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Spec Homes

It is common for self/home contractors of spec home projects to contact Sing Core for Eco-friendly insulated building materials that are lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound.

You might be surprised that many spec homes have been built completely out of Sing Core materials, everything from the foundation to the roof and everything in-between including the doors and interior furnishings. All built to last for centuries.

You might think of Sing building materials as panels (which is understandable because our true flat panels are most popular around the USA and the world) that are used mostly as doors, floors, walls and roof panels.

Avid true green spec home builders and Sing supporters use a combination of Sing Panels and Post and Beam for every conceivable portion of the home build and even the furniture inside the home.

Spec Home Builders Partner with Sing Core

If you are a qualified Spec Home Builder, Sing Core has the expertise to assist you utilizing this patented Eco-friendly building material that will last for centuries in many – if not all – components of your spec home.

Qualified Spec Home Builders deal manufacturer direct, eliminating the middlemen, so that you can have complete control of your design build spec home and do it yourself.

Insulated Wood Floors

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Wood Interior Walls

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Insulated Doors of Any Kind

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Insulated Garage Doors

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Insulated Wood Roofing Material

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Sing Beams Stronger than Steel

See Sing Post and Beam

Insulated Sound-deadening Ceilings

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Exterior Insulated Wood Walls

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Exterior Insulated Walls with Window Cut Outs

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Don’t forget the furniture

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Eco-friendly Sing Core Spec Homes

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