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Wide Doors for Hinge or Pivot Door Hardware

Oversized large paint grade Sing pivot door panelExclusive to multimillion dollar spec homes, the standard extra wide exterior doors are pivot doors to accommodate the unique challenges of wide doors.

The Problem

Wide doors will warp, not just top to bottom but side to side which compromises the seal and creates a problem for latching the door. Wide doors are problematic due to warping requiring regular maintenance to adjust the wide door accordingly.

The Solution

The Sing non-warping Professional Pivot Door Panels are the solution because if the door does not warp, you’ve solved the problem with the failure of wide doors altogether, and can be guaranteed to remain non-warp for 50 years. Even $10,000 wide doors cannot be guaranteed not to warp; even for one day.

This wide door could use concealed door hinges as swing door hinges or pivot door hardware for extra wide exterior doors thanks to Sing Core

This wide door could use concealed door hinges as swing door hinges or pivot door hardware for extra wide exterior doors thanks to Sing Core.


Lightweight Sing wide doors with custom tite cut outs for concealed door hinges or pivot door hardwareUsing the Sing non-warp door blank as the basis extra wide exterior doors used in multimillion dollar spec homes is not only the only solution, but also imbues your door with the following benefits:

  • Lightweight: Sing wide door blanks are 17% the weight of other solid wide wooden doors, i.e. 120 lbs. vs. 720 lbs. at 4 ft. wide door.
  • High Strength: Sing wide door blanks are stronger than steel pound-for-pound (660 PSI).
  • Insulated: Sing wide door blanks are packed with rigid foam insulation rated at R3.5 per inch at no extra charge for heating/cooling control as well as sound dampening.
  • Non-warp: Only Sing wide door blanks can be guaranteed not to warp, bend or twist –including full structure integrity – for 50 years.

Affordable Wide Doors

Expensive pivot doors start at about $10,000 and just the hardware (due to the heavy weight of the door) can run into thousands of dollars and requires highly skilled craftsmen to install/maintain.

Large non warp wood pivot door mahogany warp free door blank 12 ft x 10 ft 50 year guaranteeSing wide door are a fraction of the weight and price of extra wide exterior doors. Due to being so lightweight, less expensive pivot door hardware can be used. In fact because Sing wide doors are so light in weight, you can even use standard hinge door hardware. This is why Sing wide door blanks are the premium choice of high end carriage door manufacturers.

Now, wide doors need not be relegated only to million dollar homes, because making them more affordable puts them within the reach of discriminating home owners who would like to increase the impact of their entrance door by switching to an extra wide front door.

Retro-fit Wide Doors

Say, “goodbye,” to sidelites. Sing wide doors can easily be retro-fitted to replace a standard existing exterior front door and sidelites with a single Sing extra wide front door using your choice of side hinges or pivot door hardware.

SOSS concealed door hinges for Sing wide doors alternative to pivot door hardwareSing Wide Doors Always Latch

The difference between sing wide doors and any other extra wide door is that you can always count on one thing: Sing wide doors will always secure and latch every time because they will not warp nearly eliminating wide door maintenance. This high precision can be guaranteed non-warp for 50 years.

Hinge Any Way You Want

Thanks to the light weight of Sing Door blanks, you can choose whether your extra wide exterior doors use side hinges (we suggest considering the use of concealed SOSS hinges) or lightweight pivot door hardware for easy hardware installation.