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Interior Pocket Doors

Need to make a small room seem bigger? Tired of the footprint taken up by the door swing? A pocket door could be the perfect solution to these issues. Pocket doors have their origins in Victorian homes where they often separated formal seating areas or entry ways. A pocket door is a type of sliding door. Unlike a regular door, a pocket door slides in and out of a wall on a track. Sliding Pocket Doors are a great way to conserve space. Similar to sliding barn doors, pocket doors have the ability to be hidden within a wall. Pocket doors are the perfect portal for powder rooms, laundry rooms, pantries or utility rooms. In small areas like these, a standard swinging door would take up a significant amount of space.

What is a pocket door and how does it differ from a regular door? A pocket door is a type of sliding door. A pocket door slides into a hollow cavity, or “pocket,” in the wall.

Pocket doors maximize under-utilized areas around doorways and transform them into smart storage spots. A pocket door simply slides into a frame in the wall, freeing up a great deal more of the room and opening up the design possibilities.

Sliding pocket doors were very popular with turn of the nineteenth century builders and they can be seen in different style and design such as double pocket door. An open interior door breaks up the line of the wall and can look a little clunky.

Pocket doors disappear completely when open, creating an elegant, streamlined appearance. Sliding pocket doors are useful in designing two separate rooms, so that they may be joined as needed. Pocket doors don’t seal a room as tightly as a traditional swinging door, and the typical locking mechanism is flimsier than a tubular latch or deadbolt.

This is why sliding pocket doors are best used as interior doors. Pocket doors are an interesting addition to many homes because they slide into the wall, hiding the door when open. Most of you already probably know this, but for those who don’t, pocket doors are interior doors that “disappear” into a shallow slot inside a wall.

When it comes to saving space, pocket doors are loved by designers, builders and homeowners alike. A pocket door is a great way to pick up usable space that’s normally occupied by a swinging door. Sing Core creates sliding doors and pocket doors for stylish, intuitive, and space-saving solutions.

These pocket door frames are made of sturdy wood, with a skin of your choice. We can provide veneer, wood stave, aluminum, hot or cold rolled steel, and much more!

Here at Sing Core we specialize in custom doors, so if you can think of it, then we can do it! Let us help you with your next project. Sing Core produces the most accurate door panels on the market.

Sing Core is the only company to produce over-sized doors that are structurally guaranteed for 50 years. No other door company can structurally guarantee their doors for 50 years, even their standard sized doors.

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Wood Pocket Doors

Wood pocket doors are similar to wood sliding doors in that they use similar sliding door hardware only a sliding pocket door disappears as it vanishes into an adjoining cavity within a wall (a pocket) and is therefore invisible when in the opened position.


Even though most wood pocket doors are interior pocket doors and not exposed to the weather, they do tend to warp due to changes in the environment which may render wood pocket doors useless and inoperable as they are not freely sliding in and out of the pocket for which they were designed.

By definition, sliding pocket doors should smoothly glide in and out of the cavity provided for storing or hiding them when not in use. Signs of malfunctioning wood pocket door would include not freely gliding, sticking, rubbing against the frame (damaging the finish), or getting stuck altogether either inside or outside the pocket.

The AIA and industry standards in the pocket door hardware manufacturers channel allow for a certain degree of warping to accommodate a wood pocket door’s potential to move according to changes in the environment. For instance, a 3-0 7-0 wood pocket door is considered straight and not warped, if it has a 1/4-inch variance in it. Anything over 1/4-inch is considered a warped pocket door.

That is to say that your pocket door contractor, builder, installer, and the hardware provider have taken all of this in account, and everything is built to accommodate this quarter-inch variance. These would not be considered high precision wood pocket sliding doors.

If you want high precision wood pocket doors, there is hope for you thanks to new patent and patent pending pocket door building technologies introduced by inventor and founder of Sing Core, the revolutionary Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength, pocket door building material that enables the biggest door manufacturers and best millworks in the world to create pocket doors of any style, shape, or size that can be

Guaranteed Warp-free for 50 Years

The only way to build an Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength wood pocket door that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years, is if it has Sing Core inside. In fact, the biggest door companies in the world know this, and are already doing it, thanks to Sing’s core.

