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Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors

Sing Core’s latest expansion following the acquisition of a new factory has resulted in a new line of affordable barn door and sliding closet doors at huge direct from the factory savings for you.

This new C Class division only produces quantities of sliding doors of specific size for retail markets. At present, these standard sized sliding doors are not available directly to the public because they ship in the same unfinished condition as all sliding doors which ship from the factory.

Sing Core only ships to high end custom sliding door builders, millworks, and sliding door companies who are qualified to finish and hang the completed lightweight sliding doors with Sing Core inside.

The advantage of our new, Class C Sliding Door Division is that they are tasked with only building a limited number of standard-sized sliding doors, while our Class S Division only builds custom sliding doors. Class C sliding doors are only available in MDF, which may have an unfinished wood look (like the oak shown above) or standard paint grade. This results in a cost savings of more than 75% per door, and we pass those production savings on to you.

Standard Class C Sliding Door Prices


Size of Sliding Door

Avg. Sliding Door Cost

48 x 84 * $550.64
42 x 84 * $481.81
36 x 84 $412.98
38 x 84 $435.92
42 x 80 * $458.87
36 x 80 $393.32
36 x 96 $471.98
42 x 96 * $550.64

* = double sliding door

All Class C sliding doors are only available as 1 3/8-inch-thick pivot doors, and only in the sizes listed above. At 1 3/8 inches thick, this is the best way to get the best barn door price for the best barn doors in the world.

Be aware that our C Series 48×84, 42×84, 42×80, and 42×96 are double sliding doors are commonly used as sliding closet doors, but you can also hang two barn doors side-by-side as double sliding barn doors which is becoming more commonplace in contemporary architecture design as the growth in interior sliding barn doors continues to expand.

You can find interior barn doors with Sing Core inside wherever you find barn doors for sale and you have your choice of a primed white barn door or a completely modern barn door with MDF and the look of natural wood (like the white oak example shown above).

Sliding doors with Sing Core inside are the only affordable barn door and sliding closet doors which can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years.
Thanks to our current expansion, you can have affordable barn doors which greatly reduces your overall cost of sliding doors throughout your project in our most popular sliding door sizes, such as 48 inch barn door, 8 ft barn door, and 42×84 barn door ($481.81).

And if you’re looking for a 36 barn door, our C Series 36 x 96 barn door ($471.98), fits the bill nicely without the expense of our 36 inch barn door which is much more expensive if custom built as an 8 foot barn door in our S Series line.

This is the most cost-effective way to utilize inexpensive doors with Sing Core inside to replace boring old school hinge doors.

Note price does not include finishing, hardware, pre-hanging, frame, installation, shipping or crate. There are no quantity discounts, but the more you order at one time, the more you save on shipping and crate costs per order.

See Standard Sliding Door Widths, and for our large custom sliding door clientele, see our Sing Core Sliding Doors.

Standard 3-0 x 7-0 Door Specs


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Large Sliding Doors in Stable Renovation

Take a look at what our friends over at SHED Architecture did when they combined Eco-friendly insulated lightweight high strength patented Sing Core with a horse stable repurpose transforming the site into an elegant workspace studio and extra bedroom thanks to a few large sliding barn doors with Sing Core inside.




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Sliding Door Manufacture

What exactly does it take to make a superior sliding door? There are many steps and phases which the best sliding door go through in order to assure the best sliding door manufacture process is followed.

First, you start with your unique vision of the perfect sliding door for your application. What might you like it to look like? Do you want a natural wood sliding door? How might you like the grain to be oriented. You get to choose. You are the designer. You can choose from traditional vertical grain or horizontal grain, or for that contemporary sliding door design, you might like to mix it up and have grain pieces with varying orientations throughout the design of the most modern sliding door aesthetic.

Your idea might include a more industrial approach and desire a metal sliding door. Hot rolled steel sliding doors have a unique attention-grabbing effect on anyone who encounters such a work of art. You could specify and have custom manufactured sliding doors made with any type of metal. For instance, you could have an aluminum sliding door, brass sliding door, cold rolled steel sliding door, copper sliding door, diamond plate steel sliding door, galvanized steel sliding door, stainless steel sliding door, etc.

