary large pivot door installations can be off-center, even featuring extreme edge pivot door hardware, which can be quite impressive.

The challenge which comes with the territory surrounding the concept of modern pivot doors is associated with weight, as a heavy pivoting door will cause undue wear and tear on both the hardware and the structure requiring additional maintenance over time, and strength, as attempts to reduce the weight of the door will often result in a warped door, which doesn’t do anyone any good at all.

And modern metal pivot doors, such as the modern steel door, are by far the heaviest, followed by natural wood, which everyone already knows is a huge problem when in comes to warping due to the nature of natural wood grain to move according to changes in the environment.

To complicate things even further, imagine using modern pivot doors custom modern entry doors, where there’s a good chance that one side of the modern architecture pivot door faces the elements, possibly 100% exposed to the weather. This is a certain recipe for disaster. That is, unless your modern pivot doors have

Sing Core inside.

What is Sing Core?

Sing Core is the invention which is changing the way doors are made around the world.

Now, big pivot doors don’t have to be heavy or prone to warp, thanks to inventor, Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending anti-warp technologies. Using Sing’s Core, you can have an Eco-friendly lightweight modern pivot door that weighs far less than any other solid wood-based core system, yet is very strong.

Stronger than Steel

How strong is Sing’s modern pivot door core? Stronger than steel pound-for-pound, and it was independently tested and rated at 660 PSI.

In fascinating strength demonstration, you will find the inventor, Mr. Sing performing amazing feats, such as standing on a 20 ft. span supported between a pair of sawhorses and see for yourself; little or no deflection. It is quite astonishing.

And with the most bold and modern pivot doors being so lightweight and strong, this is only the beginning.

Modern pivot doors with Sing’s core inside (yes, even the modern steel doors) not only weight less and are many times stronger, but they also take on an impressive set of attributes just by virtue of having Sing’s patented invention inside.

Fully Insulated Modern Pivot Doors

Sing’s doors are also fully insulated for climate control and sound deadening qualities that are hard to be found (or impossible to find) in such a door this lightweight and strong.

And if you didn’t already know, thanks to Sing’s patented and patent-pending anti-warp technologies doors may now be had made of nearly any material and any size, and come backed by Sing’s unparalleled

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

No, that is not a misprint. You might expect 5-years, but Sing guarantees that doors made to specs with his technology inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail (including full structure) for 50 years. No one else can do that.

While Sing is responsible for making the largest door impact in so many high-end industries across the board, Sing claims that he has yet to make even one door.

According to inventor, Peter Sing, he only makes the door core, or superior substrate, which he supplies to the world’s top architects, door manufactures, millworks, and custom builders of modern pivot doors, who make his inventions look so good.


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Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are what we do best. We specialize in creating the best pivot doors of any size which can be guaranteed not to warp or fail structurally for a full 50 years. Including both single pivot doors and double pivot doors of any style, including French pivot doors.

European pivot doors are larger in size and can be found as dramatic pivot doors inside or outside the home or building. Interior pivot doors generally are not as problematic as exterior doors unless they are oversized pivot doors, then you will probably be looking for a better solution.

European French doors tend to run more oversize and thicker than their American pivot doors. We get calls every day for the most outrageous custom high-end pivot entry doors from the most intriguing contemporary architects and designers around the world.

Whether you or your client is looking for high performance sound isolation pivot doors or advanced safety and security impact pivot doors, Sing Core has the patented lightweight, high strength, sound-deadening, insulated substrate that delivers outstanding results when used in concert with our true flat team cooperating with your engineers of pivot doors.

Pivoting doors are pivot hung doors which contrast wildly from their swinging-hinged counterparts. Depending on the pivot hinge systems in play, your impressive pivot doors, may be very large (even full floor to ceiling) modern pivot doors that instantly commands attention when used as pivoting front doors.

Pivot doors are perfect replacement doors for upgrading or renovating any home, commercial, industrial, or government structure.

Architectural pivot doors are coming more into vogue when used as pivot entry doors due to unleashing the creative aspects of the modern pivot door’s design variances and performance capabilities which are not available in any other lightweight high strength pivot door.