Wood Pocket Door Problems

It’s all about overcoming all the various challenges associated with wood pocket doors, especially if they are large oversized wood pocket doors.

We’ve already determined that keeping your pocket doors straight and true is a huge concern. In the past, the insertion of heavy material, such as a steel frame, could be built into the door to help keep it straight, or it has been assumed that heaviness was associated with strength.

Not he case with Sing’s core, which is both lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound (independently tested at 660+ PSI). Next up you have the relatively low precision of other heavier materials, and the more you work with them the more compromised the precision is. Not so with Sing Core.

Sing Core is one of the highest precision lightweight high strength building materials in the world, sporting .006 in. tolerances.

This is how to make high precision wood pocket doors.

This is the perfect way to approach a double pocket door project, which, as you may have guessed, could present twice as many potential problems as a single prehung pocket door.

As you can see, Sing Core is an integral part of high-end pocket door construction and now you know how to build the best pocket door in the world.

Keep in mind that while Sing Core helps to build the best sliding pocket doors which provide added safety, security, privacy and superior function, your classic custom pocket door project would not be complete without utilizing an entire team to yield the best results.

High-end pocket doors are used for architectural effect, and to pull off the kinds of results exemplified by the best wood pocket doors with Sing Core inside, you will need to have the other artisans in place as well.

10×12 ft 3″ thick warp-free 1/8″ oak 520 lbs

Sing Core does not actually make doors. What they do is to provide the biggest door companies in the world, the finest millworks, and top manufacturers of custom wood pocket doors with the best patented lightweight, high strength, fully insulated, and warp-free base doors which are used to create the one of a kind masterpieces that Sing Core is known for.

“We could not do it alone,”

says inventor, Peter Sing, whose factory only supplies the basics to others who turn his substrate into art. And likewise, the door companies, millworks, and custom wood pocket door manufacturers admit,

“We could not do it without Sing Core.”

Because there’s no other way to build a fully sustainable lightweight, insulated, and warp-free wood pocket door, unless it has Sing Core inside.

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Large Pocket Doors

For years, large pocket doors were not being installed in new builds due to problems associated with pocket doors which exceeded the normal range of door sizes. The biggest concern with these big pocket doors was their tendency to twist or cup according to the season.

If you haven’t experienced such challenges, it doesn’t take too much stretch of one’s imagination to entertain how frustrating it would be to open or close your large pocket door only to find it had seized up either inside or outside of its pocket housing.

Pocket doors are a magnificent way to cordon off an area or open up two adjoining spaces quickly and easily, and if your sliding pocket doors operate as expected, it’s an elegant sight to behold as the sliding doors smoothly disappear into their wall cavities. This is why they are sometimes referred to as a hidden pocket door or concealed sliding door. No swinging into the room so as to disrupt the area or require clearance for opening and closing, and not to be seen in the open position, as if they were never there in the first place.

Thanks to inventor Peter Sing, large pocket doors are coming back into new builds and remodels because he has provided the door industry with the warp-free technology required to create warp-free large pocket doors which can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail, for 50 years.


Large Sliding Door Strong Straight Warp Free

Sing’s core, which he calls, “Sing Core,” enables pocket door manufacturers to create large pocket doors of immense size built of any material, measuring up to 50 ft or more, and still be guaranteed to offer fail-free service for 50 years.

Sing’s Eco-friendly patented and patent-pending warp-free technologies enable his factory to create non-warping substrates which are high precision (+/- .006 in.), fully insulated (R3.5 or R6.5) for sound dampening and climate control, lightweight (1/3 or less the weight of other wood-based solid core large pocket door blanks), high strength (660+ PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound), and backed by Sing’s unprecedented 50-year guarantee.

All that reduction in weight and increased strength, precision, and insulation changes the whole dynamics of a sliding door inside wall which would otherwise be problematic, so you don’t have to worry about your pocket sliding door that goes into a wall which may never come out. You can rest assured that your sliding doors into wall cavity will serve your safely, securely, and reliably over their 50-year guaranteed service life.

If you really want to upgrade your efficiency and the impact garnered by operating your precision large pocket doors, install a double pocket door. That’s right, two separate large double sliding pocket doors side by side, each sliding doors into wall cavity respectively independently or in unison. Make them full floor to ceiling large dual pocket doors for full effect.

