10×20 Trade Show Booth

Item # 10x20L

10x20 trade show booth 1020L with single 9 ft side wall

10×20 trade show booth 1020L with single 9 ft side wall

Here is our base 10x20L trade show booth kit. This complete 10×20 booth kit comes with a back wall consisting of 6 36-inch display panels with 7 I connector stiles, 1 L connector and 2 O end cap stiles, with 3 36-inch display panels out front on one side. All display panels come with adjustable feet. Comes with standard 1-time shipping crate included. Additional re-useable patented lightweight/high-strength transport crate (for transporting kit to/from trade shows) available. Color/finish: HPL (high pressure laminate) White. P

10x20L Parts List

  • 9 – 36″ Trade Show Panel “A”
  • 7 – Inline Standard Connector “I”
  • 1 – Corner Standard Connector “L”
  • 2 – End Cap Sing Connector “O”
  • 16 – Adjustable Feet
  • 1 – Single-use Shipping Crate


  • Additional Multiple-use Transport Crate

20×9-1 Trade Show Booth

20×9 Trade Show Booth Package
And Reusable Transport Crate