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New Large Stile and Rail Pivot Doors and Sliding Doors

Stile and rail doors are among the most popular doors in the world. Sing Core’s patented and patent-pending technology is the best way to create a beautiful stile and rail door that will last a lifetime. There are four ways to create a stile and rail door with Sing Core technologies:

1.Sing Core’s new patent-pending stile and rail technology are the only way to build an oversized stile and rail door that will last a lifetime with a warranty to match. This method is an affordable option to our high-end panel doors.

2. The doors can be crafted from Sing Core panels with molding overlays to create the stile and rail appearance. Sing Core’s cutting edge technologies allow door manufacturers to build high precision doors of any size using only our panels. Our stiles and rails provide the most strength possible to support any size light opening.

Long known for our problem-solving and attention-grabbing Sing Panel doors (doors with Sing Core inside), we introduce you to our new patent-pending Large Stile and Rail Pivot Doors and Sliding Doors. Never before has there been such a high precision or stronger wood-based door core to expand the horizon of possibilities in the stile and rail door industry.

Sing Core Introduces New Highest Precision Stile and Rail

Born out of technology requested for a very important large stile and rail door job with large glass cutout with thin wood surface frame and demanding warp-free flawless precision led to inventor Peter Sing’s latest patent-pending technology.

Thanks to this latest challenge, Sing Core can now offer the guaranteed straightest wood-based stile and rails for any kind of stile and rail or French door in any size imaginable.

New Large Glass Cutout Tech

Before now, large, glazed stile and rail and French doors with huge light openings might have been problematic for framing with anything besides aluminum or steel.

Stronger Than Aluminum Frame

Now you can have the beauty of wood, real wood to hold and support big and heavy glass without fear of failure at frame joints nor the challenge of warping while in service.

Large Stile and Rail No Problem

Have you ever dreamed about having a huge stile and rail door? Well, you don’t have to be worried about size, because we can now make fail-free interior or exterior framed doors in any size from 10 ft. up to 40 ft. wide or tall.

Sing Core’s cutting edge technologies allow door manufacturers to build high precision doors of any size with confidence.


Have you ever heard about stile and rail pivot door?

There is no doubt, pivot doors, especially large pivot doors are hot. You can now have them in the look of any style of door, and you guessed it, stile and rail pivot doors are now increasing in popularity thanks to Sing’s patented and patent-pending technologies.

Traditional stile and rail designs have a high tendency to fail or warp, but not with Sing Core inside.

Stile and rail pivot doors add a sophisticated touch to any high-end home.


What’s the problem with custom stile and rail doors?

  1. It can take a long time to get one
  2. There are many limitations
  3. High cost of shipping and handling
  4. It may warp over time
  5. So expensive

Let Sing Core Solve those Problems

  1. Get it fast – In a week or less
  2. Have it any way you want it
  3. Less expensive to ship and handle
  4. Guaranteed warp-free for 50 years
  5. Less expensive (especially in quantities)

Wooden Large Patio Doors

Large patio doors are often made of aluminum or vinyl out of necessity due to being exposed to the weather. Not a problem for Sing Core fail-free large patio door substrates and stile and rail frames. Whatever you need, you can find it at Sing Core, the large wood patio door experts.

Superior Rigidity

Sing Core technologies are rigid, the most rigid and dimensionally stable door core and warp-free technology.

Wide Frame or Narrow Frame

You now can have a wood stile and rail or French door with any look you like, from the classic wide wood frame (five to seven inches), or architecturally inspired thin frame (three inches) made of wood and stronger than steel. Strong enough to hold all that heavy glass.

And those slim looking stile and rails with Sing Core inside? They still function better than any other wood-based door tech. This our niche.

Our new patented Stile and Rail technology creates extremely strong doors that are the most warp resistant doors on the market. With our new technology, you can create beautiful stile and rail doors of any size with confidence. This is a much more affordable option to our high-end panel doors.

The picture above is a door that began as one of our famous true flat Sing Core door blank. They then overlaid trim, or molding, to create the appearance of a stile and rail door. As you can see, this door has been exposed to full weathering 100% of the time and shows no signs of warpage or failure. Our panel doors are used in the most high-end houses in the US.

The doors above are crafted with our true flat panels to have a similar appearance to stile and rail doors but have immense strength for any size door and/or any size light opening. On the left is a pair of 16 ft. tall French doors with multiple light openings, on the right is a 14 ft. tall door with a massive light opening.