When it comes to metal pivot doors, the biggest and best manufacturers of pivot doors trust Sing Core to provide them with the best substrate materials to build the best aluminum pivot doors, and modern steel pivot doors which can backed up with warranties they could have never afforded when attempting to deliver a long-lasting.

Steel pivot doors tend to weigh too much when manufactured by traditional pivot door companies which causes problems for pivot door maintenance down the road. All your pivot doors with Sing Core are high precision (+/- .006 in.) pivot doors which are custom made in the USA and handcrafted by our highly skilled and crafted True Flat team.

With such high tolerances these high precision pivot door blanks enable to allow builders of concealed pivot doors or completely hidden pivot doors to possess the exacting dimensionally stable material to work with to achieve the near-seamless results they long for.

Sing pivot doors are designed to provide both climate control and sound-deadening characteristics to any project where these unique pivot doors are installed. Keeping in mind that our pivot doors bring full insulation and high strength (660 PSI) which is stronger than steel pound for pound, to the table for the ultimate made in USA pivot doors.

You can now have the most creative pivot doors featuring any flat building materials, such as glass pivot doors, wood pivot doors, fiberglass pivot doors, including exotic hardwoods, for the most rated pivot doors guaranteed to please and not warp for 50 years.

Large pivot doors garner the most attention and create the most problems for maintenance over time, but not if your pivot doors have Sing Core inside.

Generally, you don’t often find Sing Core inside average home pivot doors as they are definitely above the standard fare of traditional pivot door over-the-counter stock as each pivot door created with Sing Core inside is a one-of-a-kind piece of art handcrafted and built for discerning clients in America and abroad.

If you’re contemplating having one of these magnificent pivot doors in your next project, simply contact your favorite retailers of pivot doors and have them contact their pivot door company supplier and ask to have the door you want to have built for you to have, “Sing Core inside.”

Then, you too, can have this same exclusively high-end results in your anything-goes-clad pivot doors.

And nobody can build your custom pivot doors faster than Sing Core who has consistently proven to the high-end door companies who rely on us as their back up, that we can make a thousand doors in better time than most other door manufacturers.
Those for whom we build these co- engineered pivot doors know they can depend on us to have their back even if they are up against a pressing deadline and need rush pivot doors.

Pivot Doors Portfolio

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Modern Custom Pivot Doors

A pivot door rotates on the floor and top jamb, rather than traditional door side hinges. Here at SingCore, we offer pivot doors of almost any size from standard up to extreme oversize in excess of 30′ and or 30′ wide. These doors have become popular in last few years because they are ideal for large panels. They also have a unique modern look and contemporary vibe.

Pivot Door Configurations

Double Pivot

Our double pivot doors (two doors side by side) are built to swing in, out, but not both. SingCore double pivot doors operate as two beautifully balanced panels. Double pivot doors seem almost like they are floating in space, and are great choice for contractors, millworks, architects or designers that are looking for a greater connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, or a seamless, streamlined modern look. Our custom pivot doors are available in with: side lights, no frames in between, and gang pivot. We also offer multiple pivot doors in a row.

Single Pivot

Single pivot doors can swing in both directions, either in or out. SingCore single pivot doors provide a seamless, streamlined look with smooth operation. Additionally, the door panels function with a much larger width and surface area than a comparable hinge door. Our custom pivot doors are available in with: side lights, no frames in between, and gang pivot. We also offer multiple pivot doors in a row.

Pivot Hardware and Handles

High quality pivot door hardware is engineered for dependability, durability, and smooth operation. SingCore panels are compatible with almost any make and manufacture of pivot door hardware on the market. Every panel comes with custom integrated solid wood blocking installed to your unique design and specifications.

Luxurious openings

Currently being specified by top architects, if you are looking for a luxurious door then pivot doors are for you. And,  the most cutting-edge swing door opening, pivot doors are available from SingCore.


Every panel build by SingCore is custom and build directly to your specifications. That means swing in, swing out, or swing in opposite directions can be achievable. Any design that you can imagine could be realized with SingCore’s patented and patent pending door core technology.

