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Lowes Home Improvement Sing Core pre built torsion box panels Pro Desk

Sing Sandwich

Sing Core is the perfect material to build the best concession trailers, food carts, coffee kiosks and espresso stands. The lightweight, high strength characteristics of Sing Core has been established as the best new building material in the world used in applications from beneath the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between.

Sing tiny houses on wheels excel over other building methods because you can tow a bigger unit at a fraction of the weight, plus you can design and build without framing just by connecting pre-insulated lightweight Sing Sandwich panels that are stronger than steel pound-for-pound.

Espresso Stands Coffee Kiosks

Increasingly espresso stands and coffee kiosks are being build using patented Sing Core. It stands to reason due to the popularity of this revolutionary new building material being used throughout the tiny house and emergency shelter industry.

8 x 10 Drive Thru Kiosk

8 x 10 Drive Thru Kiosk

Mobile espresso stands can easily be built atop a trailer for easy towing from location to location, as well as the smaller coffee kiosks which can easily be loaded onto the back of a pickup truck.

Modular Retail Vendor Kiosks

Using our high tech T Slot Panels, you can create any kiosk configuration for your retail kiosks with modular panels in minutes. If you want to change locations within a mall, simply move with a piano dolly. Want to move to a completely new location? Simply dismantle your vendor kiosk in minutes, throw the components into you truck or car’s trunk and go to the new location. Reassemble again in minutes.

It is this modular convenience which is making Sing Core the standout pro choice for high end trade show presentations. See best trade show displays.

Amazon Box Theater

The 10 ft. tall Amazon box theater in the Jet Blue terminal at the JFK airport is a frameless structure made with patented 1.5 inch T Slot Panels.

The giant insulated portable structure is modular, lightweight and high strength. Perfect for any travelling movie theater.

DIY Concession Trailers

8 x 14 drive thru kiosk espresso stand on wheels and trailer mobile lightweight high strengthOur avid do-it-yourselfers are getting our inexpensive Sing Sandwich panels from their local Lowe’s Pro Desk. Building their concession trailers with patented Sing Core gives you all the structure and insulation you could possibly want at a fraction of the weight. A Sing food trailer can be built on a more inexpensive lightweight trailer for a lightweight mobile kitchen on wheels with little effort for the person who is somewhat creative with rudimentary building skills.

Your homemade food concession trailers can be used as BBQ concession trailers, ice cream carts, taco carts, coffee carts, food truck trailers or virtually any type of vending trailers available.

Commercial Concession Trailers

8 x 12 Drive Thru Kiosk

8 x 12 Drive Thru Kiosk

Sing Core does not design or manufacture concession trailers, but we do supply the best concession trailer manufacturers with our insulated lightweight high strength material for building custom concession trailers to their client’s specifications.

Contact your favorite concession trailer manufacturer and tell them that you want your next concession trailer built using patented Sing Core for the lightest weight insulated concession trailer that is stronger than steel.