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Green Grow Box Insulated Growing Room

A Sing Grow Box Growing Room provides the organic vegetable home grower with a completely controlled environment allowing you to grow and nourish their independent eco-system.

look-inside-green-grow-box-growing-roomsInventor, Peter Sing is making his high-tech reinforced structural insulated panels (the same ones used by NASA, Boeing and the United States military) available to green concerned individuals who take responsibility for supplying non-GMO organic vegetables around the clock regardless of weather or exposure to the elements.

Renowned Sing Core material makes building your green grow box growing room to your specifications quick, easy and painless. Using patented Sing Panels, your grow room will provide you a secure location to grow your vegetables safe and securely, protected from the elements and predators.

You will need to outfit your growing box with the necessary lights, heating/cooling equipment, but you can rest assured that your grow costs will be minimized by the design and features of your grow room.

There are no windows in your giving you complete control of the environment and the growing room grow box can be used indoors or outdoors.

For instance:

Don’t Be Framed

No frame is necessary to build the grow box growing room, because the structure is built within the internal structure of each Sing Panel. This is how you can easily build your grow room in a day singlehandedly.


Green grow box growing room panels are pre-insulated to help keep your resources maximized; keeping it cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s freezing. This really makes a huge difference when compared to non-insulated greenhouses.

Greeen-Grow-Box-Lightweight-High-Strength-Eco-friendly-grow-shed copyAluminum Walls

The aluminum walls (optional) are not only high-precision structural interiors and exteriors, but they are also highly reflective maximizing your lighting energy and resources. The outside can be high-gloss painted, like a high-end factory-fresh BMW, (or covered in any exterior material) to your desires or specifications.


Unlike traditional building materials that are heavy in weight, patented Sing grow box growing room panels are a fraction of the weight of plywood or other materials, enabling you to build your grow box singlehandedly in hours. This also saves in shipping and delivery costs all over the United States and abroad.

High Strength

Only patented Sing Panels are stronger than steel (tested at UW at 660 PSI & up) pound for pound and will not warp, bend, twist or rot and can be guaranteed for life.

Protection from Insects and Predators

Thanks to the high-safety and security of your grow box growing room, your crops will be safe from insects and predators who could compromise all your efforts to go green in a sustainable way. This protects your family and your investment.

Enjoy the best fresh organic tomatoes and herbs thanks to your Eco-friendly insulated grow room.