When you’re creating your ultimate sliding door, you can use any available flat building material in your sliding door’s design. Dare to create the most unique architectural sliding door possible to demonstrate your artistic prowess.

What about glass? Sliding glass doors are particularly advantageous when you desire a visual connection to the landscape surrounding your space. Glass light cutouts can be placed anywhere in your door in any shape or size. A large window opening would yield a French door approach to your sliding door. And don’t forget, you could use mirrored glass in case you have a mirror interior sliding door in mind.

Then there is the size of your sliding door. Will it be of a normal size? Or do you envision a large sliding door. These days, it seems like the larger the sliding door, the better. You can go entirely from floor to ceiling with your large sliding door if you’re so inclined.

Sliding Door Problems?

Although you are encouraged to exercise all your creative wherewithal to create the perfect custom sliding door, note there are some challenges you may run into when designing such a masterpiece.

First of all, there is the sliding door hardware which is your first potential for failure of your sliding door over time. Because sliding door operate with wheels or rollers back and forth along a track. The sliding portion could be managed by the base of the door or from the top of the door, or both top and bottom combined. Regular use of the door, as you may well know, will cause problems with the hardware.

If you’re designing a large sliding door, the weight of the door could cause the hardware to fail prematurely and may have the potential to add significant stress and strain on the structure depending on the weight and size or your door, especially if it is a very large and heavy sliding door.

The larger the door, the greater potential the door will fail to warp. If your sliding door is made of wood, wood is notorious for moving due to environmental changes. Regardless of what your sliding door is made of, it is likely subject to warp if it is an exterior door, exposed to the elements or hit by sunlight.

Sliding Door Solutions

The best sliding doors are manufactured with Sing Core inside. Patented Sing Core provides the solution to the main problems facing sliding door manufacturers. Sliding doors with Sing Core inside are one-third the weight of other solid core sliders. Since the door hardware is based on your sliding door’s weight, you save money on the original hardware costs as well as installation costs.

A lightweight sliding door means less stress and strain on the hardware and structure with regular use, which translates to saving in expensive maintenance cost of your sliding door over time.

A warping sliding door is of concern to all sliding door manufacturers, and Sing Core answer the call as the end of all warping worries because premium Sing Core helps the biggest, best, and most powerful sliding door manufacturers provide warp-free sliding doors of any size, made of any material, on a daily basis.

Why Sing Core Inside?

Sing Core imbues your custom sliding with attributes you might have not even thought of specifying in your contemporary architectural door. Features and benefits including (but not limited to):

1. Eco-friendly and sustainable
2. Lightweight (1/3rd of less than other solid cores)
3. High Strength (660+ PSI)
4. Fully insulated (your choice of R 3.5 or R 6.5 per inch)
5. With or without glass/light openings any shape/size
6. Made of any material (any wood species, concrete, fiberglass, HPL, Kevlar, MDF, metal, etc.)
7. Any size, even extremely big (up to 50 ft.)
8. Warp-free and structure guaranteed for 50 years

Yes, you read that right.

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Having Sing Core inside your sliding door is the only way to build a lightweight large sliding door of any size out of any material that is Eco-friendly, fully insulated, and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail for 50 Years!

The next time you’re daydreaming about your ultimate sliding door contribution to the world, you might want to consider specifying, “Sing Core inside,” like the most predominant sliding door manufacturers in the world.

Sliding Door Prices

Curious and ready?

Want pricing on your dream door? Submit your price quote request for a quick estimate. All you need to know to get a price is the

Length + Width + Thickness + Skin

Easy pricing is established by knowing what you want, the length, the width, and thickness of your custom sliding door, and the surface (skin) finish material you desire. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

Note: Sing Core does not make sliding doors. We supply the best sliding door manufacturers, custom door builders, millworks and any sliding door company with our patented sliding door products which enable them to provide their clients with the best warp-free sliding doors in the world, backed by a 50-year no fail guarantee.

If you are a homeowner, contact your local custom sliding door manufacturer or millwork and tell them you want, “Sing Core inside,” your door.

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Sliding Door Evolution

Welcome to the sliding door evolution whose time has come. Architects and designers are looking at new ways to approach the challenges which one faces when incorporating sliding doors and windows. There is a lot more to take into consideration than your ordinary hinged door, especially if you throw a few variables into the mix, taxing the ability of the door engineers to solve potential problems.