Joining Large Sliding Pocket and Pivot Doors-Animated

Using Sing’s technology, you won’t have to worry about shelling out the big bucks for heavy duty large pocket door hardware because the hardware rating required to operate your door efficiently is based on the weight of your pocket door. Large pocket doors with Sing’s core inside weigh far less, enabling designers and installer to use less expensive pocket door hardware reducing the overall pocket door price.

Heavy duty pocket door track is unnecessary, as are expensive pocket door rollers, or other heavy-duty hardware or equipment. Sing’s lighter in weight large pocket doors are much easier to transport, manhandle, move about the job site, and install resulting in savings in pocket door cost all the way around.

Now you can have a heavy-duty impact resistant large pocket door that is lightweight and high strength without all the added expense and regular maintenance of any other type of heavy duty pocket door.

DIY Pocket Door

Okay, since you asked, “Can I create a DIY version of a large pocket door with Sing Core inside?” The answer is (with respect to Sing’s patents), you could create your own wood pocket door in do it yourself fashion using Sing’s ideas.

You will need some carpentry skills, woodworking tools, and a shop if you’re thinking about adding a pocket door to your DIY list of projects. If you’re ready, you’ll need a perfectly flat work surface a little larger than the size of your proposed custom pocket doors. You will also need a DIY cold press system, which could include lots of clamps or a vacuum bag lamination system.

First, you will need to build the torsion box grid substructure. You can find directions online using Google how to build a torsion box grid, but note that unlike the instructions you will find, Sing using vertical grain orientation in the wood fiber used for the torsion box, not horizontal, for added shear strength.

Sing also knows the small the individual cells of the torsion box, the more strength, so his cells vary depending on the application from 2×2, 2×3, or 3×3-inch cells.

Build your torsion box inside a wood frame and insert any necessary hardpoints (wood blocking for door hardware). After you’ve completed the torsion box in the desired size, glue rigid foam (Sing uses recycled EPS foam as his default in the factory, but clients may specify other materials) inside the empty spaces inside the otherwise empty torsion box centers, and let dry.

Precision sand this reinforced wood fiber/foam core to the exact desired thickness.

Now you have a dimensionally stable lightweight core which needs to be sandwiched between two stress skins (say quarter-inch plywood) and this is cold-pressed and left to cure.

You’re on your way to building a pocket door by laminating your desired wood surface material and any edge trim you may want as you’re getting ready to be adding pocket door to existing wall(s) in your project location (home, office, etc.).

This should be suitable for making a pocket door which is lightweight, high strength and will work for any 8 foot pocket door or less.

Why 8-ft. pocket door or less? Because Sing’s True Flat Team uses additional patented and patent-pending anti-warp technologies which take into account the size of the large pocket door, the surface materials, its application, whether it will be an interior pocket door or exterior pocket door, how often and when will it be used, and in some cases which direction the door faces to determine the exact components within his composite hybrid core.

Sing is well known for using this patented method to build the best pocket door in the world because his factory is staffed with both the craftsmen and equipment (the biggest panel saws, glue machines, sanders, and presses in the industry) to create large pocket doors in a reasonable amount of time.

The biggest and best pocket door manufacturers, millworks, and custom pocket door builders rely on Sing’s ability to deliver such high precision pocket door cores in time and within budget to get the job done, without having to risk the embarrassment of selling a potentially warping large pocket door.

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Sliding Pocket Doors

Sliding pocket doors are an elegant way to divide two adjoining spaced provided you have adequate wall space to host pocket door cavities to accommodate this type of in wall sliding door. The most attention harvesting approach to sliding pocket doors is to include a double pocket door in your presentation, where each slider separates in opposite directions to be housed within the wall for a concealed sliding door effect.



Standard sliding pocket doors, like a Home Depot pocket door or a pocket door Lowes make readily available will do the trick in most cases.


As you may already know or have guessed, if a pocket door were to warp, this could render the door inoperable, and if you’ve had a home with sliding pocket doors, you are already aware that at certain times of the year your sliders are inoperable because they have moved according to changes in the environment, and forcing them open or to close them will cause damage and result in costly repairs.

