We’re looking for a handful of experienced and detailed craftspeople who can design and build one of this new generation of tiny houses and we will help subsidize your efforts to build the best high-end tiny home in the world.

Sing Core is in the process of creating a new generation of Tiny House structure building material. Our clients have built the best Tiny Homes using patented Sing Core and to say they were high-end would be an understatement as they could be valued for as high as $5 million.

If you are an experienced Tiny House Builder or high precision builder/craftsman/artisan then you might have what it takes to participate in this by invitation only special project.

WARNING: This new system of building a tiny house utilizes Sing Core’s latest Tiny House Panels patent pending technology. In this pre-release program we are looking to partner with someone like you with an extraordinary eye and attention to detail to build a prototype with this new technology.

Will it be easy? We hope not. With any new counter-intuitive radical change in technology, there will be challenges and issues, and we all, everyone of us who are specialized in our fields, will approach design, challenges, and solutions differently. We are confident that if you are selected to be a part of this effort, that you have the skills and resources to see this project through.

Our partners must have the resources necessary to do what is necessary, such as install plumbing, wiring, purchasing and installing appliances. Our partners will be responsible for purchasing and installing all materials including footing/foundation, windows and doors, floor, ceiling (if applicable) and roof/roofing, as well as interior decoration(s).

Further requirements of being able to participate in the offer and receive subsidies to finance and reward you for your efforts, include the following

  1. Know How Many You Need

To take advantage of this special offer, these panels must be used for Tiny House builds only. To assure compliance, anyone who wants to participate, can purchase a limited number of 4×8 Tiny House panels which would be limited only by your design of a 250-or-less square foot structure. You will have to know how many 4×8 tiny house panels (individually priced at $260 each) you will need for each tiny house before contacting Sing Core. Note: Most tiny house builders use double panels for floors and roofs.

  1. Design

You are not limited in your design, though the square footage of your tiny house must not exceed 250 square feet and must include some type of kitchen and bathroom in the design.

  1. Six Month Time Limit

You must agree to complete your tiny house project within 6 months of the delivery of your tiny house panels. The deadline for the structure build is 3 months (verifiable by photo/video documentation), and interior and exterior completion in the following 3 months.

  1. Proof Upon Completion

After you have completed your tiny house project, you will submit photographic (and/or video) documentation of your completed tiny house build which Sing Core will share with others who are excited to see your project come to fruition with Sing’s tiny house panels.

After Sing Core has received and approved your photo/video documentation, you will receive a refund of $160 for each panel that you used in your Tiny House project.

Be aware this offer is not to use Sing’s tiny house panels for any other application, unless it is approved (Sing may approve additional panels to be rebated for use in connection with your tiny house, like furnishings used inside, or storage for the tiny house project.) These panels are for building tiny homes only (under 250 SF).

If you would like to start building your new tiny homes using Sing Tiny House Panels, contact Sing Core today.