The doors pictured above consist of our new stile and rail technology to support the light opening and our Sing panel for the other half of the door. The new stile and rail technology allows us to make our frames thinner than ever without sacrificing any strength.


 The Choice is Yours

However you want to do it, either with our patented hybrid panel or stile and rail. You can have it the way you want it and sleep soundly tonight because you have the newest and best product by Sing Panel. Choose from a hybrid Sing Panel, fail-free stile and rail, or just stand alone by stile and rail to be the strongest, straight stile and rail in the world. Guaranteed.

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Get an Estimate

Free instant on-screen shop drawing when you fill out length, width, thickness.

Click “View Shops” + instant 3D preview.

See? Panel or post and beam… Just the same, only different measurements.

Fill out my online form.

Please Note: Standard lead times are 6-10 weeks. Rush orders are available if required. No “Will Call” pick-up orders.


Every order SingCore manufactures is custom made, so please bear that in mind in regards to your project’s timelines. If you require a rush order, rush fees are as follows:

  • Ship in 4 weeks – 20% price increase
  • Ship in 3 weeks – 40% price increase
  • Ship in 2 weeks – 70% price increase
  • Ship in 1 Week – 100% price increase


Sing products are available in your choice of three formats to accommodate your specifications and expectations:

  • Standard: The strongest, lightweight Eco-friendly building material invented
  • Professional: Specially formatted for non-warp performance, guarantee for 50 years
  • Hot Press Ready: Hot-press-ready (for thin veneer)


Our grids come in small, medium and large sizes.


  • R-value 3.5 (EPS foam)
  • R-value 5.7 (urethane foam)


Customizing options that can help make your order more specific are size and location of internal wood (or other specified material) such as implants, stiles and/or rails (solid wood edges on 4 sides of the Sing panel) and lock blocks or nailing for added siding over the surface of the Sing panel. The best way to show us what you need is to by provide us with a simple drawing to show the location of hard point.


There are many options for Sing Core panels. (See: Material Options)

  • Paint Grade: 1/4 inch or thicker plywood, mdf, Masonite
  • Metal: .20 inch to .125 inch aluminum, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel
  • Wood Grain: Thin wood veneer .020 inch on top of .125 inch mdf over top of aluminum Sing panel
  • Wood Stave: .125 inch applied over the top of aluminum the Sing panel substrate or on top of the .125 inch mdf over the top fo the aluminum Sing panel
  • FRP Fiberglass
  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminum
  • HPL Formica
  • Masonite
  • Cold Rolled Steel
  • Hot Rolled Steel
  • Magnesium board
  • Marine grade plywood
  • MDF
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel
  • Fiberglass
  • Concrete
  • Ceramic


Sing Core provides Sing panels with window and door pre-cut and ready for installation. We will cut 1/8 larger in width and 3/16 inch wider in length to fit your window glass. We build a frame using 1.25 inch solid wood to your specifications.


Sing Core windows and doors are profile ready for CNC routing. You may add molding or trim to create your own window or door design, otherwise we will provide you with thicker skin – such as 1/4 inch or thicker mdf, hardboard, etc. – for you to carve or profile by CNC machine. With Sing Core windows and doors you can create a true raised-panel door or any design you desire.


The standard ready-to-ship panel condition is, “untrimmed.” This leaves unfinished exterior edges that may have exposed adhesive and might require being built ½ inch over-sized for trimming at your location. An additional fee will be assessed for trimming and sizing in our factory.

All trimmed edges are 1/2 inch over width and 1/2 inch over length. After trimming, your Sing Panel will be 1/2 inch less (4 x 8 will be 47.5 inch x 95.5 inch). Standard solid wood edging with 1.5 inch will be reduced to 1.25 inch after trimming.


Many of our customers prefer their panels untrimmed because this allows them to trim their panels to exact size on site before installing them in their door openings.  That way they can have the peace of mind that their door will fit the opening exactly as intended.

Plywood Skin Untrimmed Panel Corner With Solid Wood Edge

Plywood Skin Untrimmed (Raw) Panel Corner With Solid Wood Edge


Customers who want their panels cut to exact size before they receive them should choose the trimmed selection.  This gives them the option of doing less work on site, but it also means they must be much more precise with their measurements before ordering their panels.  Trimmed also costs slightly more because it is more labor intensive to trim the panels in house.