The entire door industry is aware of this and makes accommodations for the movement of standard sliding pocket doors. In fact, AWI standards allow a quarter-inch variance along any point of a standard sliding door, citing a .25-inch bend as “normal” and as such any 7 ft. or less door with ¼” warp is considered straight and not warped.

If a door has a bend which measures over a quarter of an inch of deflection in either direction among a 7-foot span, this is considered as a warped door. Therefore, all professional hardware and door manufacturers consider these variances in the hardware and installation of all sliding pocket doors and their components as standard operating procedures.

Large Sliding Door Strong Straight Warp Free

Problem Sliding Pocket Doors

This is the main problem when considering a sliding pocket door addition to your design or project, the potential warping of the material of which the door itself is made of. Of course, you could make the door of solid steel, to prevent it from warping, which many a frustrated door engineer has done, but such a heavy in wall sliding door presents a whole new set of problems which may compromise the supporting structure or certainly cause extra stress and strain on the hardware which will require more ongoing maintenance over time.

Solution Sliding Pocket Doors

Then, one day, inventor Peter Sing introduced the sliding pocket door solution which eliminated the issue of warping sliding pocket doors altogether. He is now the president of Sing Core, the manufacturer of his patented and patent-pending sliding door technologies which enables sliding pocket door companies, millworks, and custom door manufactures to create a warp-free door of any size, even large oversized pocket doors over 7 ft. to 50 ft.

Utilizing Sing’s hybrid solid reinforced vertical grain torsion box composite sliding pocket door core, builders of pocket doors are able to create the most lightweight large high precision (Sing’s core boasts .006-in. tolerances) door slabs that are stronger than steel pound for pound and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50-years!

50-Year Warp-free Sliding Pocket Doors

The only 50-year guaranteed sliding pocket door core technology is changing the way doors are made across the board, affecting both interior pocket door as well as exterior pocket doors, because Sing’s patented core provides so many additional benefits besides non-warping performance over time.

The Sing solution also includes patent-pending supporting technologies which can be included in the base-door design which provides anti-warp characteristics which can be adapted and changed according to skin facings on said door. This enables custom sliding pocket door manufacturers to create an enormous wood pocket door that will not warp, unlike a solid wood pocket door which can be guaranteed to warp not long following installation.

More Benefits of Having Sing Core Inside

Besides the warp-free enhancements, Sing, packs extra insulation inside his hybrid solid sliding door composite core material for sound-deadening capabilities and added climate control. The lightweight characteristics of Sing’s door core material is off the charts when factoring unparalleled strength, resilience, and anti-deflection. All saving the expense of using heavy duty hardware (not necessary for Sing’s lightweight alternatives) and nearly cutting out regular ongoing maintenance associated with heavy or warping sliding pocket doors.

Problem Solved

See Sing’s Sing Core for more information.

Pictures of Sliding Pocket Doors


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Oversize Door Design Ideas

Oversize doors are the new big thing in 2019, 2020, and beyond. Don’t worry about the engineering and getting everything straight. We have that covered.

Instead, think about the stunning new styles of oversize front and back, interior and exterior. Let SingCore exceed what you thought was possible

Oversized Exterior Doors

This stunning beverly hills overside exterior pivot door is the very finest in both style and construction. Constructed entirely with patented SingCore inside, and gorgeous teak wood stave on the interior. With a stainless steel pull that pulls the timeless style of the stained wood in to the modern era.

Front Door Ideas Photos

Ready for something different? This massive front door constructed of classy walnut wood stave is surprisingly light and and guaranteed straight.

Here at SingCore, we always say that a photo is worth a thousand words, and a photo with a human in it can show scale like no other oversize door photos can. Take our panels and use them to fulfill your most extreme door ideas. For us almost no design or door concept is to big!

Front Entry Door Ideas

Your entry door is the focal point of the home. Break free of the chains of the standard door opening with SingCore custom door panels. We make all our products custom, to order, and designed to meet YOUR specifications exactly. Now, you have the freedom to install a top of the line, one of a kind, and priceless sing panel in your home. Stand out from the neighbors

Modern Front Door Ideas

Wood and metal is the new face of the modern front door. Our doors seamlessly blend the two with unsurpassed wood grid and foam core with a sprinkling of aluminum. On the outside, we offer a wide variety of wood species, aluminum, steel.

