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How to Build a Big Door

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Sing Core 37 foot tall true flat doors

There’s a good chance that if you’ve struggled with all the potential problems that one might face with attempting to build a big door that will not warp, bend or twist, there are many challenges that you will face, especially if you don’t want your big door to be extremely heavy. Heavy door cause strain on the hardware and structure increasing the need for regular maintenance and upkeep.

Sing Core makes the largest, most dimensionally, stable large oversize, eco-friendly aluminum doors that are used by the most prestigious millworks and high-end users. Only Sing Aluminum oversized doors can be large, thin and extremely flat.

The beauty of large oversize Sing Aluminum doors is that they can be any height, any width, any thickness and can be manufactured in as little as three days.

The advantage of fusing the Sing Core material with aluminum, is that is nearly impervious to changing weather conditions and retains its true flatness and structural integrity over long spans and is the standout solution for big sliding doors, that will fail if not maintaining perfect straight structural integrity over a long service life.

But Sing Aluminum doors don’ t have to look like aluminum doors at all, because the aluminum can be part of the substrate which can host nearly any exterior material.

Some examples of exterior materials that we have made large oversize Sing Aluminum doors out of include:

  • aluminum (there are many varieties)
  • cement board
  • ceramic tile
  • concrete
  • fiber glass
  • glass
  • MDF
  • metal
  • plastic
  • plywood
  • solid wood
  • stainless steel

… including ballistic materials for bulletproof applications. The possibilities are limited only to any available flat building material.

For the last few years, this emerging aerospace technology has been providing solutions to architects and designers that is top drawer, to say the least. The best-known, oldest, most reliable, high-end millworks in the United States depend on Sing Core to deliver the goods for them when it comes to large, oversize aluminum doors.

This technology is solving large oversize sliding door design solutions for Presidents, Prime Ministers, Kings and the Pope, especially when the application calls for extra strength, oversize or true flat… without compromising weight for strength.

True Flat – Guaranteed

Sing Core is the only door manufacturer that can create aluminum doors that are true flat over long spans, and will not warp, twist or experience extreme deflection under stress. And, thanks to the lightweight properties in comparison to other solid materials available, Sing Core aluminum doors are lightweight, causing less strain on the structure and hardware, even though the size may be very large.

These doors are 10 ft x 16 ft x 2 1/4" thick w/marine-grade plywood exterior.

These doors are 10 ft x 16 ft x 2 1/4″ thick w/marine-grade plywood exterior.

Years of working with the most demanding high-end clients has helped us understand unique requirement to guarantee true flatness of any Sing Core aluminum door. This does not mean that every oversized Sing Core aluminum door is guaranteed to be true flat under all conditions. But we can design the perfect Sing Core Aluminum Door for your specific requirements and guarantee it.

To achieve our true flat guarantee, all you have to do is to provide us with the size (up to 50 ft), the thickness, surface material desired and the intended use for your Sing aluminum door, and we will design for you a door that will meet and exceed your specifications. Take advantage of our expertise and years of serving the most high-end clients around the globe.

How to Coat your Sing Aluminum Door

Sing Aluminum Doors are so versatile, they can easily be painted, just like any other door. For successful painting use an etch primer, just like you wood any normal wood primer. The etch primer has an acid compound that etches itself into the aluminum, so no pre-sanding is necessary, follow-up with the same procedure for painting any other primed door. Of course, you could always add another surface layer of material to have any appearance you desire.

How to Cut, Rip or Trim your Sing Aluminum Door

Many of our clients order Sing Aluminum Door blanks by the truckload. These are basically unfinished, and the finishing, hanging and hardware is done by the client.

In the beginning, one might have concern over working with an aluminum door blank as opposed to a wood door blank in the wood shop that is customarily used for prepping the doors. The good news is that Sing Aluminum Doors can be cut, ripped or trimmed using standard woodworking equipment, There is not need to change saw blades or any other equipment in your standard door shop.

Our standard aluminum doors also offer superb sound deadening qualities and our EPS foam offers a 3.5 R factor per sq inch of thickness. Other R-factors available upon request per your specifications.

Door finishers work with Sing aluminum doors just like any other wood doors. No special handling or extra tools are necessary to accommodate the installation of your Sing Aluminum door.

Click here for more information on Sing Aluminum and other Metal Options

To add solid wood grain to the exterior of your Sing aluminum door requires bonding plywood or MDF in-between the aluminum and the wood grain material.

How to Make a Big Door Photos

How to BuyMetal Composite Sing Core panels are true straight, light and strong.

To order Sing Large Aluminum Doors submit an order form either by email,, or print and fax it to: 360.495.4585. We’ll provide a quote within one business day. If you have questions, please contact us.

Easy Ordering

All we need to know is the length, width, thickness and what you desire on the exterior, and your custom specialty panels are made to order. Getting a quote for your specialty product, is easy, thanks to our simple online order system.

Bulk Discounts

If you’re looking for a bargain price, remember, the more you order, the less expensive your total order will be per piece. Quantity and wholesale inquiries are encouraged. Feel free to contact us for more information. Click here for Closeout specials.

Fast turnaround: In you’re in a rush, only Sing Core can be custom made within 24 hours and is proudly manufactured for you in the USA.

Fast delivery: Any thickness and almost any length, less than 5 ft wide, can be made with in 48 hours if it is rush order.

SINGCORE Large Aluminum Doors are easy to order. You may choose from our stock panels or order custom sized panels. Our price is based on the length, width, thickness, and quantity. Submit a Work Order by fax or email, and we will give you a quote within one business day. If you have a tight budget, give us a call, we might have an alternative solution tailored to your needs.

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