This is the new sliding door evolution, pressing the envelope beyond your parent’s sliding door into an entirely new sliding door revolution. This new generation of sliding doors includes sliding doors which can be immense in size, made of a variety of available materials, including wood, the most difficult genre of sliding door making material due to its propensity to move according to changes in the environment causing the wooden sliding doors to warp.

Sliding door warping is probably the top reason why sliding doors fail, which can lead to damage to the sliding door’s finish, hardware, or even the supporting structure. Good news for entire companies who service sliding doors that fail, bad news for the people, companies, and organizations which paid top dollar for a uniquely designed, highly functional sliding door.

Top-of-the-line high-end sliding doors and windows are expensive and when a client pays a lot of money for a one-of-a-kind door that no one else has, their performance expectations increase exponentially. They think if they pay that kind of money for a sliding door, it should be high precision, fully functional, have characteristics that separate it from less expensive over-the-counter doors, and most of all fail-proof. Which, until now, was too much to ask for.

The most discerning architectural sliding door designers and engineers can now create a high-precision sliding door made of any material that outperforms any traditional sliding door, bar none, thanks to inventor, Peter Sing’s patented Sing Core. Sing knows how to build large non-warp sliding doors.

If your sliding door has Sing Core inside, you can create a large solid composite core door (up to 50 ft. or more) that can be lightweight (1/3 the weight, or less, of other door solutions), yet stronger than steel pound-for-pound (660+ PSI). Beyond lightweight and high strength attributes, you also can enjoy an Eco-friendly sliding door solution which also offers, full insulation for increased sound deadening and climate control capabilities.

While just these attributes alone would satisfy the custom sliding door manufacturers of interior sliding doors, what about exterior sliding doors?

Exterior Sliding Doors

Sliding doors on the exterior of a structure are by far the most problematic because these doors face the most dramatic of circumstances, with one side facing the structure’s interior and the other side potentially (or fully) exposed to the elements. This is a recipe for sliding door disaster. The more extreme the conditions on either side of the door, the more potential for failure due to warping.

With Sing Core inside your sliding door, you can rest assured that your sliding door is not going to warp. In fact, the inventor himself, personally guarantees each door will not bend, twist, warp, or otherwise fail (including the structure) for 50 years. This is unheard of in the door industry until today. Sing Core is responsible for making some of the most extreme doors in the world possible.

Now, you can have a fine one-of-a-kind custom high-end sliding door manufactured just for you, with all the bells and whistles you could possibly imagine, even if your design calls for an extremely large sliding door opening, fully-backed by Sing 50-year no-fail guarantee.

Therefore, you find Sing’s doors in the most predominant locations throughout the United States, from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between. Sing Core is changing the way door engineers and sliding door companies create the most highly advanced sliding doors in the world. This is the next evolutionary step in sliding door technology.

Yes, you find doors with Sing Core inside in the most expensive multi-million-dollar homes (like this one), and amidst the campuses of Fortune 500 companies, sophisticated science labs, universities, and are more rapidly appearing in the modern designs of industrial and military installations, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find Sing Core inside your residential home.

Sing Core is now getting the interest of real estate developers, not just the multi-million-dollar spec home builders. It is not unusual to see door shipments of 700 sliding doors being loaded onto trucks for delivery from Sing Core’s factory located in the Pacific Northwest’s Washington State to the newest real estate development(s) which could be near you. We work with construction companies and help them win the bid for quantity commercial door orders. and often help direct inquiries to help match Sing sliding doors for homeowners.

You may be living in a condominium or apartment and have a sliding door with Sing Core inside and not even know about it. And if you don’t have a sliding Sing door, maybe you should be thinking about joining the sliding door revolution and getting one for yourself. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

Not surprisingly, most of the sliding doors with Sing Core inside ship to the Eastern seaboard, with most of them landing in the greater New York area where the specific characteristics of Sing’s invention are most heralded among the high-end contemporary architecture and design firms, even reaching the highest location possible on the top floor of the One World Trade Center.

