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Professional Standard Door Blanks

Standard Sing non warp door blank modify for any type style of door

Sing non-warp door blanks start out flat – modify for any type style of door

Sing Core has a long history of solving the most challenging obstacles in thermally insulated doors made of any flat material that can be guaranteed true flat and stay flat for 50 years. Our doors are highly unique one-of-a-kind solutions that are used in the most exclusive structures around the world. See also: Wide Doors for Hinge or Pivot Door Hardware

That is, until now. There has been an sharp increase in the demand for standard-size professional Sing door blanks that could be used in more traditional residential applications at a price that is in-line with other quality doors that are commercially available to the public but do not have all the characteristics that are unique to Sing doors.

Introducing Standard-size Professional Sing Doors

Sing Core is raising the standard of all doors by offering Sing standard-size doors that are available from building supply centers and any other professional outlets, door companies or lumber supplies. For virtually unlimited door options, see even More Doors.

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Sing Doors May Look Like Other Doors

True raised panel door lightweight high strength doors any style pro build first choice

ProBuild true raised panel door example

Even though Sing professional door blanks may look like other doors (because you can duplicate the look and feel of any door style) looks are only skin deep. The real difference between Sing professional door blanks and any other commercially available door blank lies deep beneath the skin in the heart of the door itself. The core value of Sing professional door core imbues the door with a set of unique characteristics that cannot be found in any other type of door core.


Flush Door

Our standard sized professional door blanks include non-warping door core perfectly suited for the door of your choice. Interested in finding out more? Click here

High Precision

Only Sing Core is the highest precision door core material with the structural integrity so as not to warp, bend twist or otherwise fail. Your doors can have the highest tolerance and be guaranteed to maintain a flawless seal and latch every time.


For instance only Eco-friendly insulated Sing door blanks are lightweight, high-strength, sound deadening and can feature any exterior material surface or look and appearance. Sing doors are the only doors that use a high-precision core (within .006 inch) that can be guaranteed to be true flat and stay flat, not to warp, rot, bend, twist or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Standard Door Sizes

Any of your choice of the following standard door sizes and thickness:

  • Any type or style of door pro build first choice lightweight high strength doors

    Dallas/Ft. Worth ProBuild Sing Door samples

    80″ x 36″ x 1.75″

  • 80″ x 34″ x 1.75″
  • 80″ x 32″ x 1.75″
  • 80″ x 36″ x 2.25″
  • 80″ x 34″ x 2.25″
  • 80″ x 32″ x 2.25″

(For other door styles and sizes, click here.)

Standard Door Materials

All three standard door styles and sizes (above) are available in marine grade plywood to better suit your application(s).

Standard professional door blanks feature an exterior surface of:

  • 1/4″ Marine grade plywood

Exteriors are paint grade.

Pre-hung Standard Doors

Retail Prices:

Flush Door: $560.00

One Price Fits All

Sing Standard Professional Door Blanks are all the same price. Choose from birch or marine grade plywood; all the same price. Also select your choice of standard 1.75″ thick door or Euro-style 2.25″ thick door (for even more strength and insulation) at no extra cost.

Sing sandwich any type or style of door cut out add molding pro build first choice

Sing Sandwich with aluminum lite cutouts for ProBuild

Enjoy getting the lowest prices on the best exterior door blanks available by participating in our special get acquainted offer. You can have our non-warping door blanks and have the same Eco-friendly high quality doors that out-perform any other insulated exterior doors in terms of lightweight and high strength.


Where to get standard-size Sing door blanks: From your local building supply centers,  professional outlets, door companies or lumber supplies, sellers of exterior front doors or any of your favorite front door manufacturers.

Custom Standard Doors

Lightweight high srength doors any type style of doors pro builders first choice

Dallas/Ft.Worth ProBuild Sing Door with Window Cut Outs

For an additional charge, Sing standard door blanks can be customized to meet your specifications. As a custom order, you may specify any door type, light cut out / window openings, dimensions, characteristics, composites or door surface material.

Custom Sing door blanks are available in any size – even large oversized doors – and professional Sing doors can be true flat and guaranteed to remain true flat, not to warp, bend, twist, cup or otherwise fail for 50 years.

For pricing on Sing custom doors, see: Pricing for more information.