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Pivot Doors in Luxury Homes

Pivot doors are among the most popular door we get requests for. Pivot doors in luxury homes are very common and are often over sized. Over sized is anything over the standard 3’ x 7’ door size. We supply the most high end and high precision doors to luxurious homes all around the world.

No one can do what we do.

For those who are not familiar with pivot doors-

Instead of the doors motion being controlled by traditional hinges, a pivot-hung door swings on a set of pins mounted in the top and bottom. The pivot door rotates on a pivot box in the floor and the top jamb rather than traditional door side hinges. This creates an elegant masterpiece that rotates effortlessly and usually no hardware is visible, except for the handle of course.


Pivot doors have many uses and can come in many different sizes. It is most popular to have over sized pivot doors that provide generous openings, but it is not necessary. Pivot doors are most commonly used as exterior doors, giving a beautiful and grand entrance to a home. They can also be used for interior doors. Whether it is to the bedroom, bathroom, or even laundry room pivot doors can add an elegant entrance to any room of your home. You could even have pivot doors for your closet!


We can make any size pivot door you may need and our doors are always built with the highest precision. We have perfected our craft so much that our tolerances are always within ±0.006”.
Our pivot doors are exceptionally lightweight, high strength, and always dimensionally stable.


Here at Sing Core, we always get requests for pivot doors. The majority of them are over sized. People from all over the world come to us with doors like this because we are the only door company who can make door of this magnitude last for many years. That is why we offer our-


A guarantee like this is unheard of in the door manufacturing industry. Usually, you will be offered 1 year at the most, but never 50 years. So if you need an over sized door, or any door, to last over 50 years, Sing Core has you covered. For more guarantee information, click here.


Sing Core’s patented technologies are always on the cutting edge of the door manufacturing industry. We are constantly working on improving our already state of the art technology. We can proudly produce large doors with great confidence that it will remain truly flat for the entirety of its lifespan.

We offer many different skin choices. Our choices range from concrete, metal, fiberglass, exotic woods, MDF, to even plywood. Click here to see our skin choice page. We specialize in custom doors, so if you do not see what you need just ask!


To order, go to our pricing page and fill out one of our pricing forms. This is the fastest way to get in contact our salespeople. Click here to go to fill out a pricing form.

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Pivot Front Doors

Sing Core is the premiere source for extraordinary pivot front doors which are by far the most sought after for high-end clientele who only desire to have the best. By the best, we mean, the only Eco-friendly lightweight, high strength, fully sustainable pivot front doors backed by a 50-year warp-free guarantee in the world.

Pivot Front Doors

Pivot front doors are growing in popularity among the most contemporary architecture and design projects emerging in the industry today. These visionaries are imagining pivot front doors which are signature pieces setting epic locations apart from their peers, and the bigger the pivot front door, the better.

Modern pivot doors need not follow the basic design pattern of their ancestral designs. They used to be big and heavy, and while these designs always garnered attention, they were constantly needing maintenance to the door, the hardware, the frame, and the structure which featured such a door.

Door engineers have long struggled with the task of trying to bring an architectural pivot front door to life without having to incur impossible ongoing maintenance costs associated with having a pivot front door of such magnitude.

It’s not enough to be a large oversized pivot door, because these are exterior pivot doors, where one side faces the interior of the structure while the other side may be facing the elements and may be exposed one hundred percent to the weather.

The prefect recipe for pivot door problems which keep the pivot door engineers up at night struggling to find solutions for the challenges associated with these pivot front doors.

Only now, thanks to inventor Peter Sing who is also the president of Sing Core, door companies and millworks all over the world are finding the Sing solution which empowers modern architects and designers to unleash their creative genius when it comes to pivot front doors.

This means pivoting front doors can be bigger than ever, without the heavy commitment to and cost of continued maintenance to the door, hardware, and the structure. Plus, when you make your pivot doors with Sing Core inside, they are built to last for centuries, but guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail, for fifty years.

The invention of Sing Core is the latest revolutionary advancement in pivot front door building technology, enabling you to create super straight and strong ultra-thin pivot doors that will continue to operate smoothly without damaging the pivot door hardware, frame, or structure over time.

Really big (any size up to 40 ft. or more), lightweight (a fraction of other pivot doors), high precision (Sing’s core hosts +/- .006 in. tolerances), perfectly straight (exceeding AWI non-warping standards), and high performance guaranteed for 50 years.

Owners of these exquisite high-end large oversize entrance doors proclaim,

“There’s no other way to do it.”

Each one of Sing’s custom high-end pivot entry doors is made to order using locally sourced materials and craftspeople who have the expertise to deliver the exterior pivot doors which are acclaimed as the highest quality pivot entry and front doors made in the USA.

Now your modern style doors can be of enormous size and provide a bold yet elegant main egress point of attraction which will leave your visitors in awe. And you’re not limited by either materials or design characteristics.

Any Style of Pivoting Front Door

Not only are you new nearly unlimited in size for your pivot entry doors, but you are empowered to submit any or all of your unique ideas about pivot doors, entry doors, and doors which have yet to be conceived of, as you can have nearly any available flat building material as your surface material, paving the way for a nearly unlimited array of contemporary pivot front doors.