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Sliding Door

Nestled into the woods of the Pacific Northwest, inventor Peter Sing’s patented Sing Core is making an impact in the sliding door industry, growing and expanding day by day. In the sliding door industry which is dominated by the top 10 door companies in the world, the biggest door companies, like Anderson Windows & Doors, Jeld-Wen, Pella, as well as the most prestigious millworks, all come to Sing Core when they face a challenging sliding door problem.

The large oversized sliding door seems to present the largest number of problems associated with the sliding door.

First of all, there is the size of the sliding door which can be a challenge for anyone to transport and handle, then there is the weight which will require heavy equipment and experienced professionals to operate the equipment for maneuvering the sliding doors as well as installation.

Beyond the size, the weight of the sliding door is vastly important because a heavier door will require heavy duty hardware to operate the door effectively. Also, a sliding door which is heavy in weight will add stress and strain both on the hardware and the structure causing costly repairs later along the service life of the sliding door.

Exterior sliding doors may be the most problematic due to their tendency to fail and become inoperable. These doors generally will fail for warping, bending, twisting, cupping, or any other variety of maladies including delaminating.

What do you do when you sliding door fails?

You might do what more and more Americans are doing every day; purchasing a replacement door from any of the top door makers, millworks, or custom sliding door manufacturers and tell them you want a replacement sliding door that has, “Sing Core inside.”

Peter Sing and his company will work hand-in-hand with your favorite sliding door company, millwork, or custom sliding door manufacturer to provide you with the perfect replacement sliding door with Sing Core inside.

Why do you want a sliding door with Sing Core inside?

You want a sliding door with Sing Core inside because you want a sustainable door that will not fail over time, thanks to Sing’s patented and patent-pending sliding door inventions.

Doors with Sing Core inside are 1) Eco-friendly, 2) Lightweight, 3) High strength, 4) Fully insulated, 5) Warp-free, 6) 50-year guarantee.

1. Eco-friendly Sliding Door

In this day and age, it’s not enough to have the best sliding door, you want an Eco-friendly sliding door which is made in the most ecologically sound and respectful manner maximizing the best of natural resources and recycled materials for a fully sustainable sliding door product.

Plus, you’re saving resources, finances over time, and reducing your sliding door’s carbon footprint by being,

2. Lightweight Sliding Door

No more need to settle for heavy sliding doors which are more expensive to ship, handle, and maintain over time. Your lightweight sliding door weighs in at one-third (or less) the weight of your normal door which means less expense (and risk) for maneuvering and installing your sliding door as well as less wear and tear on both the hardware and the structure which hosts your lightweight sliding door.

3. High Strength Sliding Door

Now you can have the strongest Eco-friendly, lightweight door in the world, bar none. Sing’s reinforced torsion box technology allows sliding door makers to create sliding doors, even if incredibly oversized and very large, like aircraft hangar doors, which are massively strong, UW tested at more than 660 PSI, which is stronger than steel pound-for-pound.

In fact, in terms of enjoying increased safety and security, sliding doors with Sing Core inside are so strong, inventor Peter Sing says, “If you kick my door, you break your leg before you break my door.”

4. Fully Insulated Sliding Door

And if that weren’t enough reason to desire Sing Core inside your sliding door, imagine having all this and a fully insulated door for extra sound deadening and climate control characteristics?

When you want to keep warm inside when it’s cold outside or visa versa, a sliding door with Sing Core inside will keep you warmer or cooler when experiencing the most severe weather conditions.

5. Warp-free Sliding Door

One problem with sliding doors is that they are prone to warp over time. This problem is exasperated if you have a bypass sliding door or a sliding pocket door do to being articulated alongside other sliding door materials. The less the clearance the bigger the problems associated with potential sliding door warp.

Only doors with Sing Core inside can be made to remain warp-free over time, protecting you and yours with an unprecedented 50-year warp-free guarantee.

6. 50 Year Sliding Door Guarantee

Your sliding door is only good as the guarantee which backs you and your door company.

If you have a sliding door with Sing Core inside, you have a door which can be guaranteed not to warp- bend, twist, or otherwise fail, including a full structure warranty for 50 years.

Want more from your sliding door? Price Sing Core Here     See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.


