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Sliding Room Dividers

Want to have complete control over a large space, in your home, conference center, hotel, museum or art gallery? One of the best ways to accomplish controlling your large space is by using sliding room dividers to divide and conquer your space. What’s more, if your sliding room dividers are insulated for sound deadening between spaces all the better. Sing Core makes the best sliding room dividers that are Eco-friendly, lightweight (10% the weight of wood), high strength (660 PSI, stronger than steel pound for pound) and fully insulated for sound dampening and climate control between spaces.


When architects are designing a space with the inclusion of sliding room dividers, they want to be certain to imbue the sliding wall with the characteristics necessary to deliver the results the client wants. While the style, format and layout of sliding partition walls vary across the board, the key characteristics of a sliding room divider are functionality and performance. If the job is a very high end job, the client also seeks to find high precision and maintenance-free longevity, as well as insulated sliding wall divider.

You have the flexibility and control to create a massive sliding wall or a consecutive series of sliding room divider doors, sliding barn doorslarge sliding doors, even a full line of folding sliding doors, for easy opening and closing, either as a single man door for access between the adjoining areas, of slide all the sliding partition doors aside to completely open the area altogether. You will find Sing sliding wall partitions used not only as sliding room dividers, but also as art gallery walls and museum exhibit walls, like in the Museum of Science and Industry design.

Imagine being able to ship your sliding room dividers to any location at a fraction of the cost. How? Since Sing Core sliding wall components weight a fraction of the weight of other sliding doors room dividers, you can ship wooden room dividers at a fraction of the cost by reducing the weight by 90%. The lighter weight sliding room dividers makes them easier to work with on site and allows you to use lighter weight hardware, which reduces the cost immensely (sometime due to the weight of sliding door room divider the hardware can cost many times the cost of the sliding partition doors themselves).

You want your sliding room dividers to operate with ease without being a threat of potential injury. Other types of sliding room dividers can have painful consequences. Not only are they lightweight, but your Sing sliding room divider is no slouch when it comes to being every strong. The inventor says you can kick through any other sliding door dividers, but if you kick a Sing sliding wall divider you will break your leg.

Folding sliding doors , also referred to as accordion style room dividers, add an entirely new charm to the idea of sliding room dividers in that they are easy to operate and stack conveniently to either or both sides of the space being separated. Sing Sliding folding doors are the perfect match for your sliding stacker doors and can feature any flat surface material including any available natural wood species, aluminum, ceramic tile, cold rolled steel, copper, fiberglass, FRP, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, Kevlar, LVL, MDF, stainless steel or veneer, just to name a few.

Sing sliding door dividers are pre-insulated with insulation packed throughout to imbue your sliding door partition with added sound deadening characteristics which greatly enhances the overall performance of your Sing sliding dividers. Now you can enjoy both sound dampening and effective control of heat or cold on either side of your sliding partitions.

So, if you’re looking for the best sliding room divider doors for your museums, mansions, high rise condos, especially if you’re looking to incorporate large sliding doors room dividers (up to 50 ft. tall) then Sing sliding room dividers are going to be the best bet for you and your clientele.

Hot Rolled Steel Large Sliding Room Dividers