Oversized Interior Doors

Our panels are light, strong, yet warp free. That means you are free to design an interior sliding door, hinge door, pivot door, or even pocket door of almost any size. You are able to let your imagination run wild with the security of a 50 year warp free guarantee.

Oversized doors need not be a chore to operate. You will be surprised how sturdy yet functional our doors can be.

Above you see a prime example of door creative ideas, with one face covered by a chalk board like durable reinforced plastic surface. We offer a wide range of “Formica” HPL skins that include chalkboard, white board, magnetic boards,

Front Door Entrance Ideas

An entrance door is like the cherry on an ice cream Sunday — by far the most visible component of the construction. Skimping on a font door design is not advised. For the most expensive million dollar homes, a front door should be $10k or more!

Any shape or size is in our wheel house. Try out these cutting edge front door ideas:

  • Curved door
  • Square door
  • Non-rectangular door
  • One piece sidelight door
  • Gull wing door
  • Concealed or hidden door
  • Round door (hobbit style)


Front Door Ideas 2020

The coming year may not be the end of the world, but rather the start of a whole new era of front door design. With SingCore, a lightweight, high strength, sound and heat insulated panel can exist and be available to contractors, millworkers, and architects across the country and around the world.

Tell us your grand front door idea today, and we can make the door of the future a reality today.

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The Pivot Door Revolution 2020!

 Whoever invented “trickle down” economics must have been thinking of SingCore when they did!

Once only seen in the most expensive 10+ million dollar homes in the country, SingCore pivot doors has always at the peak of the market. Clearly within the top 1% of door manufacturers on the planet. However, times are changing!

Don’t Get Left on The Side Lights

The next time to you think about including a side light door in your project — think again.

Side light doors are gone like the dodo. In 2020, a front door revolution is set to ignite. And we are the match.

A luxury previously reserved for the wealthiest, high class individuals, is now available to all at a reasonable price. Our exclusive “professional” grade pivot doors come in a wide range of designer finishes including

  • Wood stave — walnut, oak, teak, cedar, and more
  • Metals — cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, aluminum, and more
  • Paint ready high grade plywood
  • Or, anything you can imagine.

Anyone caught using a side light door in their home from this day forward aught to regret their choice of actions. At the cost and volume of production we propose to exceed, there will be no question that SingCore pivot doors are the only true option available.



Join the Wave

Like a rumbling in the ocean, the brilliant minds at the very core of SingCore are shaking the world to it’s very foundations. Soon, there will be no denying the outcome. Across the land, people will be forced to stand up and recognize the vision before them.

And, in 2020, what were once deep and still waters will spring up like a giant, oversize movable wall of water. Flooding from West to East, we will cover every inch of the market place with products home owners and many industry professionals thought were completely out of their reach.

Like a flash, everywhere you look, there will be nothing but SingCore. And, at reasonable prices!

Become our Partner in Design

SingCore is not greedy. We share our lunch with everyone, and do not seek to eat the lunches of those around us. While, we seek to bring high-end door panels within reach of the masses, we know our limits.

That is why we need your help and the help of industry professionals around the country from general contractors and millworks to architects and designers. Our unfinished panels will not make a splash without the knowledge and support of our glorious partners, friends, and clients who take our raw clay and build a fine vessel.

Our only request is that you leave the building to us. With our patented and patent-pending technology, combined with our lightning fast production process and unbeatable business sense, there is no way to out compete our commodity sing panels. Instead, work with us, finishing and installing our panels, sold at a reasonable price with room for a comfortable markup. And, let us handle the core.

How Can We Help You?

Our team of exceptionally talented and generally likable estimating and sales team are ready and standing by to serve your needs. Submit a price quote today for your next door needs, and let us show how we can help you!


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Architectural Sliding Doors and Walls

JB Duke Hotel Doors Perfect Straight Light Weight Super HIgh StrengthNothing says “professional” like the unique quality of Sing Core’s patented custom architectural sliding doors and walls. When other manufacturers see our product, they wish they could provide the highest quality in terms of lightness, strength, and straightness that we deliver. Unfortunately for them, we must humbly say, our product is the better of the two.