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Sliding Door Improvements in Mfg. Technology

Since you were last quoted we have made many improvements in production. These improvements have allowed us to customize our panels to work precisely within your target budget. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

Recently, we have added our substrate only sliding door panels to our line of products, which could reduce your costs significantly. Customers love this option, because it allows them to apply their own skins, even glass or murals, veneer, wood staves, varnish, or primer and paint for a beautiful finish.

We also provide additional skin options and veneer application, for an additional price. Our process of applying veneer is so advanced, there is no seam. It looks as good as like solid wood!

[Click here to see how we do it!]

Any company can make a door, but very few door manufacturers in the world can produce large sliding doors as strong, lightweight, and straight as ours. All our sliding doors are built to exceed AWI standards. They are made in the USA, sourced with materials from America. No other door manufacturer can offer you a 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee.

Our True Flat Team is standing by to help you with any issue you might have with your doors. Please give us a call to find out how we can help you with your doors from start to finish!

Doors Made to Match Your Budget

Meeting your budget is all about picking the right features and options to bring your project in line with your allocated finances. Give us a call with any budget concerns. We help you come up with a solution to make sure the project comes in within your budget. Give our True Flat Team a try. You have nothing to lose!

Virtually Any Sliding Door Size

We have developed the technology to produce doors upwards of 50 feet wide that exceed AWI standards. They are exceptionally straight, resistant to warping, and completely dimensionally stable. They even come with our signature 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee.

-More dimensionally stable
-More precise
-Available in more sizes
-Have more available features
-100% warp-free
-Resistant to cracking, breaking
-Available with more skin options

We can apply any skin, including hot rolled and cold rolled steel, aluminum, anodized aluminum, mahogany, oak, walnut, white oak, alder, pine, fir, hemlock, copper, bronze, brass, formica, fiberglass. SingCore is here to help you apply exactly the right skin for your job.

The SingCore Process

Ordering from SingCore is simple. Just click the orange “Pricing” button in the upper right hand corner of the page. Fill in your information. Click submit. You’re done. Simple as that! Someone will get back to you with a price quote within 48 hours.

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A Low Cost Alternative Way to Build Very Large Sliding Doors

Although not as tough as our original one piece door designs with a 50 year guarantee, our segmented doors still come with our patented Sing Core structure inside and carry a 5 year warp-free guarantee. And, they can be sold at a much reduced price.

In the past, very large and oversize specified doors were often made as a single piece and shipped whole to the contractor for installation. This is particularly true of very large pivot doors and sliding doors. With modern door construction techniques pioneered by Sing Core large doors can be produced and shipped to the customer in several pieces. These segmented doors pass on savings to the customer while maintaining the highest quality standards for warp free door construction.

Benefits of Modern Segmented Door Construction

Building a door in sections provides numerous benefits without compromise in strength, lightness, and flatness:

See Them Come Together

More Efficient to Build

Constructing a door in smaller sections makes the door easier to handle in the factory and easier to produce in general. Having more manageable sections leads to quick and efficient construction, at a cheaper cost. Doors constructed with our modern sectional approach pass on savings to the customer.

Cheaper to Ship

Doors cores produced in sections are built to be convenient and cheap to ship compared to a door built in one piece. This may reduce shipping costs payed by the customer to receive their door purchase.

Easier to Handle

Very large doors constructed in segments conform to common sizes. When you receive the door at your site handling it in segments is usually more natural for workers used to traditional sized doors than and 4×8 materials than handling an extra large door. Leaving joining the door until it reaches the site cuts costs and saves time all the way from our factory to your building site.

Strong and Stable

Sing Core doors shipped in sections and assembled on site maintain the highest standards for strength, lightness, and straightness. At Sing core we guarantee warp-free performance of segmented doors for 5 years.

How to Assemble a Sing Core Segmented Door

Assembly of a modern sliding door constructed using Sing Core technology without any specialized tools and equipment.

1. Lay Each Panel Flat

The first step to join a Sing Core sectional door is to lay the panels on a flat surface. Any flat clean surface will work. For very large doors we like to use two straight beams laid on the ground along  to hold the top and bottom of each door segment.

2. Slide a Spline in to One Side

Each spline and pocket are precisely cut to fit with strength. Our products are built with our 5 year warp-free guarantee in mind. Simply push or lightly hammer the spline in place on one side of the joint. Then your panels are ready to be fit together.

