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Interior Barn Doors

When you think of barn doors, you’re likely to think about the exterior sliding doors on old barns, right? Well, not if you’re a contemporary architect or designer, because now it’s quite fashionable to feature interior barn doors throughout your home for that little extra added flair.

The Only 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee and full structure warranty

Interior barn doors are similar in appearance to the barn doors that you think about when you think of barn doors, except they are smaller to fit the various door openings around the home’s interior. These interior barn doors operate on interior barn door hardware that varies in appearance as they are individually suited for different design features and styles to fit any visionary taste.

These unique barn style doors are an attention getting throwback to simpler times and can feature distressed surfaces for that special look of rustic interior barn doors. As far as appearances, modern interior barn doors could feature any flat building material adding to the intrigue, flexibility, scalability and outside the box creativity for any of the barn doors in house.

Indoor barn doors could be any of the following types of interior sliding barn doors:

Aluminum barn doors Brass barn doors
Concrete barn doors Cold rolled steel barn doors
Copper barn doors Fiberglass barn doors
FRP barn doors Galvanized steel barn doors
HPL barn doors Kevlar barn doors
LVL barn doors MDF barn doors
Steel barn doors Stainless steel barn doors
Wooden barn doors … just to name a few.

Exceptional Interior Barn Doors

The very best of the best in interior barn doors features Sing Core inside and represents a concerted effort between the manufacturers of patented Sing Core and the finest craftsmen who apply all the finest details at your favorite millwork or custom door manufacturing shop to your interior barn doors for homes creating the most advanced top of the line interior barn doors available today.

Sing Core provides the base materials that give your indoor sliding barn doors huge benefits over any other interior barn door that does not have Sing Core inside. Or instance your interior barn doors could be Eco-friendly, lightweight, high strength, and insulated for climate control and sound deadening capabilities; all this and more, just for having Sing Core inside your barn door interior.

Let’s take a better look at what could be inside your inside barn doors, which could very well be

Lightweight Interior Barn Doors

Having Sing Core inside your interior barn doors for homes will have your indoor barn doors weighing in at a fraction of the weight of traditional stile and rail interior barn door configurations because patented Sing Core’s hybrid solid barn door core weighs about one-tenth the weight of other solid wood substrates, thereby reducing the weight of your barn sliding door by one-third or more overall.

Lighter weight means less overhead costs across the board, saving huge dollars for your project that would otherwise be wasted on extra shipping and handling charges, transportation and handling on the job site, installation costs, expensive interior barn door hardware, and maintenance costs over time.

High Strength Interior Barn Doors

When it comes to concerns about strength, Sing Core has been independently rates at 660 PSI, many times the 10 to 110 PSI of other lightweight barn door core materials. In fact Sing Core is stronger than steel pound for pound. Why might you need such a strong interior barn door? Because this is the key to creating a high precision barn door that can remain straight and true, no matter what size (even very large interior barn doors made of wood).

That’s what enables interior barn doors with Sing Core inside to be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup or otherwise fail for 50 years, regardless of size or surface materials used in the creation of your interior sliding barn doors.

Warp-free Interior Barn Doors

Only Sing Core can create a door that can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years, including full structure warranty. The door companies who use Sing Core admit that the 50 year guarantee far supersedes even their own warranties.

For instance, contractors, millworks and door companies might normally guarantee their own work for ten years (which is a lot, the normal warranty is generally more like one year). Even so, if the project includes interior barn doors that are large in size, say over seven feet tall, each of these door will be individually excluded from the warranty due to their tendency to warp and move according to the change of weather or barometric pressure.

Thanks to Sing Core, these companies no longer have to exclude these large barn doors from their regular service warranties or guarantees, and the extra 40 years are passed on to the end user for the doors that have Sing Core inside.

Insulated Interior Barn Doors

And extra added benefit of having Sing Core inside your barn style interior doors is inherently due to the construction of the core itself. Patented Sing Core is created by starting with a vertical wood grain torsion box core; only the structure grids are not left vacant. These otherwise hollow areas are filled with rigid recycled foam and sandwiched between two structure skins using formaldehyde-free glue.

The resulting interior barn door panel is insulated for both sound deadening and climate control for better separation between spaces, which comes in really handy between areas where a doorway separates rooms with separate functions. Dividing and further defining adjoining spaces which may carry on events or activities running concurrently, such as separating the kitchen from the dining room, or providing more privacy for dens, bedrooms, game rooms, or bathrooms.

All with the elegant appeal of a unique barn style sliding door specifically made for superior performance inside your home.

Interior barn doors with Sing Core inside aren’t for everyone, only the people who want the best and will not settle for less when it comes to the barn doors inside house.