Designed for High Budget Projects

By design, our panels work best for high budget projects that need something exceptional for their project. Our panels comes unfinished and potentially untrimmed, with the custom skin variety of your choice, ready for finishing and hardware.

Sometimes customers ask us, “should I use this panel in high-end 10+ million dollar house projects?” Our answer is yes!

When it comes to architectural doors of any variety, including sliding, pivot, carriage, moveable wall, hinge, or anything else.

Modern Solutions for Sliding Doors with Volume Based Pricing

With commitment to clean design, premium materials, and high quality craftsmanship in every architectural sliding door panel we manufacture to your specification.

Featuring monumental panels, the Sing Core door system allows for stackable or pocketed configurations with a practically unlimited numbers of panels.  With almost unlimited frame material choices, Sing Core samples complement any architectural style helping you meet the design goals and performance criteria of your project.

Sing Core offers our clients a range of options and materials for every type of high volume, medium volume, or low volume project. Along with our excellent customer service, we can guarantee your projects success.

Custom Size Patio Doors

We make doors of any size based on your specification. Architects, millworks, and contractors of all varieties can benefit from our flexible manufacturing methodology that excels where others fail and exceeds where others cannot!

Successful Client Relationships Begin with Mutual Satisfaction

In business, just like life, both parties must be happy after the interaction. That is why Sing Core operates under the philosophy of fair exchange. This is what we call “fair.”

To make sure you are left smiling after we are done, we offer an unprecedented and unparalleled 50-year structural guarantee on every professional level panel that we make. That way you and your clients have no fears of the future with our product. Should the unthinkable happen, we will replace your panel no questions asked once proved unworkable.

Find the Right Fit For Your Next Project

Sing Core knows that high end products required a wide variety of materials to be successful, and we have you covered. No matter whether you need:

  • Wood Stave: oak, alder, cedar, mahogany, teak, pine, fir, or anything else you can imagine
  • Wood Veneer: oak, alder, cedar, mahogany, teak, pine, fir, or anything else you can imagine
  • Metal: Cold Rolled Steel, Hot Rolled Steel, Aluminum, Copper, or anything else you can imagine
  • Formica: any color, glossy, matte, marker board, chalk board, or other

Find the Sing Core Panel that Best Meets Your Needs

Ordering with Sing Core is simple: just provide us with length, width, thickness, skin material, blocking requirements for you door, shipping destination, project budget, project timeline, and contact information. Then we get back to you quickly with a fair price on custom panels to meet you specifications. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

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Top 7 Pocket Door Problems and Solutions

The pocket door has been one of the more interesting types of doors that is not only functional but clever in its ability be secluded out of sight, like a hidden door or room divider. Pocket doors are doors that slide into the wall. Also referred to as a cavity sliding door, a sliding cavity door is just like what it’s called, as the door is hidden inside a cavity inside the wall when in its opened position.

As the best architects, millworks and door manufacturers realize that while these types of doors are an effective and brilliant combination of brilliance and creativity, the pocket door does present a few problems associated with their use. That’s why you want to use the best pocket door system.

The Top 7 Problems with Pocket Doors Solved

1. Pocket Doors Warp – Problem

Let’s admit it; the number one problem associated with pocket doors is door warping. A warped sliding pocket door is a huge problem because there is usually a nominal amount of space on either side of the door when the door is snuggled inside the sliding door cavity. A little warp will damage the finish of the door, while a more severely warped pocket door will cause the door to get lodged within the wall, making it difficult to pull out without causing other complications or damage.

1. Pocket Doors Warp – Solution

Sing Core provides the best pocket door manufactures with the only lightweight warp-free pocket door core which is based on a combination of patented reinforced insulated vertical grain torsion box core and composite anti-warp stiffening inserts (patent pending) to provide the only warp-free solution regardless of building materials used (even solid wood stave).

2. Pocket Door Weight – Problem

As a rule pocket doors are pretty heavy, and they’re made to be heavier, because unless you know better, you think that the thicker the door is the less it will tend to move, which is the bane of all wood pocket doors. In the case of pocket doors, adding weight is not the answer, unless you’re in the pocket door maintenance and repair niche.

