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Warehouse Sliding Door

Sing Core breathes new life into the vast array of warehouse sliding door products while solving the problems associated with survivability of immense sliding doors for factories and industrial units with very little maintenance service over the life of your warehouse sliding door. If built with Sing Core inside, your warehouse sliding door will serve your facility fail-free for 50 years, guaranteed.

Inventor Peter Sing provide the door industry with the only lightweight, high strength fail-free way to build doors which could potentially last forever and are guaranteed for a 50-year life of service.

How can Sing build a warehouse industrial sliding door to last so long? The secret lies inside the door, where Sing’s patented and patent-pending insulation and warp-free technologies do their magic. The value in Sing’s core revolves around his patented insulation reinforced torsion box core. This is used to create a solid sustainable hybrid composite base that is lightweight, solid as a rock, and stronger than steel pound for pound.

Increasingly, Sing’s core is being specified by contemporary architecture and design purveyors who are open minded and interested in expanding modern door building possibilities for large projects, like distribution or warehouse facilities, who commonly require large industrial sliding doors.

Factories and warehouses often require huge access points of entry, not unlike airplane hangars. Sing and his True Flat Team are revolutionizing the large sliding doors used in aerospace, commercial, industrial, as well as agricultural metal building systems all over the world.

The benefits of Eco-friendly sliding doors with Sing’s core inside include being lightweight (one-third or less than other building materials), high strength (660 PSI), fully insulated (R 3.5 minimum) for sound deadening and climate control, make these the most sustainable sliding door systems for industrial needs which can also be found in clean room and freezer applications requiring strong insulated sliding commercial doors.

Taking a new approach to all your warehouse door needs means not only do you get more door for your money, but your door warehouse dollars stretch so much further when you start using doors with a 50-year warp-free guarantee.

The Only 50-year Warp-free Warehouse Sliding Door Guarantee

There is only way to build a lightweight insulated warehouse sliding door that is stronger than steel pound for pound and that is by having it built with Sing Core inside. Only warehouse doors with Sing’s patented solid hybrid insulation reinforced torsion box composite core enhanced with his patent-pending anti-warp technologies can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, or otherwise fail for 50 years.

Sing’s steel warehouse doors are unprecedented and can be featured as the front door warehouse or interior door warehouse application for 50 years without fail.

While metal warehouse doors have been in vogue for some time, Sing’s approach to building the best commercial warehouse doors is growing in popularity as you find them being specified in contemporary architecture and designs across the USA and abroad.

No more need to resort to heavy-duty sliding door that weighs so much, can be difficult to ship, handle, and install. Now you can rely on your regular maintenance staff to install your industrial warehouse plant sliding doors, including very large barn and commercial sliding door systems without the use of costly heavy equipment and extraneous skilled staff.

You now have the advantage of a nearly unlimited range of industrial and warehouse sliding door solutions where your warehouse industrial sliding door is only a moment away. The reason you are not limited in scope or materials is because every industrial warehouse sliding door Sing Core helps to build is a one-of-a-kind artist’s masterpiece thanks to Sing and his True Flat Team.

The most sustainable high-performance insulated sliding door in the world has Sing Core inside. Should all your warehouse sliding doors have Sing Core inside? Maybe all your doors should.

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