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Sing Sandwich Panel Surplus

For current surplus items, visit our  Sing Core Outlet online at:

Sing Sandwich PanelYou will be surprised by the insulated Eco-friendly, light weight, super-strength Sing Sandwich panel.

Standard sizes, thicknesses, faces and quantities are limited to those listed. For other dimensions and/or options please complete our online price quote for a price.

Standard Sing Sandwich Panel Details:

  • Dimension: 4 ft x 8 ft
  • Thickness (your choice): 1 inch, 1.52 inch
  • Standard plywood or HPL surface*
  • 3×3″ torsion box structural grids

* = subject to availability/stock on-hand


Sing Sandwich Closeout Sale subject to availability

Visit Sing Core Outlet online at:

You Can Create Anything in Any Size with Sing Sandwich Panels is Easy as A, B, C

A. Add your own skin

Using Sing Sandwich as substrate you can cold-press nearly any flat exterior surface material to achieve your specifications in both appearance and performance while maintaining high strength and lightweight characteristics.

B. Band the edges

The Sing Sandwich has open edges so that the Sing Core material and wood torsion box material is exposed to the naked eye. Simple edge-banding is easy and hides the exposed patented core and take on the appearance of solid wood (or material of choice).

C. Combine for any size

Instead of ordering expensive large sandwich panels, you can combine several standard-sized (4×8) Sing Sandwich Panels, joining them yourself to create any size desired and saving you the added expense of custom manufactured oversized panels.

D. Designs come to life

With the increased versatility of Sing Sandwich panel’s ability to take on any characteristics that you desire, by simply covering, edge-banding and assembling to make any size required, you have unlimited options to truly create anything you want.

create-anything-any-size-lightweight-high-strength-inexpensive-sing-sandwich-panels1. What is a Sing Sandwich Panel?A Sing Sandwich panel consists of patented Sing Core sandwiched between two exterior sheets of flat building material resulting in the strongest lightweight low-cost panel in the world. Sing Sandwich panels are so versatile, they have hundreds of applications.  For more information on the Sing Sandwich, Click Here or See Photos of examples of what people are doing with Sing Sandwich Panels.2. Sing Sandwich Panel ApplicationsThe 1.52 inch thick Sing Sandwich is our most popular door core material; after adding 1/8 inch skins, you have the perfect door thickness. You could use these patented sandwich panels to build your own engineered lumber in your shop, or

3. Why Build with Sing Sandwich Panels?There are so many things that you can create with Sing Sandwich panels, knowing that by doing so, your end product will be manufactured with a True Green Eco-friendly material that is lightweight, stronger than steel pound for pound with built-in insulation. Here at Sing Core, we make the world’s best Eco-friendly oversize doors that are lightweight, stronger than any other comparable material, and are true flat. No one else could accomplish this feat if not for the Sing Core composite secret ingredient.

High-end formaldehyde-free adhesion

Sing Sandwich panels are constructed using the most responsible use of natural wood from nature and expensive structural urethane glue that is formaldehyde-free and water resistant. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAOther applications such as: insulated flooring, moveable partition walls, loft floors, table top substrate, counter top substrate and so much more.  Our most versatile, revolutionary building material is the Sing 2×12.Click here to see the many different applications of Sing Core.4. How to Build with Sing Sandwich Panels

Create Hardwood Lumber On Demand

By having a quantity of Sing Sandwich panels on hand, you can create your own hardwood lumber, posts and beams, furniture parts, metal composite building materials at your location, when you want it, as you need it! Having a Sing Sandwich panel inventory is the secret weapon in exclusive high-end millworks.

Create any size panel you want

Due to its extreme versatility, Sing Sandwich panels can be ripped and cut just like any other plywood-type building material. Cut into strips and glue together to make your own posts and beams, then finish them in any exterior material that meets the specifications of your project.

Sing Sandwich Substrate

One of the most popular uses of the patented Sing Sandwich panel is as substrate material. The most popular use is as door core but is also popular as substrate for countertops, table tops, flooring, walls, ceilings and in a wide variety of office and home furniture.

Applying Exterior Surface MaterialApplying exterior surface materials to the Sing Sandwich is simple and easy. Most any laminated building material can be adhered to your Sing Sandwich by cold-pressing with standard wood/carpenter glue or contact cement. Certain contact cements are best when adhering plastics or vinyl materials to your Sing Sandwich facings; and peel-and-stick vinyl coverings are gaining in popularity making it easy to change appearance of your Sing Sandwich panels instantaneously.

Joining Sign Sandwich PanelsJoining Sing Sandwich panels is much less complicated that you might think. Imagine being able to build a structure without the need of any lumber-frame. We have people building entire homes without being framed, by simply joining Sing Sandwich panels that are pre-insulated with built-in structure torsion box frame making these lightweight panels stronger than steel pound for pound.

How Do People Join the Sing Sandwich?

Unlike other 4×8 sheets of building materials, like plywood, particle board or other common substrate materials; the Sing Sandwich is straight due to it’s patented internal structure design, and therefore easily joined with out additional framing materials. Some people do join using an H channel system, though most simply urethane-glue the straight panels together. After the glue has dried, any excess glue is removed by sanding; then finish just like you would any other wood-based building material. Urethane glue provides a better more solid, ling-lasting and weatherproof connecting result than nails or screws used in conventional building methods. Now you can have the convenience of Sing Sandwich panels – that are superior when compared to other materials – in stock at your location at huge savings due to this one-time offer without using promo codes. See Sing Sandwich Photo Gallery to see other varieties of options available and can be made to your specifications.DSC_0723

Want large panels?

Certainly, when we build large panels, we can certify and guarantee them as true flat, using our seamless technology. But, you can manufacture your own oversized panels by patching as many Sing Sandwich panels as you need to achieve the desired dimensions of your project at your location.

Want an even better deal?

Special truckload price inquiries will also receive an extra discount for quantity. Contact us to take advantage of our special-priced outlet offer.Almost any DIY person can build a 8 x 16 Tiny House in their back yard w/22 pieces of Sing Sandwich Panels (see the strength of this 1.15 inch thick Sing Sandwich shown in photo).Shipping times may vary. This special price is based on cumulative bulk order(s) i.e., your order will be combined with other orders and shipped following production run.

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