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Wide Front Door

You think your customer is asking for a wide front door when it’s 42 inches wide, but what about when your architect specs a door that is 25 ft. wide and 10 ft. tall? If 42 inches is a wide front door, then a 25 ft. wide slider would be considered an extra wide front door at the very least.

According to the millwork that installed a pair of these 25 ft. wide warp-free wire-brush-finished white oak extra wide doors, they weighed-in at “a couple hundred pounds apiece,” and like so many other millworks and door companies proclaim,

“We couldn’t do it without Sing Core.”

Sing Core is the place where contemporary architecture and design of the wide front door comes to life, and you will find wide front doors all over the most amazing locations throughout the USA and the world, even atop the highest building in the United States, the World Trade Center. And they just don’t come here for ideas and inspiration for their next wide front door, they’re looking for a way to make it happen. And by “make it happen” we mean,

How to build a wide front door that will not fail

We bring the visions of those modern architects and their architectural door creations to life in a way that will not embarrass them down the road (like at the next climate change), when doors will warp, twist, bend, cup, otherwise compromised or become completely inoperable.


There are optical illusions which make a front door look wider, such as adding sidelites on either side of the door which makes it look much wider, but the part of the door that opens, is a normal width door. What if that entire area articulated like one wide front door. That’s a solution provided by Sing Core that can be an option for you or your clients, such as the Sing Core Side Light Door. It’s quite impressive when the whole area, including the sidelights open with the door, moves when the door is opened or closed. This is a most impressive effect when used as a wide pivot door.

Another idea which is gaining traction in contemporary architecture is to use a wide pivot door but include an embedded man door which articulates via side hinge. Man door access doors get used for normal egress use and when you really want to impress your audience or guests, operate the pivot door and the whole front area pivots.

If wide doors were not wide enough, consider that modern architecture designs are adopting a double wide front door approach to standing out and making an artistic and attention-grabbing presentation with elegance for your extra wide exterior doors.

In this respect, when your wide doors have Sing Core inside, you can express full creative expression as virtually any custom contemporary wide front door could take on the look and feel of any artistic representation.

Your project, for instance, could feature an extremely wide front door made of nearly any available flat building materials, such as acrylic, aluminum, brass, copper, cold rolled steel, fiberglass, Formica, FRP, galvanized steel, HPL, hot rolled steel, Masonite, Stainless Steel, or any available natural wood species.

Of all these types of doors, normally, natural wood grains present the greatest number of challenges associated with warping, especially with wide front doors. Yet, if made with Sing Core inside, these doors can be guaranteed to remain

Warp-free for 50 Years

Only doors with Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist, cup, or otherwise fail (including delamination) for 50 years.
It’s no surprise that you will find Sing Core beneath the sea (US Navy) in outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between, from coast to coast, though admittedly, more than 70 percent of all the wide front doors we ship, from our serene wilderness factory in the Pacific Northwest, ship to the greater New York area, mostly New York City. We lovingly refer to NYC as our sister-city.

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