Smooth operation

SingCore doors are amazingly strong yet light. This allows for smooth, almost effort free operation. While maintaining the solid look and feel of a door panel that is truly stronger than steel pound for pound. Security, and style can be achieved with a single SingCore door panel.

Material options


Our aluminum pivot doors can be constructed to any hight, and can have a seamless skin have up to 5′ wide. Panels over 5′ wide will have a tight vertical seem every 5′. Aluminum skin doors are suitable for direct exterior use, with proper finishing. They also offer a good substrate for vinyl, paint, or other finish applications.


SingCore offers both hot rolled and cold rolled steel panels in a wide variety of finishes and applications. Seamless doors are available up to 5’x10′, and doors with tight seams up to any size. Steel doors are suitable for doors with an industrial look, or for commercial and industrial spaces, including sound proof and fire resistant doors.


Wood skin doors are available in both veneer and wood stave. Our stain grade wood productions can be had in many wood species including including: walnut, mahogany, teak, sapele, cedar, white oak, cherry, fir, pine, and many others. Ask about availability and sizing requirements for your preferred wood variety.

Finish and Color Matching

SingCore uses the highest quality wood species available on the market, enabling our clients to match any custom wood cabinetry. Mahogany, douglas fir, walnut, cherry, alder and many other wood types are often used.

Window Openings

SingCore provides full custom window opening in any style including side light windows, integrated sidelight style, horizontal slat, multiple horizontal slat openings, vertical slat, or any other configuration of you choice.

High Performance

Because SingCore systems are used in extreme environments, including harsh desert heat and frigid cold ski resorts. But, we always offer and almost unheard of 50 year guarantee on all our professional level door panels.


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Pivot Doors Exterior

When it comes to pivot doors exterior applications of notable size can be precarious for contemporary architects, designers, door engineers, and the various companies charged with the manufacturing of such an exterior pivot door.

The biggest and best door companies, millworks, and custom pivot door manufactures are now empowered to build the best pivot doors specifically designed and manufactured to be the most resilient weatherproof of any pivot door’s exterior performance standard.

Unique characteristics of inventor Peter Sing’s patented and patent-pending pivot doors exterior encapsulated reinforced torsion box hybrid core imbue any pivot door with capabilities which are unattainable with any other pivot door’s exterior finish, including high performance benefits, like:

  • 21 ft Pivot Doors Exterior

    21 ft Pivot Doors Exterior

    Any style

  • Any material
  • Any size
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lightweight
  • High strength
  • Fully insulated
  • Warp-free
  • Sustainable
  • 50-year guarantee

Architectural pivot doors are now nearly unlimited in scope, function, and design parameters. Door artists, designers, and engineers are now able to create the pivot doors exterior slabs of any size that are virtually impenetrable with the ability to withstand any extreme weather challenge without failure as Sing’s core can keep any door perfectly straight. Your exterior pivot door is guaranteed not warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years.

Even exterior wood doors, which present the highest degree of challenges for the manufacturers of wood pivot doors exteriors because they are more likely to fail due to the natural inclination of wood grain to move according to changes in the environment.

While a one-quarter-inch deflection may be tolerable in a standard door as door hardware is designed to accommodate this amount of movement, once the pivot doors exterior configuration exceeds 7 ft tall and 3-and-a-half ft wide, you are asking for trouble. And this trouble is compounded by two more complications. One being that the door in question faces the exterior elements while the other faces the interior, just begging to warp, bend, cup, or twist. The other, that it’s a pivot door!

Unlike a hinge door which can utilize hinges on one side of the door to help keep it straight (in the most complex circumstances you can use a full length or piano hinge to help keep a large door straight), a pivot door has only two points of contact, on the top and bottom of the door, this puts all the reliance on the door slab’s ability to basically stay straight on its own.

