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High End Pivot Doors

Sing Core goes through great lengths to provide the best architects and millworks with the best high-end pivot doors in the world. High end pivot doors stand out because they are generally massive in size which can be problematic for engineering a door which performs flawlessly over time.

Unlike hinged doors, your pivot door rotates on a pivot box, which only has two anchor points, whereas a hinged doors has three anchor points on one side of the door which helps to keep the door straight.

Sing Core assures clientele that they possess a high-quality pivot door that can be guaranteed not to warp, ben, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years. Astonishingly, Sing Core can design huge wood pivot-hung entry doors that can also be guaranteed not to warp. (Something unheard of in the door industry until the invention of Sing Core.)

Inventor Peter Sing’s patented high-end pivot door core makes all the difference. Sing’s factory is not a door manufacturer, instead his factory provides the best door manufacturers, millworks, and custom pivot door builders with the base material which makes the highest standard of large pivot-hung entryways possible.

Exquisite cooperation in design and quality construction while working with a team of architects, door designers, engineers, manufacturers, finishers, and installers assures that Sing’s Eco-friendly high-end pivot doors possess the following attributes:


High Strength

Fully Insulated

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Sing’s pivot doors weigh so little that millworks and door manufacturers are amazed that two people can easily maneuver a 20 ft wide pivot door blank. It is something you can’t quite understand until you are actually holding it in your hands.

These patented Sing cores are so strong, you can see Peter Sing standing on this 13 ft long one-inch thick panel with little or no deflection. Imagine what you could do with Sing’s core.

The pre-installed rigid insulation offers added safety and security, sound deadening, and increased climate control.

And what you get in the end is a pivot door that is prefinished with high-end craftsmanship that looks like a huge solid wood pivot door, and only you will know that it has Sing’s secret pivot door core inside.

This is how the highest quality pivot front doors are made.

Generally, large pivot doors are quite thick, which leaves anyone who encounters such a door with a striking first impression, which is imprinted in nearly everyone’s brain, and they will be found later telling stories about the enormous pivot door that articulated with such ease. Even so, Sing’s core is so lightweight and strong that you can create a high-end ultra-thin pivot door, if necessary.

The Sing Core pivot factory can also preconfigure your high-end pivot door with any type or style of custom lite opening. You can feature several lite openings for a particular design effect, or one large opening for that French door feeling that maximizes pivot door views of the outdoors and/or neighboring landscapes.

Peter Sing’s philosophy is one of simple beauty and lasting quality with an unparalleled guarantee which cannot be achieved with any other lightweight pivot door core, until now, thanks to his invention.

While most of Sing’s pivot doors are designed and built of wood, many are built of metals, such as aluminum, steel, and other types of metals including bronze pivot doors, and could be made of nearly any flat building material.

If you want the best high-end door with the best guarantee, maybe you should think about talking to your architect about having Sing Core inside your pivot door.

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High End Pivot Hung Doors


21 ft tall 4 ft wide 2-inch thick aluminum pivot hung door

Modern architecture and design include high-end pivot hung doors as an increasing feature in contemporary architecture designs. This growing trend among modern architects and designers has large pivot doors featured as the main entrance to the structure, especially those high-end exotic projects which demand an upscale approach to the design aspects of the project.

Large custom high-end pivot doors are designed and built to specs in order to provide a spectacular one of a kind attention-grabbing access point which will not soon be forgotten.

This large pivot door concept is sweeping the nation creating or filling spectacular openings with unique large pivot doors hosting a wide spectrum of visually impactful building materials spanning from exotic to contemporary natural wood grains to metal pivot doors from aluminum to hot rolled steel.

Trending modern pivot doors are not simply relegated to a center pivot point for affixing hardware. Creative approaches to incorporating pivoting doors into these leading-edge designs could have the pivot door hardware pivoting at nearly any location along the pivot door threshold.

Once restricted to a center pivot point, you may now find the pivot point of these architecturally inspired pivot door designs anywhere from center to innovative extreme edge pivot door hardware for the impressive follow up to the larger than life initial impact.

Even with the growing expansion of the pivot door hardware aren’t to accommodate the most prestigious projects (with a budget to match), there are specific challenges which concern the architects, engineers, and designers of these massive pivot entry doors.

You can expect no two of these high-end pivot hung doors to look the same as each millwork or door company providing these massive pivot slab doors can be working with solid panels as base material or have any type of glass opening imaginable. So they may be completely solid or have glass.

The trend can feature many varying lite cutouts or one large glass opening representing one-third or more of the pivoting door’s surface area, which would qualify it as being a French pivot door.

You will find these pivoting doors with glass not only at the structure’s main entrance but also as egress points between indoors and outdoors, like facing a back yard. Court, or garden area.

Modern pivot doors are larger and heavier than traditional swing doors or sliding doors. By virtue of the sheer size of the pivoting doors, which are often not only taller and wider than other types of doors, they are also usually a lot thicker than their contemporaries. This makes for a very large and heavy piece of material that is more likely than not prone to structural failure or warping (especially if manufactured of wood, which has the highest potential to move due to changes in the environment over time).

16 ft tall warp free teak exterior pivot front door

Modern wood pivot doors probably provide engineers with the most challenges because a huge piece of wood will move as this is the nature of a natural wood grain as it seeks to adapt to its environment, potentially rendering your pivoting work of art useless and unable to operate or secure properly.

High-end Pivot Hung Door Solution

There has been a well-kept secret among the best high-end custom pivot door manufacturers for the last ten years, which has empowered them to deliver large pivot doors made of any available flat material which can be made to stay straight and flat, without the potential to warp or fail structurally over time.

High end weatherproof exterior front door

Without this Sing Core’s secret ingredient inside your large high-end pivot hung doors, there will be many service calls addressing the performance of your big pivot door amidst its service lifespan.

Having Sing Core inside your large pivot door allows you to deliver and install an Eco-friendly insulated, lightweight pivot door which is stronger than steel pound-for-pound (660+ PSI) and can be guaranteed for fifty years.

To prevent large pivot door warps, the most high-end architects, custom pivot door companies, and master millworks rely on high-precision Sing Core (+/- .006-in.) for the strength of character and core value to deliver high-performance results to their most demanding clientele.

50-year Warp-free Guarantee

Pivot doors with Sing Core inside are the most prestigious high-end pivot hung doors in the world and sport the best guarantee of any large doors of any size (up to 50 ft., or more) which can come with a full 50-year warp-free guarantee. No other pivot door company in the world can make that claim.

Plus, your Sing Core premium pivot door solution also comes with a warranty covering the structure of your pivot door, because even if your door remains straight and true, you don’t want the structure compromised.

Sing Core is the only comprehensive full coverage approach to building pivot doors of immense size bar none.

Shouldn’t your high-end pivot hung doors have, “Sing Core inside?”