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High Performance Honeycomb Core

lightweight panel honeycomb high strength torsion box coreSing Core is proud to announce the release of its commercially standard Eco-friendly honeycomb core material for industrial use across the board for all applications.

Well-known to outperform any other known honeycomb core or composite honeycomb material, Sing Core has been rated at 660+ PSI and has the highest tolerances for high precision integrity over the surface of the material.

That is why our most high end clients, including the scientific community, aerospace industry, nautical industry, industrial, space and military agencies rely on Sing Core for the most high precision and high performance core material available.

Some of our most highly esteemed clients confirm that Sing Core outperforms the following types of honeycomb core materials, including (but not limited to:

Nomex honeycomb Aluminum honeycomb Paper honeycomb
Plastic honeycomb Cardboard Honeycomb Polypropylene honeycomb
Polycarbonate honeycomb Kevlar honeycomb Stainless steel honeycomb
Thermoplastic honeycomb CFRP honeycomb ABS honeycomb
Paperboard honeycomb FRP honeycomb Aircraft honeycomb
Aircraft honeycomb PVC honeycomb Aerospace honeycomb

In side-by-side comparisons, patented Sing Core outperforms all other honeycomb core materials in terms of an Eco-friendly high performance material that is insulated, stronger and lighter weight. The added insulation provides both R-value ratings and sound deadening that are not available in other honeycomb cores.

Curious enough, the most popular honeycomb cores are highly toxic and use manufacturing methods that are harmful to our planet, while Sing Core is manufactured in the USA using non-toxic methods, reasonable manual labor, natural wood fibers and recycled rigid foam to produce its made-in-America earth friendly honeycomb core.

Until now, made in the USA Sing Core has only been available to high-end users as custom panels used as substrate in the finest large doors, walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, furniture and more…

Due to our current expansion and new, more advanced manufacturing methods, we have started a production line especially to cater to our clients who have been asking for bulk Sing honeycomb core material to stock and use for substrate for all their products.

Our answer to this call has resulted in the availability of Sing Sandwich Core that is available at our lowest price per square foot to meet the demands of our best wholesale clients.

There’s more…

You don’t have to be a wholesale account or buy Sing Sandwich Core by the truckload to take advantage of this special core material. Our retail fans can get Sing Sandwich Core at our best price to them, by ordering directly via their local Lowe’s Pro Desk.

Now you can join the revolution of the best new building material innovation to enter the marketplace in the last decade. Sing core is the Eco-friendly solution that is insulated, lightweight with the high precision and performance of all honeycomb cores.