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Cellar Door Access Panels Roof Hatch Doors for Sale

Sorm Doors at Lowes Home ImprovementWhether you’re looking for replacement doors for your cellar door, access panels or roof hatches, you will find that Sing Products build the best insulated doors that are lightweight, high strength, high precision and Eco-friendly.

Materials commonly used when replacing a door of these types of doors include corrugated steel, stainless steel laminate and other metal doors; some may have door kick plates (though these are not necessary because if you kick a Sing door, you will break your leg before you break the door).

Cellar Door

Bilco Lowes Cellar DoorWhether you are replacing an interior or exterior cellar door, an insulated Sing cellar door and/or basement entry doors for basement egress will remain high precision throughout the life of your cellar and can be guaranteed true flat for 50 years.

By far the best material to use in exterior cellar door applications, Sing products are extreme weatherproof, lightweight and high strength while offering increased safety and security.

Sing cellar doors are also used as storm shelter due to their rugged construction and impervious long life guarantee.

Access Panels

lowes access panelAccess panels can be located almost anywhere as an egress point for two adjoining spaces. Access can be vertical, just like any ordinary standard door built into a wall offering access from one room to another, or can be horizontal offering access from spaces that are either above (in the ceiling) or below (in the floor) the access panel’s installation location.

You will find Sing access panels used as bulkhead doors, if you desire the best access panel solutions for your bulkhead door.

Access panels are usually constructed of steel, stainless steel (can be powder coated), diamond plated steel, aluminum, fiberglass FRP or solid wood depending on the architectural specifications and design of the space.

Roof Hatch

VELUX Venting Skylight roof hatch lowesA roof hatch is basically an access panel positioned overhead in the ceiling to gain access to the roof of a building or structure. Due to exposure to the elements and possible extreme weather, Sing products supply an insulated material that is both waterproof and sound deadening.

Roof hatches do not always access the building’s exterior and offer access to the attic; actually an access hatch can be installed between any two spaces offering access above or below. An attic hatch will have a design and construction that could vary from the exterior roof hatch.

Wine Cellar Doors

ReliaBilt Wine Cellar Door at LowesSome of the most exquisite and renowned wineries in the United States specify Sing Core for the architectural design of their wine rooms as both wine room doors and walls.

You will also find Sing products installed in wine cellars in some of the most high-end homes as wind cellar doors, construction of wine room design; so it’s not just for use as wine doors.

Home Security Doors

Insulated Sing home security doors can host a surface material that looks ornate and beautiful as any standard wood door but can actually be a steel plate door or if you desire the exterior surface material could be more obvious, such as a diamond plate door.