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Make Your Own High Tech Door Core

SingcoretabletopGuaranteed: Less labor, less material cost to build the best lightweight, high-strength (any type of) door using patented Sing Core technology and you can be licensed to manufacture it yourself.

Inventor Peter Sing would like to talk to your owner/CEO about partnering with your door company to manufacture his patented door core at your facility.

You’ve probably heard about Sing door core’s ability to create super-large doors that are lightweight, high-strength (stronger than steel), true flat and guaranteed to stay flat for 50 years. This is why the most high-end millworks and corporations, like NASA, Boeing and the United States Military branches depend on us out for their large insulated door applications.

We are looking for a door company, like yours, to manufacture the patented door core. This would allow you to manufacture doors using this advanced technology with very little expense. We will teach you everything you need to know and Mr. Sing will guide you through the whole process and help set-up your factory.

If you’re interested, Contact Us