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Wall Partitions

steel sliding partition wallsWall Partitions

Sing Core® provides industries with Eco-friendly, sound insulated wall systems for inplant offices with added safety and security. These lightweight, high-strength wall partitions can also be used to cordon off factory, warehouse or space in plant to control workflow or contain specific workspaces as needed.

Modular wall partitions can be designed for ease of transportation (flat-packed), assembly (cam lock or T slot), disassembly, storage and reconfigured and reassembled.

Moveable walls temporary wall ideas insulated lightweight modular portableLarge Demising Wall

Sing Core is the superior solution to provide industrial demising wall panels that cover large spans of area without risk of failure warp, bend, twist or otherwise compromising high performance standards. High precision Sing Core (+/- .006 in. tolerance) is available in any exterior material specified, in an array of connection methods that could be up to 50 ft. tall.

Sing large demising wall panels have been made in aluminum, concrete, fiberglass (FRP), glass, HPL, LVL, metal, stainless steel and many natural wood varieties.

glass wall french door styleGlass Wall

Sing Core glass wall panels are perfect solution for glass partitions using our Sing framed glass panels that can be configured as modular glass walls for maximum safety, security and optimal visibility while dividing a space or configuring an inplant office with a 360 degree view. Built to your specifications, our original glass wall design was founded on our success in the French door industry. Sing folding glass doors consist of a glass panel framed within a Sing Panel, hinged together to form the best glass room dividers.

Sing glass wall systems offer the most Eco-friendly glass partition walls and can be formatted in any format including folding glass walls or as sliding glass walls for industrial use or as glass office partitions.

Temporary wall room partition prefabricated portable room dividers lightweight high strengthFree Standing Wall

Sing Core free standing wall solutions have many options available that are limited only to the imagination of the designer. Your 3d wall panels can be pre-built and configured to your specifications with freestanding wall hardware adaptations or with any combination of L, T or H modular wall panel function.

Other free standing wall solutions include large moveable bookcases, cabinets and wall storage units made of lightweight, high strength, insulated Sing Panels.

Cabinet office partitions portable room dividers nyc storage wallOffice Partitions

Sing Office Partitions are the stand out solution for all your configurable office design needs. Quickly and easily create office cubicles or office dividers to maximize the production areas of your internal office area. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, Sing office partitions can be easily configured into an office cubicle or used as an office table in on demand office workstations for even more expanded functionality.

Sing Office Partitions offer sound deadening qualities as office partition walls and can be fully functional modular office walls or operable office room dividers. These temporary office walls and free standing office partitions are made of Eco-friendly patented Sing Panels that can assume the look and feel of your favorite office décor while functioning as moveable office cabinets or storage areas.

sing-core-clean-roomModular Clean Room

Working with NASA and the United States military has Sing Core applications expanding across the board. Cleanrooms lend themselves to embracing Eco-friendly reinforced structural insulated panels naturally and the varied design and application options have led us in a myriad of clean room solutions; from permanent installations to portable and modular cleanroom designs.

Most popular is the Sing Modular Clean Room panel that can be quickly and easily assembled, disassembled, transported, stored and reused over and over again with a sensible one-time investment. Your modular clean room should be structurally sound, fully insulated and high precision (Sing Core +/- .006 tolerances)

architectural-wall-panels-digital-display-high-tech-lightweight-true-flatData Center Walls

Sing Data Center Wall Partitions are by far the best solution for your data center. Data centers and server farms are increasingly specifying patented Sing Core in their architectural specifications due to the high performance of the only Eco-friendly data center building material that is fully insulated, lightweight and super strong.

Data center walls built with Sing Core can be erected in very little time, with very little skill and expertise that can be either temporary or permanently affixed and can be guaranteed not to fail for 50 years.