3. Joining the Panels

The final step in joining a modern sliding or pivot door is to press the sides together. This can be accomplished a variety of ways, including gentle application of a sledge hammer, a few ratchet straps, clamps, or any other means you have of providing joining force. Once joined, the door is strong and secure, built to last, and can be finished and installed as any other Sing Core door.

How to Build a Modern Door


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Internal Sliding Doors

What’s the latest news in sliding doors in the door industry? Internal sliding doors with Sing Core inside are being specified by architects more and more in their sustainable housing and commercial designs. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty


Long the solution for exterior sliding doors due to their Eco-friendly, long lasting solution for warp-free lightweight yet high strength as sliding doors which are exposed to weather conditions, sometimes, even the most severe weather conditions. For years, architects and designers have sought out the characteristics that only Sing Core can provide for high precision and superior performance over a long life of the architectural exterior sliding door.

As architects became more and more accustomed to specifying Sing Core in their door specs, they started to develop a taste for specifying large internal sliding doors also. Large internal sliding doors, especially if they are wooden sliding doors, are going to fail due to warp if they exceed a height of 7 ft. tall sliding doors.

Then as the trend to specify Sing Core in internal sliding doors continued to grow, something began to shift. In high end homes, commercial and industrial applications, architects were also specifying sing Core for standard sized internal sliding doors. As this trend continues, the question is,

Why Spec Sing Internal Sliding Doors?

That’s the question, right? And you might be surprised about the answer, because Sign Core is the obvious solution to exterior or large oversized sliding door which have the tendency to warp, bend, twist, or fail structurally not long after installation. It’s the only way to build a lightweight wood exterior sliding door exposed to the elements which can be guaranteed not to suffer from door warping for 50 years. So, that explains exterior sliding doors and large sliding doors, but regular-sized internal sliding doors?

Well, it turns out that inherit deep within the patented Sing Core composite sliding door core, which is a solid composite material made of vertical grain wood torsion box core which is fully insulated with rigid insulation inside. The result? A lightweight, super strong internal sliding door that is insulated and possesses the additional attributes of being able to control climate (an advantage of using Sign Core inside external sliding doors) and also imbuing the door with sound deadening qualities, a useful and highly sought after feature in upscale projects.

Sliding Door Hardware

Due to the lighter weight of the internal sliding doors, there is a great savings in terms of the sliding door hardware. Both in the cost of the hardware due to handling the lighter weight sliding door, but additionally in the installation of the hardware and maintenance over time, as the lightweight sliding internal doors cause less stress and strain on the hardware and structure with regular use over time.

Pocket Door

One of the best uses of internal sliding doors with Sing Core inside is in the pocket door application. Pocket doors are the most important in terms of remaining straight and true because while a sliding door is far more forgiving, warped sliding pocket doors are become destructive to both the pocket door and the pocket which houses it, any further warping renders the sliding pocket door useless.

Pocket Door Hardware

Just as in the savings in sliding door hardware, pocket door hardware associated with sliding pocket doors featuring Sing Core inside is far less expensive to purchase at the outset and reduces the cost of pocket door installation, as well as requiring less long-term maintenance. Not that cost is always of the most importance in the most high end applications, but it means you can use those funds elsewhere in your project without affecting the overall budget.

Internal Sliding Door of Any Type

Whether architecturally specified at the beginning of the project, or as the most predominant use of internal sliding doors with Sing Core inside in replacement doors, your Sing architectural sliding doors are custom built to architectural specifications. They can be made of any available flat building material in any style of door. That is to say, all custom professional grade Sing sliding internal doors are one-of-a-kind warp-free pieces of art that can be guaranteed to remain warp-free (including full structure warranty) for 50 years.

50 Year Guaranteed Internal Sliding Doors

If you want the best sliding internal doors, then there is only one way to have slider doors of any size, type, style, made of any desired (and available) materials that have Sing Core inside imbuing them with the unique characteristics of being sustainable, Eco-friendly, built to last for centuries and can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, guaranteed.

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Sliding Door Design

Your sliding door design is limited only by your imagination. Architects and designers love adding sliding doors to spaces for visual impact and improved functionality. Many options cover the landscape of design possibilities when considering adding sliding doors to a particular design. Some of the most popular sliding door designs include single sliding doors, double sliding doors, stacking sliding doors, pivot sliding doors, sliding barn doors, floating doors and pocket doors, just to name a few, while large sliding doors may comprise complete sliding walls and may be used as sliding room dividers.

