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Seattle Center for Architecture & Design

Seattle architects are renowned for their commitment to green building, energy efficiency and innovation. In the next few days, the new Center for Architecture & Design in Seattle will be featuring the newest revolution in green building products in their facility further promoting environmental awareness throughout the Pacific Northwest and the world.

Center for Architecture and Design Seattle Under Construction

Patented Sing Core® is delivering 4 large pivot doors, all the office furniture, furnishing the lounge and lunchroom which covers most of the space in the design center.

Center for architecture design seattle adding large pivot doors 1234

Example: Sing Core is providing a door panel for a large pivot door measuring 12 ft. x 10 ft. x 3.5 inches thick that weighs a mere 500 lbs. plus the added benefits that come along with using the most Eco-friendly non-warping material ever invented.

Large extreme edge pivot swing doors with man door Center for Architecture Design Seattle singcore

4 men installed these large pivot doors in less than 2 hours


Large modern pivot doors with man door lightweight high strength Seattle center Large extreme edge pivot doors lighweight high strength guaranteed non warping


Foam-Panel-Interior-Structural-Torsion-Box-Sing-Core-RevealedFour of these high performance pivot doors will swing open by an extreme edge pivot (a challenge solved with Sing Core) to reveal a large, expansive hallway; when closed will create a quiet, cozy conference room. These engineered pivot doors will be fully insulated, fire-rated, sound-deadening and guaranteed non-warp for 50 years.

All the office desks, shelves, partition walls, tables, wall cabinets and other casework are made of Sing Panels. Some tabletop/shelves are one 33 ft. piece in length and designed for easy assembly on the job site.

Sing Core is proud to support the Center for Architecture & Design in Seattle by contributing by donation and promoting sustainability and education in true green design and architectural materials.