Sing’s patented and patent-pending pivot door core is featured among the most expensive pivot doors in the world and commonly these exotic natural-grain pivoting wooden doors appear as large mahogany pivot doors, walnut pivot doors, oak pivot doors, and cherry wood pivot doors.

Expressed as more modern pivot doors, may host such materials as aluminum pivot front doors, or steel pivot entrance doors.

Versatility is the order of the day, when it comes to pivot front doors with Sing Core inside, as they are straight and strong enough to carry the heaviest and hardest materials without compromising the precision or anti-warp characteristics.

Add concrete, steel, lead, or any other heavy dense material to Inventor Peter Sing’s core.

Now, you can feature pivot front doors in all kinds of applications.


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Pivot Entry Door

When it comes to large entrance doors, one pivot entry door comes to mind: That beautifully big pivot entry door with natural wood grain is so pleasing to the eye.

Q: How in the world do they keep such an enormous exterior wood door from warping?
A: With Sing Core inside.

Large entrance doors instantly garner attention and add curb appeal to any project, but featuring pivot doors as your entrance door makes an even greater impact on anyone who encounters such an enormous work of art.

Pivoting doors are more in demand because they attract attention like a magnet, especially if your pivot entry door is made of natural wood grain, because this just cries out: “Constant maintenance required” due to changes in the environment which causes such a big wood pivot door to warp. It doesn’t make the pivot door any less beautiful, but the regular maintenance can make such a door far less affordable over time.

That’s where patented Sing Core and inventor Peter Sing’s patent-pending anti-warp devices come to save the day. Sing, also the president of Sing Core, uses his latest technological advancements to help any pivot door company, millwork, or custom pivot door manufacturer build pivot entry doors of immense size quickly and easily without threat of failure or warping.

The idea of a new generation of warp-free modern entry doors is foreign to pivot door designers and engineers of yesteryear, that is, unless they have already heard about – and use – Sing Core inside their most important pivot entry door jobs.

How to Build a Warp-free Pivot Entry Door

Solid wood entry doors present the greatest numbers of challenges for the craftspeople tasked with transferring the architectural pivot door dreams into reality. We love the natural wood grain but it’s tendency to move at the slightest change in the environment creates problems. So, starting with Sing Core is the perfect place to start if you want to put your worries associated with exterior pivot doors behind you.

For years, Sing has been supporting the best of the best in contemporary architecture and designs, as well as the biggest most powerful pivot door companies in the world with the solutions to the problems associated with pivot entry doors over seven ft tall and three-and-a-half ft wide. Once you know how Sing’s core works, you, too, will know how to build a warp-free pivot entry door.

If you look deep inside the structure of Sing’s warp-free pivoting doors, you will find that the first component is torsion box, only the grain is oriented vertically instead of horizontally as is the case for traditional torsion box. Sing also keeps the structure grids of the torsion box very small, like two to three inches. Then, he fills the voids (the open centers of the individual torsion boxes which is normally left hollow) with recycled rigid foam.

Using formaldehyde-free adhesive, Sing cold-presses the composite materials together, sandwiched between two stress skins to create the solid hybrid warp-free pivot entry door blanks which are found inside the best high-end doors.

Even so, Sing’s warp-free technologies do not end there. Pivot entry doors are especially challenging due to potentially having one side of the door facing the elements, as in the case of exterior pivot doors, while the other side faces the structure’s interior. This is the perfect recipe for warping pivot doors.

Sing has a True Flat Team of door engineers in-house who assist in the design and creation of the core in such a way so as to account for all the challenges each pivot entry door may face. For instance, solid wood entry doors present the most problems, but not for Sing’s team.

Wood Entry Doors

They go to work, taking into account all the details of the door, including how the door will be used, what direction will it face, at what altitude will it make its home, what weather conditions will it be subject to, how will it be operated, suspended, and secured? As well as what

Sing Core can be found inside modern entry doors from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between because it is the highest precision (+/- .006 in.) Eco-friendly fully insulated (R3.5 to R6.5), lightweight (1/3 or less the weight of other solid wood-based cores), high strength (660+ PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound), impact resistant, climate control, and sound deadening pivot door substrate.

Any of Sing’s pivot doors could be made from any flat building materials, such as any type of natural wood grain, aluminum, brass, cement, concrete, cold rolled steel, copper, fiberglass, Formica, FRP, glass, HPL, Kevlar, laminates, Masonite, MDF, stainless steel, veneers, and just about anything you could imagine.

Also, your pivot entry doors are not limited in size, as Sing’s door blanks are featured in really big pivot doors up to 50 ft or more, and each can still be covered by Sing’s 50-year warp-free guarantee.


Sing offers the only way to build doors in the world which can be safely and securely guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail, (including full structure warranty and guaranteed against delamination) for a full 50 years.

This is the best pivot entry door guarantee in the world, another reason why biggest and best door makers use it.

The world is changing, growing, and expanding at a rapid rate, and Sing’s pivot doors are changing the way architectural pivot doors of any type or style are being made.