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Temporary Exterior Walls

You never know when you might have the need for temporary exterior walls for added safety and security, in natural disaster management, construction, as barricades, for temporary offices or parking lot structures.

temporary exterior walls lightweight high strength temporary metal walls and panels

Your options are limited to transporting temporary structures to the site location, building temporary structures from scratch, or designing and using modular temporary exterior wall components to store and have on-hand when needed.

Lightweight Temporary Exterior Walls

Regardless of the desired surface materials, your Sing temporary exterior wall weigh-in at a fraction of the weight of their heavily constructed alternatives. The resulting lightweight exterior wall panels are easy to manipulate, stack, transfer and store. The light weight also saves on energy consumption both on the road and at the job site.

temporary exterior walls 20 ft span galvanized steel lightweight high strength metal panels

High Strength Temporary Exterior Walls

Other honeycomb-type lightweight structural material is not built to last and does not possess much in the way of strength (10 to 110 PSI) while SingCore has unparalleled strength (660 PSI) stronger than steel pound for pound.

Temporary Exterior Wall Versatility

Your temporary exterior walls can be built to your custom architectural specifications and manufactured with any desired flat building material such as any wood species, metal (aluminum, cold rolled steel, copper, galvanized steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, etc.) or other material (concrete, fiberglass, FRP, glass, HPL, Kevlar, Lexan, LVL, MDF, etc.).

Your temporary exterior wall panels can be custom designed and built to any size (height/length, width, thickness) for protection from the elements, dust, climate control, remodeling, and infection control for hospitals, disaster relief or other industrial applications.

temporary exterior walls t slot aluminum wall system flat pack for easy transport and storage

Flat Pack for Transfer and Storage

All Sing temporary exterior wall components conveniently flat pack for the best management of space and less transportation costs.

Easy to Assemble Temporary Exterior Walls

Unlike on site building, using SingCore modular temporary exterior walls to fabricate the secure space necessary is as simple as snapping the components together with cam-lock interconnects that are high precision and easy to assemble. The only tool required for assembly, a simple Allen wrench.

Your temporary exterior walls can be used as a moving wall, or reconfigured on-site to manage obstruction, create separation, increase privacy and security or maintain effective control of traffic flow.

prefabricated temporary exterior walls partitions large aluminum wall panels lightweight

Reusable Temporary Exterior Walls

Sustainability and efficiency are maximized by saving energy and waste as Sing temporary exterior walls can be used over and over again, and in the event of on-site damage, are easily repaired without compromising the exterior wall panel’s structure strength.

Wall Temporary Wall System

Basically, your temporary wall ideas can be unleashed in conjunction with the professional design staff and SingCore who will help to educate your staff in how to design and how to build a temporary wall that will meet or exceed your high performance expectations and specifications.