2. Pocket Door Weight – Solution

The Sing Core lightweight pocket door solution revolves around the lightest weight Eco-friendly pivot door core weighing-in at a fraction of the weight of other wood-based solid wood core. Superior lightweight performance without compromising strength, precision or performance.

3. Pocket Door Repair – Problem

When you have problems with your pocket door it’s going to be a costly issue when dealing with pocket door repair. Why? Unlike other fixed doors which are exposed your pocket sliding door is generally not seen in its opened position, making access to the door unlikely without having to remove the wall supplying the door’s cavity.
If you have to pay for pocket door repair, keep in mind, it may be costly and it will cost you many times the cost of your door over time, especially if it is a wooden door because it will be even more susceptible to warp. While repairing a door can be costly, it might save you money by considering pocket door replacement every so often.

3. Pocket Door Repair – Solution

Sing Core is unprecedented in its reparability. For instance, you could skewer your pocket completely through with fork lift forks and repair it on site by cutting out the damaged area with a chainsaw, glue in a new piece of Sing Core, putty, sand and finish the pocket door and it’s just like new. No compromising the strength or integrity of the original Sing Core pocket door, without even dismantling the door.

4. Pocket Door Hardware – Problem

Pocket door maintenance will include maintaining the hardware, and if your door is a heavy one. The more you use it, the more maintenance will be necessary over time. Plus heavy pocket doors can also compromise the pocket door frame as well as the structure due to stress and strain of operating your door over time. Heavy pocket doors require expensive heavy duty hardware for heavy doors because the pocket door hardware is based on the pocket door’s weight.

4. Pocket Door Hardware – Solution

Since the Sing Core composite pocket door core solution is so lightweight, you can save so much money on being able to use lightweight pocket door hardware (since pocket door hardware is based on weight), not to mention the savings in transporting, handling, manpower and equipment necessary to install the completed pocket door system.

5. Pocket Door Precision – Problem

The problem with pocket doors is that it is difficult to make them with any degree of precision, due to the limitation of the building materials and manufacturing process. Natural wood moves, so it could be straight and true upon installation, but not long after. If welding is used in the manufacturing process, this may also cost you your pocket door’s precision. A single pocket door may not require high precision if it is the only door in the cavity, but what if there are other doors sharing the same space, precision is of primary importance.

5. Pocket Door Precision – Solution

No other Eco-friendly, lightweight high-strength pocket door core can compare to Sing Core in terms of high precision. With the highest tolerances (+/- .006 in.) patented Sing Core can be sanded, milled or machined so precisely, that’s why you see Sing Core everywhere from beneath the ocean (U.S. Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between when high precision and dimensional stability are the most important factors.

6. Double Pocket Door – Problem

The highest precision is necessary to accommodate more than one pocket door in the wall’s cavity which is an invitation for constant maintenance, as multiple pocket doors (2 or more) are rubbing up against themselves due to lack of precision or warp gone wild.

6. Double Pocket Door – Solution

Sharing the same pocket door cavity with not just double pocket doors, but multiple doors, is no problem for patented Sing Core. No pocket door core material is as lightweight, Eco-friendly or high precision. You can stack many doors side by side inside your wall cavity packed very tightly with very little wiggle room, and you, your architect, millwork or pocket door manufacturer won’t have to worry about your doors staying straight and true.

7. Large Pocket Doors – Problem

The bigger the pocket door, the bigger the problems. Large pocket doors are the most problematic because they are big, they are heavy, and if they’re over 7 ft. tall and/or 3.5 ft. wide they will be heavier, meaning more expensive hardware that could be many times the cost of the door, increased maintenance due to even more stress on the pocket door frame as well as the structure. What about the warping? Large pocket doors are just asking for trouble, because building one out of standard building materials is a little better than building it out of fresh spaghetti.

7. Large Pocket Doors – Solution

The bigger they are the brighter Sing Core shines through. You can build a 34 ft. tall large pocket door that weighs about 10 percent of its solid predecessor and will not warp, bend, twist of otherwise fail. Your large pocket door can be made of any flat building material in any size and can be guaranteed for 10 full years of faithful service. That’s why the biggest door manufacturers in the world use nothing but Sing Core in their large oversized doors.