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Magnetic Whiteboard, Chalkboard, Dry Erase Board

Sing Core helps you bring your dreams to life. Rarely does a day go by when we aren’t helping an architect, artist or designer to build a work of art that would otherwise not be possible due to the limitations of existing building materials.

One of the growing market segments that we are seeing, here at Sing Core, is in the area of magnetic properties.

lightweight-magnetic-wall-panelsMore and more clients are seeking us out to solve their issues with helping them create the ultimate magnetic whiteboard, magnetic chalkboard or magnetic dry erase board.

Other systems (especially if they are large oversized projects) tend to fail either because of high weight or have the tendency to warp over time. Service-free Sing Core can create a magnetic whiteboard, chalkboard or dry erase board that is true flat and will remain flat for 50 years guaranteed.

That means you can have a lightweight magnetic whiteboard that will not warp, bend, twist or cup over the life of your project because Sing Core magnetic white boards can be any size (up to 37 feet in length, so far) and are designed and manufactured to last for centuries.

You can rest assured that your Eco-friendly Sing Core whiteboard, chalkboard or dry erase board is not only a fully sustainable true green magnetic drawing board but is also proudly made in the USA.

Magnetic display units serve a variety of purposes including serving institutional organizations, schools, retail, manufacturing, soft goods, employee hubs, conference centers and trade show displays.

Your Sing Core magnetic white board or portable whiteboard (with or without magnetic properties) is lightweight enough to be carried about or rolled along on wheels.

In the office environment, you may find our magnetic whiteboard, chalkboard or dry erase board in service as a magnetic notice board, magnetic bulletin board or mobile whiteboard.

There is no doubt that we know how to make a magnetic chalkboard of any size that will not warp, bend or twist over time, which means fewer service calls and/or maintenance for our high-end clientele.

Even if you are designing a huge, oversized large dry erase board, Sing Core has the perfect solution at an affordable price.

For retail environments we make the best magnetic POS displays, using our magnetic display panels and magnetic wall board and magnetic display board to match your individual architectural specifications.

Our magnetic wall can span the entire surface area of any wall and can act as a magnetic temporary wall or whiteboard wall or large white board room divider with no wall substrate to support it due to its internal torsion box substructure built into our magnetic panels.

And though we routinely think of magnetic whiteboards as being vertical, we have many clients using our magnetic white boards horizontally as a magnetic whiteboard table, for everything from corporate brainstorming sessions, artistic design and promoting the imaginations of children.

Other applications include our custom magnetic door, stainless steel magnetic board and any type of magnetic displays imaginable.