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Overhead Door vs New Garage Door

person-carriage-door-garage-sing-coreIf you are in the business of overhead garage door or any type of door business then this new garage door is an opportunity for you. The reward can be win-win for you and your customer.

The problem for overhead door and traditional carriage doors vs. Sing garage panel door

Everybody wins by switching to patented Sing Core.

The trend is 90% or more or garage doors are light duty metal or vinyl overhead doors. Traditional carriage doors cost at least 4 times more than those metal or vinyl garage doors. Now the patented Sing panel garage door with its small price tag and endless features for your customer means the end user gets a better product for less money.

Price Insulation Air tight Lightweight Strength Low maintenance Security
Sing Core
Overhead Door x x x x x x
Carriage Door x x x x x x x

The 7 Wonders of Sing Garage Panel Door are:

  1. Price. Sing Core panels cost about 87% less than carriage doors, yet comparable to inexpensive overhead doors in price.
  2. Insulation. Pre-insulated Sing garage door panels protect you from the elements and are sound-deadening.
  3. Air tight. Sing garage door panel maintain their seal because they are resistant to warp, bend and twisting.
  4. Lightweight. You don’t need expensive heavy duty hardware because they weigh one-fifth the weight of traditional carriage doors.
  5. Strength. Compared to other composite core materials (that range from 10-to-100 PSI) Sing garage panels weight in at 660 PSI (stronger than steel pound for pound.
  6. Low maintenance. Because they are lighter in weight and do not warp, bend and twist, you don’t have to worry about garage door repairs.
  7. Security. Your new design (if based on carriage door design) is harder to breach than simple overhead door design.

Overhead door

Overhead-Door-Panel-is-StrongThe overhead door is so popular due to mass production with thin gauge metal at low cost, even so we see many overhead door companies utilizing the Sing solution in their designs.

This is what most of American homeowners are looking for even it is easy to dent. If you use your garage as a shop or living space it has little or no insulation. Even if it is well insulated overhead, there’s virtually no way to make it air tight like carriage door. The good news is the sing carriage door is low cost and can be the new standard of garage door.

The revolutionary solution for overhead door.

Carriage door

CarriageDoorPanelsUnfinishedThe carriage door is the way American home’s garages used to be made before overhead doors become popular. But due to the high price, heavy weight and not being insulated well and warping leading to air and temperature leaks – especially in the winter due to the movement of the wood (low temperatures made wood carriage doors shrink and summer heat make the doors  expand).

The biggest concern about carriage doors is that they are too expensive. You could spend over $4,000.00 for a 8 ft x 7 ft carriage door and over $8,000 for a 16 ft opening garage door, but none of those framed carriage doors will be easy to install due to the heavy weight and if they’re not perfectly straight. If it warps then it will leak the air and many times even otherwise adequate gaskets cannot stop the air leak.

Sing Panel Garage Door

For garage dealer or distributor:

High profit margin (selling one set of Sing carriage doors will make more money than selling 6 overhead doors, still making the customer happy, because they will have paid less than half of the traditional carriage door).

For garage door manufacturers

You will love to Sing… We will supply you the Sing Core to build better, stronger, lightweight garage doors. Sing Core is available at low price if you could order by the truck load – or even better – we might be licensing to you to build garage doors out of Sing Core.

Patented Sing Core is a true green Eco-friendly product. It is good for the earth and any creatures above and beyond.

There are many other applications for Sing Sandwich and Sing Panel.