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Portable Modular Cube Structures

Sing Modular Cube Structures are the best and fastest way to build a temporary (or permanent) structure, which can be shipped to the site location entirely flat packed and totally assembled in hours by three unskilled people.

The Only 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee and full structure warranty

The Sing Modular Cube Structure is made with patented Sing Core inside which makes each modular component is very lightweight, high strength and fully insulated for safety, security, sound dampening and climate control. The components are designed to be lightweight (even so, Sing Core is stronger than steel pound for pound) so that they can be handled by staff or volunteers in the field in very little time.

Weatherproof Portable 10×10 Modular Cube Structure 3 Hr Assembly

No heavy equipment or sophisticated tools or skills are required to assemble a Sing Modular Cube Structure.

Temporary Festival or Event Structures

If you are having an outdoor festival, party, wedding or other special event. Your Sing Modular Cube Structure is the perfect solution to create a beautiful, safe and sound covered event space which can easily be transported and assembled for your event.

When your event is over, the Sing Modular Cube Structure disassembles just as easy to be flat-packed and transported to the next location, or to be stored to await the next event.

Weatherproof Modular Structures

Your Sing Modular Cube structure is fully insulated and is made with weatherproof aluminum exteriors for strength and weather resistance and fully insulated. That’s why you can find Sing modular components anywhere from the most remote desert locations to the North Pole.

Temporary Emergency Structures

Rather than spend millions of dollars just to deploy temporary structures to a disaster site for emergency response to supply temporary housing for workers, volunteers and/or victims, why not send a hundred portable Sing Modular Cube Structures to the site, and have unskilled staff and volunteers assemble them in a few hours?

Rugged Aluminum Structures

Sing Modular Cube Structures are rugged aluminum structures with fully insulated structurally reinforced solid substrate cores which render them very strong (660 PSI) long lasting and reusable hundreds of times.

Easily Repairable On Site

In the event of natural disasters and rapidly travelling airborne debris or some other type of assault damages your Sing Modular Cube Structure, it can quickly and easily be repaired on site to its original strength and security within minutes, with very little downtime or loss or protection and/or security.

Original 10×10 Cube Structure

Our original Sing Modular Cube Structure got its name from its effective and convenient 10×10 footprint format which resulted in a 10 foot wide, 10 foot tall, 10 foot deep structure, with a loft inside, providing extra storage and/or bunk/loft bed space, without sacrificing the valuable 10×10 floor space.

Highly Expandable

Due to the modular nature of the portable Sing Modular Structural components, the design of your modular structure is not limited in any way to a single 10×10 cube structure. You can reconfigure the components or add additional custom connectors, bridges or breezeways to suit your specific needs.

Sing Caterpillar Design Technology

You can take full advantage of the caterpillar-style connecting method of using one front structure and simultaneously add as many structures as you like to create a 10×10 structure on site of unlimited depth or length. This makes it easy to create a high quality structure in a few hours that could be over a hundred feet long.

Stackable Sing Cube Structures

Yes, if you were wondering, Sing Modular Cube Structures are stackable, though the assembly time for the second story takes a bit longer, unless it is assembled on the ground and placed atop the base cube structure by crane.

Custom Modular Structure Components

Want to create your own custom modular structure? Sing Core will custom manufacture Sing Modular Structure components to your architectural specification, and can be made of any available flat building material, besides aluminum (standard) such as any wood species, concrete, fiberglass, FRP, glass, HPL, Kevlar, LVL, MDF, etc…

Any steel, such as cold rolled steel, diamond plate steel, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, or stainless steel.

Compared to Airstream travel trailers, Sing Modular Structures have more insulation and are many times stronger.

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InPlant Offices

modular inplant offices

Proudly made in the USA, Sing Inplant Offices are fully insulated lightweight and high strength modular office systems that help streamline plant operations. We work with architects, engineers and oplant managers to achieve the prefab results that you desire.

portable industrial buildings

Your inplant office specifications determine what goes into your modular inplant office panels which are a special composite structure design to achieve the best results while coming within your budget parameters.

Patented Sing Core creates the best prefab metal buildings resulting in reduction of industrial maintenance that can be reconfigured on-the-fly to be expanded or reduced based on our unique modular technology.

Sing prefab steel buildings are a fraction of the cost of solid steel, while delivering the highest precision results for convenient control of portable buildings prices.

Your plant manager will thank us of helping create such an amazing modular inplant office system, that can be conveniently stacked and stored in between uses.
Amazon portable industrial buildings

Assembly of your temporary Sing industrial building is quick, easy and painless if you use our T slot panel and/or cam lock designs.

Plant operations become more effective using sing inplant offices that can be used for anything from a guard shack or powder coating booth – to – prefabricated metal buildings or even a complete prefab warehouse.

T Slot Training Facility

US Navy Training Facility Outfitted with Sing T Slot Panels

Even do-it-yourselfers can get in on the economy inplant office structures made of our economical standard Sing Sandwich panels available from Lowe’s for a convenient and low cost DIY option.

Sing Core Inplant Offices are lightweight, modular, insulated and high strength