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New Large Stile and Rail Pivot Doors and Sliding Doors

Stile and rail doors are among the most popular doors in the world. Sing Core’s patented and patent-pending technology is the best way to create a beautiful stile and rail door that will last a lifetime. There are four ways to create a stile and rail door with Sing Core technologies:

1.Sing Core’s new patent-pending stile and rail technology are the only way to build an oversized stile and rail door that will last a lifetime with a warranty to match. This method is an affordable option to our high-end panel doors.

2. The doors can be crafted from Sing Core panels with molding overlays to create the stile and rail appearance. Sing Core’s cutting edge technologies allow door manufacturers to build high precision doors of any size using only our panels. Our stiles and rails provide the most strength possible to support any size light opening.

Long known for our problem-solving and attention-grabbing Sing Panel doors (doors with Sing Core inside), we introduce you to our new patent-pending Large Stile and Rail Pivot Doors and Sliding Doors. Never before has there been such a high precision or stronger wood-based door core to expand the horizon of possibilities in the stile and rail door industry.

Sing Core Introduces New Highest Precision Stile and Rail

Born out of technology requested for a very important large stile and rail door job with large glass cutout with thin wood surface frame and demanding warp-free flawless precision led to inventor Peter Sing’s latest patent-pending technology.

Thanks to this latest challenge, Sing Core can now offer the guaranteed straightest wood-based stile and rails for any kind of stile and rail or French door in any size imaginable.

New Large Glass Cutout Tech

Before now, large, glazed stile and rail and French doors with huge light openings might have been problematic for framing with anything besides aluminum or steel.

Stronger Than Aluminum Frame

Now you can have the beauty of wood, real wood to hold and support big and heavy glass without fear of failure at frame joints nor the challenge of warping while in service.

Large Stile and Rail No Problem

Have you ever dreamed about having a huge stile and rail door? Well, you don’t have to be worried about size, because we can now make fail-free interior or exterior framed doors in any size from 10 ft. up to 40 ft. wide or tall.

Sing Core’s cutting edge technologies allow door manufacturers to build high precision doors of any size with confidence.


Have you ever heard about stile and rail pivot door?

There is no doubt, pivot doors, especially large pivot doors are hot. You can now have them in the look of any style of door, and you guessed it, stile and rail pivot doors are now increasing in popularity thanks to Sing’s patented and patent-pending technologies.

Traditional stile and rail designs have a high tendency to fail or warp, but not with Sing Core inside.

Stile and rail pivot doors add a sophisticated touch to any high-end home.


What’s the problem with custom stile and rail doors?

  1. It can take a long time to get one
  2. There are many limitations
  3. High cost of shipping and handling
  4. It may warp over time
  5. So expensive

Let Sing Core Solve those Problems

  1. Get it fast – In a week or less
  2. Have it any way you want it
  3. Less expensive to ship and handle
  4. Guaranteed warp-free for 50 years
  5. Less expensive (especially in quantities)

Wooden Large Patio Doors

Large patio doors are often made of aluminum or vinyl out of necessity due to being exposed to the weather. Not a problem for Sing Core fail-free large patio door substrates and stile and rail frames. Whatever you need, you can find it at Sing Core, the large wood patio door experts.

Superior Rigidity

Sing Core technologies are rigid, the most rigid and dimensionally stable door core and warp-free technology.

Wide Frame or Narrow Frame

You now can have a wood stile and rail or French door with any look you like, from the classic wide wood frame (five to seven inches), or architecturally inspired thin frame (three inches) made of wood and stronger than steel. Strong enough to hold all that heavy glass.

And those slim looking stile and rails with Sing Core inside? They still function better than any other wood-based door tech. This our niche.

Our new patented Stile and Rail technology creates extremely strong doors that are the most warp resistant doors on the market. With our new technology, you can create beautiful stile and rail doors of any size with confidence. This is a much more affordable option to our high-end panel doors.

The picture above is a door that began as one of our famous true flat Sing Core door blank. They then overlaid trim, or molding, to create the appearance of a stile and rail door. As you can see, this door has been exposed to full weathering 100% of the time and shows no signs of warpage or failure. Our panel doors are used in the most high-end houses in the US.

The doors above are crafted with our true flat panels to have a similar appearance to stile and rail doors but have immense strength for any size door and/or any size light opening. On the left is a pair of 16 ft. tall French doors with multiple light openings, on the right is a 14 ft. tall door with a massive light opening.

The doors pictured above consist of our new stile and rail technology to support the light opening and our Sing panel for the other half of the door. The new stile and rail technology allows us to make our frames thinner than ever without sacrificing any strength.


 The Choice is Yours

However you want to do it, either with our patented hybrid panel or stile and rail. You can have it the way you want it and sleep soundly tonight because you have the newest and best product by Sing Panel. Choose from a hybrid Sing Panel, fail-free stile and rail, or just stand alone by stile and rail to be the strongest, straight stile and rail in the world. Guaranteed.