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Wooden Doors

The most popular application for wooden doors is accentuated by their prevalence as interior doors. There are a number of reasons why it is common for wood doors to be used as interior doors, the number one reason is that as exterior doors, wood front doors are less stable due to the nature of wood grain to move resulting in warped doors. But not anymore, thanks to warp-free wooden doors by Sing Core.

The two biggest problems with big wooden doors are the (1) heavy weight and (2) tendency of wood to move due to changes in the environment leading to warped doors. Inventor Peter Sing has introduced to and made available his patented and patent-pending warp-free technologies to all industries. The industry which his technological breakthroughs have had the most impact is on the door and window industry.

Known the world over for his contribution to his warp-free wood and the strongest metal in the world which are both lightweight and Eco-friendly, the biggest and best door companies, millworks, and high end custom wooden door manufacturers are seeking out Sing’s emerging lightweight high strength core solutions to enable them to build doors that were either impractical or impossible to build without inviting a host of complications and problems over time.

Door engineers and contractors who would pass on even considering building large wooden doors would pass on that part of the project due to the exposure of not being able to offer a warranty on a large wooden door that would warp not long after installation.

Sing’s core helps empower purveyors of doors to boldly and confidently embrace the idea of providing large wood doors which Sing backs up with his

50-Year Warp-free Wooden Door Guarantee

This is not a misprint or typographical error. Peter Sing personally guarantees each large oversized wooden door that he helps his clients to build to remain warp-free for 50 years. That is to say that if your door has Sing Core inside, it will not warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail (including lamination) for a full 50 years.

This is a guarantee which is unheard of amidst the door industry, as most wooden doors are not covered by any guarantee, and for those that are, the standard is 1 year and could include a limited warranty of up to 10 years. There is only one way to build a lightweight large wooden door that will not warp, and to do so you must have Sing Core inside.

How to Build Warp-free Wooden Doors

The secret behind Sing’s ability to build a warp-free door is not as easy as it sounds, as he has a team of warp-free wooden door engineers who he refers to as his True Flat Team which reviews every door, its size and active components such as hardware and surface material, as well as its location within the project or structure, and on the planet earth. The True Flat Team helps to design the perfect substructure to keep the door from warping, so every wooden door is a one-off individual work of art.

1. Hybrid Solid Core

Basically, Sing’s patented hybrid solid core includes a torsion box grid, where the grid size is relatively small, two to three inches, which is constructed of vertical grain wood fiber (many times stronger than standard horizontal grain). Each void of the torsion box is filled with a rigid (recycled) foam insert, and this reinforced grid structure is cold-pressed between two stress skins using formaldehyde-free adhesive. This is Sing’s base material, which is the basis of the core used within his strongest metal in the world.

2. Anti-wood-warp Technologies

Depending on the size of the wooden door, the wood species (and its thickness) hosted on the wood door’s exterior, the application, hardware, and location of the door, additional anti-warp and strengthening material may need to be added to the warp-free substrate to compensate for the additional concerns and challenges. Note that types of door hardware, such as side hinge, pivot hinge, or sliding door hardware, all have different inner configurations, specially designed for each application.

3. Solid Wood Doors

For that “looks like solid wood” effect for which Sing is renowned, solid wood edges matching the natural wood grain featured as the door’s surface material are added to give the appearance of solid wood doors when finished. You can see why doors built with the solid wood edges are featured at the top of the World Trade Center.

4. Apply Surface Natural Wood Grain Material

Sing’s factory has a unique expertise in the area of applying different surface materials to his warp-free substrate though since he supplies his patented products to door companies and millworks, more than half of them ship without door skins, and these are applied at the door company’s factory or in the millwork’s shop. Some will feature solid wood stave planks, others will host various wood veneers.

As is the rule, Sing’s factory does not finish the doors, apply hardware, or pre-hang the doors. This is all done by the companies that make Sing’s door look so magnificent in the field.

What to Expect from Sing’s Wooden Doors

When your wooden door with Sing Core inside is completed and installed you can expect to enjoy all the benefits of owning such a door.

1. Eco-friendly 2. Increased sustainability
3. lightweight 4. High strength
5. Dimensional stability 6. Warp-free technology
7. Sound dampening 8. Increased climate control
9. Save on maintenance cost 10. 50-year no-fail guarantee

You will agree, just as all the other door companies now know,

“There’s no other way to do it.”

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