Rather than try to address these issues from the pivot door’s exterior finish, Sing attacks it from deep inside the pivot door. Sing has assembled his True Flat Team, which reviews each exterior pivot door project and they work in concert with the visionaries, architects, engineers, and the end users, to come up with the perfect substrate which is matched to the surface material, taking into consideration, the size of the pivot doors exterior, its location on the structure, and the general performance expectations.

The result is a one-of-a-kind piece of art which can be guaranteed not to warp or fail for 50 years. According to the pivot door company, millwork, and custom pivot door manufacturer who utilizes Sing’s services,

“There is no other way to do it.”

Not being limited to your choice of materials is also very impressive as you may select from pivot door exteriors of any available natural wood, steel, glass, bronze, Corten steel, 316 SS, 304 SS, aluminum, cold rolled steel, diamond plate steel, fiberglass, Formica, FRP, galvanized steel, HPL, Kevlar, Masonite, basically any flat building material can be applied to the pivot doors exterior.

You can also combine materials, such as a wood exterior glass pivot door, which features a wooden from with a predominant large lite cutout for glass installation, like a French pivot door. In fact, Sing’s team can create custom glass openings in any pivoting door (and they don’t have to be rectangular) which also expands your potential for creative expression.

Sing’s team reports that first-time clients are shy about asking if we can make a 9 ft wide pivot door at first (which is child’s play for the True Flat Team), then they come back with a real oversized big door order, like a 21 ft tall exterior pivot door, or doors that are 20 ft wide or 40 ft tall. If it’s a big project with a huge door, Sing and his team is up to the challenge.

Let your creative juices flow and let Sing’s True Flat Team make your pivot doors exterior dreams come true, guaranteed (for 50 years).

Best Pivot Doors Exterior Pictures

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Your Guide to Extra Large Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are widely known as the “king of doors.” From the busy avenues of New York City to the posh estates of Beverly Hills, SingCore is making a mark on the pivot door scene all across the United States and all over the world!

How Big Can I Make My Pivot Door

Here at SingCore, there is no pivot door too big. Everything from relatively run of the mill 4 foot by 8 foot door panels all the way up to monster 30’+ panels are well within the means of patented SingCore technology. Our proprietary production process is capable of constructing warp free panels of almost any size.

We make all our panels custom, to order, and are capable of filling your desires no mater the size.

Additionally, we have the capability of shipping extremely large door panels in sections. These smaller sections can significantly decrease the cost of shipping a very large panel as well as reduce the difficulty in handling your large panel on the jobs site. When you are ready to install your extremely large over size panel, just glue the pieces together with the included full length spline biscuit, and your panel will be ready to install the next day.

aia seattle center for architecture design pivot man door

What Style of Very Large Pivot Door are Available?

SingCore offers extremely large oversize pivot door panels in a wide variety of finishing including full length real hardwood staves, and high quality wood veneer. We commonly work with walnut, teak, cedar, white oak, mahogany, Port Orford cedar, birch, fir, pine, maple, redwood, and cherry lumber. But, almost any variety of wood can be had if desired.

Unlike many other door providers, we are happy to provide doors with horizontal wood staves, which offers a unique style and can reduce overall doors construction costs compared to horizontal stave designs, given the possibility of using shorter and easier to source sections of lumber.

We also have a wide variety of metal door finishes available:

  • Cold rolled steel
  • Hot rolled steel
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized
  • Copper
  • and more

Our metal pivot doors have the same strength benefits of traditional metal doors, but generally come in at much less weight.

What About Pivot Door Hardware

Although SingCore does not provide pivot door hardware with our door panels, we do offer FREE custom blocking in our door panels to accommodate the commercial pivot door hardware of your choice. Our panels are suitable for use with any pivot door hinge or other specialized hardware available on the market. And our patented core technology can be easily worked just like wood. This means, you don’t need any special tools or skills to install a SingCore pivot door in your next project.

How Do I Get a SingCore Pivot Door?

SingCore caters exclusively to those is the building trades and professions including architects, designers, millworks, and contractors. That’s why our door panels are some assembly required. To get SingCore on board with your next project, submit an estimate request.

Home owners interested in investing in a SingCore door for their property should contract a trusted local building professional and specify they want SingCore inside.