Plywood Skin Trimmed Panel Corner Solid Wood Edge

Trimmed plywood panel with solid wood edge



Sing Panels are + and – .006 inch, so with your CNC machine profile you will have the most amazing detailed door design.


Sing Core panels weigh only 4 to 5 pounds per cubic foot.


Our 1-inch small grade panels have been tested to reach 660 psi.


Sing panel cores contain urethane form R 6.5 per inch and EPS form 3.5 per inch insulation.


Sing panels, with proper skin design, will reach stc 56.


Sing panels are sold to the major specialty door manufacturers to achieve special demands such as bulletproof, radiation-proof, etc.


Sing Products come with a limited lifetime guarantee. (See


All doors are guaranteed to stay true flat for 50 years. This service is only available to the trade professionals.


All orders are subject to Sing Core’s Terms of Service.

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Lead Time

Please Note: Standard lead times are 6-10 weeks. Rush orders are available if required. No “Will Call” pick-up orders.


Every order Sing Core manufactures is custom made, so please bear that in mind in regards to your project’s timelines. If you require a rush order, rush fees are as follows:

  • Ship in 4 weeks – 20% price increase
  • Ship in 3 weeks – 40% price increase
  • Ship in 2 weeks – 70% price increase
  • Ship in 1 Week – 100% price increase
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Armoire Gallery

Welcome to the Sing Core armoire gallery!

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Dresser Gallery

Welcome to the Sing Core dresser gallery!

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Standard Doors

Standardized Doors

Are you searching for the best interior door to put in your home? Well search no more! Sing Core offers only the best doors to fit your budget. Sing Core’s patented door design reduces weight, increases insulation, increases sound deadening, and will not warp.

Traditionally manufactured interior doors weigh almost three times more than a Sing Core door. Sing Core produces hollow core doors that provide much greater insulation qualities. Usually hollow core doors have an insulation value, or R value, of 2. Sing Core interior doors boast an R value of 6. With this being said, you can save on your heating bill and save on the cost of replacing your old doors.

Sing Core offers the highest quality of over-sized doors, but also provides the absolute best standard interior doors. Standard doors sizes are available in 30”W x 80”H or 32”W x 80”H. Standard interior doors usually have a thickness of 1 ⅜”. If the door you are looking for is not one of the listed sizes then do not worry, you can contact our salesperson and we can create a custom door just for you.

Currently we are offering our standard interior doors with a fiberglass skin. Traditional standard sized interior doors usually have a medium density fiberboard (MDF) skin or are solid wood. Both of these materials are very heavy, increasing the cost of hardware needed to hold the door. Our standard doors can be used with hinging, pivoting, or sliding hardware.

The standard interior doors are being sold as unfinished door blanks so that you may finish the door as you please. If you are searching for a new interior door, then you have come to the right place. Sing Core doors are among the lightest on the market. Don’t think for a second that we compromised strength to achieve such a lightweight door. Sing Core doors are significantly stronger than doors comprised of traditional materials, not to mention modern hollow core doors.

Sing Core is the only company that guarantees every door to stay straight and not warp for 50 years! No other door company can make such a claim. Our standard sized doors can be used with a wide variety of hardware. You can hang the door with standard hinges, a pivot box, or even make it a sliding door. Sing Core’s lightweight design allows you to save on hardware costs. There is no need for any specialty hardware to support a heavy door.

You could even apply a proper exterior finish to the door for use as an exterior door. The possibilities are endless! Sing Core can customize any door you need, in anyway you may need. Our doors can have a wide variety of skins; including, but not limited to A/B Plywood, veneer, wood staves, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, HPL, MDF, and much much more. For the fastest way to receive an estimate, please check out our pricing page! Just submit for a price quote and we will get back to you ASAP!

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Over-Sized Cabinetry

Are you thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinets or cabinet doors?

Well look no further! Sing Core can help you design and create the best new cabinet doors. Cabinet doors for framed cabinets must be larger than the cabinet opening to look right and close properly. Sing Core builds custom cabinet doors and is your source for cabinet door, cabinet doors, cabinet drawer box, cabinet drawer boxes, cabinet drawer front, cabinet drawer fronts. Whether you want to replace the cabinet doors or the whole cabinet, then we have you covered. You can choose what material you want for your oversize cabinet doors. We can craft your cabinets or cabinet doors from which ever material you may choose.

