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Sliding Patio Doors

Sing Core has long been the secret weapon of high end manufacturers or high end sliding patio doors used in mansions, exclusive high rise condos, and the most exquisite multimillion dollar estates in New York, around the United States and the world.

The Only 50 Year Warp-free Guarantee and full structure warranty

As ornate and beautiful as sliding patio doors can be, then can present problems over time, or from season to season, simply based on the changes in climate, especially if they have a certain degree of wood, which most high end clientele seem to like to adorn their sliding patio doors with. The result is a patio door that is similar in appearance to a wooden French door with a large window lite glass opening.

If the opening to the patio is large (which is usually the case for more high end homes) the bigger the door and the thicker the glass. This creates a very heavy door which can present challenges for both the structure and the associated hardware to accommodate such large sliding patio doors.

Sliding door hardware can be expensive, and since we are most likely talking about large and heavy sliding patio doors, they will require heavy duty sliding door hardware, which can be very expensive, often times more expensive than the sliding patio door itself.

To exasperate things even more, unlike interior sliding doors, sliding patio doors are exterior sliding doors. That means on side of the door faces the structure’s interior while the other side faces the elements, which could be quite a contrast on either side of the door. This could potentially cause the sliding patio doors to fail due to warping as it attempts to acclimate to its environment(s). If the sliding door adjusts itself too much, the result may be a sliding patio door that does not seal correctly, or becomes inoperable due to movement.

Other framing treatments may be applied to the sliding patio doors, especially in extreme weather variation locations, like fiberglass sliding patio doors or even aluminum sliding patio doors, in an effort to reduce the inevitable door failure either seasonally or over time.

Enter Sing sliding patio doors. While we do not build sliding patio doors, our sliding patio door blanks are used by the most prestigious door companies, millworks and custom door manufacturers. Using our patented lightweight high strength sliding patio door core, these highly skilled high end providers of the most impressive large sliding patio doors are able to deliver outstanding, nearly maintenance-free large sliding patio doors. These unique one-of-a-kind creations can be guaranteed not to fail due to warping, bending, twisting, or otherwise failing for a full 50 years, guaranteed, including full structure warranty. Even in extreme weather conditions.

Thanks to Sing Core, the best sliding patio doors can feature framing, even large wood framing of a moderate glass lite opening, or even be clad in solid wood, without fear of warp or structure failure.

Plus sliding patio doors with Sing Core inside weigh a fraction of the weight of other heavyweight solid core sliding patio doors. Sliding patio doors which are much lighter in weight reduces the need for heavy duty sliding door hardware, reducing the overall cost of the sliding patio door project altogether.

Other costs are also reduced due to the lighter weight Sing solution, including less handling and shipping cost, carbon footprint, transport, installation, and maintenance costs out of the gate, as well as over time. If your sliding patio door has Sing Core inside, you not only have the best door, but you have made a sound investment in a sustainable sliding patio door which will last the test of time.

You can have the only sliding patio door with a full

50 Year Warp-free Guarantee

No other company can do what patented Sing Core can do.