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Museum Display Panels and Walls

When you’re looking to showcase the most important artifacts, you need to do so with the high performance of high precision quality components. When you’re planning you next exhibit, you acquire the best craftsmanship to build an outstanding museum display for showcasing your special presentation.

Museum quality requires the highest standard in both appearance and performance. The last thing a curator wants is to have his museum exhibit fail due to warp, bending, twisting and/or delaminating. That’s why they seek out Sing Core products.

Sing Core supplies museums with lightweight, high strength, high performance museum walls and modular museum display components that are easy to install without requiring highly skilled labor, bringing your museum exhibits to life. Most curators have a skilled craftsperson on site for building and maintaining displays, using Sing products makes life for the craftspeople so much better using lightweight (10% the weight of solid wood, LVL or MDF), high strength (660+ PSI, stronger that steel pound for pound) materials that can be reused over and over again.

The modular components of the Sing museum system can feature an interlocking system with our cam lock technology that makes assembling your next special feature almost as easy as building with Legos. No special tools or equipment necessary to assemble these perfectly straight museum walls, except for an Allen wrench, with unskilled labor.

Our new patented museum wall design and system is lighter in weight and higher in strength with superior precision and performance compared to offshore museum systems.

Museums and art galleries are always looking for a better gallery wall. Whether the gallery wall in question is a semi-permanent structured wall or one of many temporary walls and/or wall partitions used as moveable walls throughout the museum or art gallery Sing modular wall panels will help you to build the best exhibition wall manufactured in the USA. Plus, we stand behind each museum wall with service and support.

The high precision (+/- .007 in.), lightweight, high strength, insulated temporary wall panels, can easily be retrofitted for use as movable walls on wheels, making them easy to maneuver around your museum or art gallery as temporary exhibition walls, no matter what your wall display design. Now, you can have the movable gallery walls with high performance that exceeds your expectations, even in a side by side comparison to foreign temporary wall solutions.

Made in the USA

All Sing Core museum panels and cam lock hardware are made in the USA. Keep America green with Eco-friendly Sing Core museum displays and support the local economy in the United States by keeping jobs at home.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest in Washington State, we offer sales and support to maximize your exhibition wall project while supplying museums and art galleries with the demountable walls that exceed the expectations of curators and we offer the only temporary wall systems with the extreme high performance in both design and display backed by our 50 year guarantee.

Sing Core is building relationships with curators across the nation, and for the staff that deal with us, they know how we support our clients and stand behind each and every Sing product to make sure we have the highest relationship with our museum curators. This is good Guanxi.

50 Year Guarantee

Made in America Sing museum walls, interlocking museum panels and components can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years, including full structure warranty.

Free Repair

In the event that your Sing museum panels get damaged to no fault of yours, we offer free repair for your professional Sing museum wall system components for the full 50 years.