The only 50 year warp-free guarantee and full structure warranty

Imagine Your Sliding Door Design

The strength of contemporary architecture design is in the creativity limited only by the imagination of the individual envisioning the concept, look and feel of the project at hand. In a perfect world, your sliding door visualizations and ideas translate well to the real world. In many cases what is seen in the mind’s eye exceeds (sometimes far exceeds) the limitations of available building materials, time or budget constraints (because any sliding door design is possible given enough time and money).

Limitations of Sliding Door Design

When translating visionary sliding doors to the real world, certain limitations are imposed on those with their feet on the ground, whose responsibility it is to bring your sliding door dream to life. These limitations include such things as the Law of Physics and the specific characteristics of the available materials used to materialize your most exquisite sliding door design.

Our team of best sliding door professionals have years of experience trouble-shooting and solving the problems associated specifically with unique sliding door designs. Here are some of the problems associated with sliding doors which we can provide solid solutions for (including our 50 year warp-free guarantee) regardless of the size, style or functionality of your sliding door design.

Sliding Door Sizes

Sliding doors, just like any other type or style of doors, vary in accordance with the materials used and the overall size of the door which determines the weight of the door. Large oversized sliding doors, particularly those over 7 ft. tall are so entirely problematic that no door company will warranty them for more than one year because they cannot maintain optimum precision or door performance over time due to the sliding door’s mass. Yet, even large exterior sliding doors with SingCore inside can be fully guaranteed for 50 years not to fail, regardless of size (up to 50 ft.). So, now you can release the previous limitations concerning size and embrace the idea of very large sliding doors, even floor to ceiling sliding doors and sliding partition walls that will make your design shine for years to come.

Sliding Door Weight

Sliding doors best operate within a delicate balance between size and weight, where weight can cause problems associated with the structure, the sliding door hardware, and the regular trouble-free operation of the sliding door. SingCore’s highly specialized staff can help to engineer doors to be lightweight (1/3rd or more the weight) of other solid core doors.

How do you make such a lightweight door? We use patented insulated Sing reinforced vertical grain torsion box core inside which makes the resulting door so much lighter than other solid core doors. Fore instance one door company replaced a series 25 foot tall sliding doors weighing in at 1,100 lbs. with Sing 25 foot sliding doors weighing in at a mere 198 lbs.

Sliding Door Hardware

Next up is the sliding door hardware, which is also most closely associated with the sliding door weight. In fact, the weight of the sliding door dictates which hardware is to be used. In the case of heavy sliding doors, heavy duty industrial sliding door hardware must be used. In the case of heavy sliding doors, the sliding door hardware can be the most expensive part of the sliding door design, costing many times the price of the sliding door itself. Also, regular use of a heavier sliding door will create maintenance problems with the sliding door hardware over time.

Sliding Door Warp

A warping sliding door is problematic in that it can not only compromise the operation of the sliding door itself but also can create additional strain on hardware and damage other surfaces which parallel the sliding door. In the case of a sliding door concealed within a cavity, like a pocket sliding door, a warped sliding door can become entirely inoperable.

This is particularly common in wood sliding doors due to the nature of the natural wood grain; it moves. Even though wood grain is the most prevalent culprit in on site sliding door failures, sliding doors made of other materials may also warp as designers, engineers and contractors attempt to mitigate the problems associated with the weight of heavy sliding doors by creating a lightweight composite sliding door. Though the issue of weight is addressed, the strength of the door is only as strong as its sliding door core material. Therefore, lightweight composite sliding doors made of other materials besides natural wood are subject to failure due to warping also.

Sliding Door Solution

SingCore is the premiere one-of-a-kind solution to all problems associated with sliding doors, eliminating the challenges of:


While adding attribute inherit with having patented SingCore inside, such as


And the Sing Core is only solution fully backed by our


Which includes full structure warranty for 50 years. No other siding door can do that, unless it has premium SingCore inside, helping not only to bring your sliding door designs to life but deliver to you and your customers the most insulated airtight lightest and strongest sliding door available today, guaranteed.