Usually, cabinets along with their doors consist of plywood and/or medium density fiberboard (MDF). The issue is, plywood is unstable and MDF weighs too much. In many online forums, cabinetmakers suggest alternatives, and that is where Sing Core comes in. Sing Core makes top-quality panels that are extremely lightweight without compromising strength. Our panels weight about a third of traditional materials. This being said, our cabinets or cabinet doors are among the lightest replacement kitchen cabinet doors can be purchased today. Some skin options include, but aren’t limited to, paint grade hard maple, red oak, cherry, birch, pine, etc… Skin options include more than just wood skins, one can opt for aluminum, steel, formica, HPL, MDF, and much much more. Choose the right skin that adds a graphic punch to your kitchen and bath cabinets! We offer decorative over-sized cabinets and doors. If you are looking to purchase cabinet doors and drawer fronts for your project, you came to the right place! We can build for the larger, wider cabinet doors, or for the standard sizes. No matter what your need is, we can help you remodel with confidence.

Purchase unfinished cabinet doors, cabinet door, custom wood, maple wood cabinet door. As is true of raised panel cabinet doors, slab doors can be constructed in many ways, and the construction methods used here at Sing Core are designed to save you time and money when finishing and installing your brand new cabinets or cabinet doors. For those who are interested in buying our cabinets or cabinet doors, you have come to the right place. You can get in contact with a salesperson by checking out our “pricing” page here, or you may have noticed the orange button on the top right-hand side of our web page. The pricing page will have you input your information about your project, but don’t worry, once you are connected with a salesperson we can customize your project however you want. Even if you are not interested in cabinets or cabinet doors, check out the other web pages we have. Sing Core specializes in over-sized hinge, pivot, sliding, or carriage doors. If you are in need over lightweight, strong, and non-warping panels, then look no further! Sing Core can provide any size panel you may need and can apply any skin you may choose! The possibilities are endless!

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What Is A Pivot Door?

A pivot door rotates on a pivot box in the floor and the top jamb rather than traditional door side hinges, which is common in most homes. Pivot Doors have become a popular choice for entrances, creating a bold statement at your first point of contact.

What makes pivot doors so unique? The pivot door or pivot window is an opening system with a central or lateral rotating axis that allows for very large door panels. The craftsmanship and technology of a pivot hinge allows for a larger opening than most other types of doors since traditional hinges cannot carry the same kind of weight. Pivot doors are fantastic options for where there is a large amount of space and enough floor room for the door to be able to swing all around.

Grounded in the principles of modern architecture, a pivot door emphasizes clean lines and simple shapes. Pivot doors are well suited for pivoting walls and can also be used as room dividers. Until now, affordable pivot doors are thicker than average doors and heavy in weight. The large size and heavy weight causes extra costs associated with shipping and handling. Shipping is more expensive because shipping costs are calculated on weight. Handling is more expensive because heavy equipment is necessary for transporting and manipulating the pivot door into place for installation. Pivot door hardware is also based on the affordable pivot door’s weight, so a heavier pivot door will require more expensive and heavy duty hardware. Here at Sing Core we manufacture custom premium wood pivot-hung entry doors for exterior and interior use. Our pivot doors feature our patented lightweight insulated torsion box pivot door core inside. Which imbues each door with the unique characteristics of a solid core pivot door featuring the exact size, material and appearance of any style of pivot door, while remaining extremely lightweight and incredibly strong. Independently University tested at 660 PSI, makes Sing Core’s pivot door core stronger than steel pound for pound. The pre-insulated core also means greater climate control and noise cancellation between spaces. Also, the lightweight of Sing Core’s pivot doors, means less shipping, handling, transportation and installation costs, requiring less expensive hardware.

A pivot, not a hinge rather than hanging from hinges in the frame, a pivot-hung door swings on a set of pins mounted in the top and bottom of the door. Transform the look of your home or office by opting for Sing Core’s affordable pivot doors. Pivoting front entry doors provide an elegant look and appear to float inside the door frame. We are offering premium wood pivot-hung entry doors for exterior and interior use that cannot be found anywhere else. Let Sing Core build your custom pivot doors, custom modern entry doors, exterior mahogany wood doors, or any other custom door you can imagine! If you can create the idea, we can create the door. Every Sing Core door comes with a 50 year structural guarantee, something that no other door company has been able to offer.