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Sliding Doors Seattle

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you may have the occasion to search for sliding doors Seattle. You could be looking for anything from an interior sliding door to huge exterior commercial sliding doors which could be over 40 ft. tall and/or 40 ft. wide (or even larger sliding doors). If you are looking for the most high-precision and high-performance door in Washington State, chances are, you will come across Sing Core dot com.

Sing Core dot com represents the next level of sliding doors in the greater Seattle-area which are lighter in weight yet stronger than steel pound for pound. Sing Core is the back-end support for the sliding door company of your choice for large sliding doors which can be guaranteed to remain warp-free for 50 years. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors.

That’s a tall order to fill, especially if you’re talking about a large sliding door which is exposed to the elements in the moisture-rich Pacific Northwest. This new generation of modern contemporary interior sliding doors are being hailed as the best sliding doors in Seattle, Washington, due to their Eco-friendly hybrid composite technology resulting in a truly sustainable sliding door which is built to last for centuries without fail and guaranteed for 50 years.

Seattle patio door replacement experts partner with Sing Core to provide you with the most comprehensive solution for Seattle replacement doors for your home, apartment, or business.

Your replacement doors can be superior enough to never need another Seattle, Washington door repair service because if your sliding door was built in concert with Sing Core, it is a unique solution to the problems which owners of sliding doors face in the geographic locations of Western Washington which are often plagued by heavy rains and changes in weather conditions.

Contemporary modern sliding patio door is an excellent match for the features and benefits which are enjoyed by the owners of multimillion-dollar homes throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as the rest of the United States and the rest of the world, for that matter.

You may never need worry about doors replacement, or the constant maintenance of commercial and industrial door repair services burdening your bottom line.

While Sing Core is a replacement door company offering sliding entry doors and entry door replacements, “We do not make doors,” says owner/inventor, Peter Sing. Sing’s company provides a unique service to manufacturers of custom architectural wood windows and doors in the greater Seattle area.

Sing’s invention (Sing Core) is a combination of his patented insulated reinforced vertical grain torsion box core combines with other patent-pending anti-warp technology to provide a base door blank to the millworks and custom door manufacturers which is fully insulated, a fraction of the weight of other solid wood-based door cores, yet is so strong that the inventor can stand on this one-inch thick panel with a clear span between two saw horses with little deflection. This is just one example of how strong Sing’s door core is.

Note that Sing’s core was independently tested at the University of Washington whose results rated his invention at 660+ PSI. Compared to other lightweight cores used in the aerospace industry, which are rated at 10 to 110 PSI, the possibilities are hard to comprehend.

This has had a huge impact in the sliding door replacement and patio door replacement needs of the Seattle area, because if you possess one of the best home doors, commercial doors, home replacement sliding doors, patio doors, replacement doors, and commercial sliders with Sing Core inside, you may never need sliding door replacement or repair services again.

So, if you’re in the greater Seattle area, and are looking for high quality replacement doors, whether they are standard sliding doors or large industrial automatic sliding doors, then you just might to have Sing’s core inside your door.

How to Get Sing Core in Seattle

Getting Sing Core inside your door is as easy as contacting your favorite custom and/or replacement window & door manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest and tell them you what kind of door you want, the size of the door (the width of each door slab you want, the width, and the thickness), and what you want the door to be made of (referred to as the “door skin”), and be sure to say you want, “Sing Core inside.”

This is how you can get the best replacement sliding doors and patio doors in Seattle.

You can have any kind of high quality, innovative bifold, accordion, multi slide, French patio doors, swing and sliding doors which are guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years guaranteed by owner/inventor Peter Sing.

Including commercial sliding doors, power sliding doors, and Seattle garage doors, too.