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Wooden Pivot Doors

Wooden pivot doors are probably the most problematic pivot doors with the challenges facing the end users associated with warping. Wooden pivot door warp is a long-standing concern of architects and designers who desire the beauty and grace of a solid wood grain but know that a wooden pivot doors, especially a wooden large pivot door, is going to mean trouble down the line; that is unless your wooden pivot door has Sing Core Inside.

Sing Core is the solution to the majority, if not all, of the wooden pivot door problems faced by architects and designers, such as,

Wooden Pivot Door Warp

Obviously the number one concern with wooden pivot doors is the likelihood of the pivot door to warp, especially if they are featured as pivot entry doors. As beautiful as wood grain can be, it is the very nature of the grain which causes the door to move according to the environment it is exposed to. The only way to get around warping wood exterior pivot doors in an Eco-friendly solution that is lightweight, high strength and fully sustainable is to have Sing Core inside the wooden pivot door.

How to Build a Warp-free Wooden Pivot Door

To build a warp-free pivot door, first, you decide on the wood that you want to use. Every wood grain is different and the more wood/wood grain that your pivot door is hosting as well as the intended use of the door (like will one side be facing the interior and one side exposed to the elements) will determine the degree of true flat expertise that will be required for engineering the perfect warp-free wooden pivot door.

Once you have determined the wood thickness, grain and pivot door’s exposure, the true flat team at Sing Core uses their years of expertise in developing a wood composite door that can be guaranteed to remain straight and true for 50 years guaranteed, regardless of size.

The secret ingredient is inside the pivot door’s core. Patented Sing Core is a composite solid substrate which accomplished all the heavy lifting in making a wooden pivot door which is straight and true. Sing Core is a vertical grain torsion box with small grids (2 to 3 inches) where the voids of the torsion box are filled wall to wall with rigid recycled foam insulation. It is this unique combination of natural vertical grain torsion box framing willed with foam that gives it its strength (660 PSI) and resistance to warp.

In extreme circumstances, a patent-pending composite stiffener can be combined with Sing Core to maintain warp-free performance over the 50-year premium guarantee period; even of your pivoting door is 40 ft. tall; Sing Core is the only pivot door in the world which can offer such high performance and longevity over time.

Other Sing Wooden Pivot Door Characteristics

When your wooden pivot door has Sing Core inside, you also get to enjoy all the other benefits that come with the package at no extra charge. For instance,

Lightweight Wooden Pivot Doors

Thanks to Sing Core, your wooden pivot doors can weigh much less than any other pivot door would weigh with any other solid wood or other heavy weight pivot door core material. The advantages of having such a lightweight wooden pivot door means you,

1. Spend much less on pivot door hardware, because the heavier the door, the more expensive the heavy duty pivot door hardware will be to accommodate the increased wooden pivot door weight.
2. Spend less transporting, maneuvering and installing a lightweight pivot door, reducing travelling and installation costs exponentially.
3. Cost savings over time due to little or no maintenance requirement. The lightweight in conjunction with warp-free attributes means very little maintenance (due to less stress and strain ion both the hardware and the structure) is necessary over time.
4. Even more cost savings when featured as a insulated pivot front door, or other exterior pivot door application, reducing heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

But that’s not all; your wooden pivot door with Sing Core inside can also be a,

High Strength Wooden Pivot Door

Sing Core is the most revolutionary lightweight, high strength building material to hit the pivot door industry in years. Here’s a picture of the inventor of Sing Core standing on a 1 inch thick panel suspended between two saw horses with little or no deflection.

This can give you an idea of the incredible strength of the patented torsion box composite design, which imbues your wooden pivot door with characteristics that nearly defy the natural laws of physics as we know them.

This 660 PSI strength is massive when compared to other core materials used in marine and aerospace industries, That’s why you can find Sing Core in the depths of the sea (US Navy) to outer space (NASA) and everywhere in between, it’s lightweight and stronger than steel pound for pound.

Insulated Wooden Pivot Doors

And who would have thought of packing your pivot door with insulation wall-to-wall? While not intended to perform this function, the ability to have high performance insulated pivot entry doors, becomes a highly sought after feature.

Inherit in the design of Sing Core is the inclusion of rigid foam insulation which provides increased climate control and sound deadening qualities for additional safety, security, greater satisfaction and enjoyment to the end user for a long time.

High End Wooden Pivot Doors

Pivot doors with Sing Core inside are not for everyone. You find them in commercial and industrial applications as well as featured in some of the most expensive and exquisite homes, like this 38.5 million dollar estate, all over the world.

How to Get Warp-free Wooden Pivot Doors?

I know, we hear it all the time,

“I want Sing Core. I don’t care what I have to do. I just want it.”

First off, it’s important that you realize that we are only set up for wholesale only and we are not licensed to deal with the public or sell retail. We only supply the best manufacturers, millworks, and door companies with our best materials enabling them to deliver the best end products to their customers and friends.

So, if you really want wooden pivot doors with Sing Core inside, unless you’re in the industry, you will have to seek out someone local, like a professional millwork, which has the skills and equipment necessary to keep you satisfied and make us look our best, too.

All you have to do is to go to anywhere you find fine wooden pivot doors for sale and tell them you want a pivot door with Sing Core inside, we will work in tandem with them to make sure you get the very best wooden pivot doors available in the world today.