Sing Core helps door manufacturers and millworks build the best doors in any size, type or style including arched doors. The Sing arched doors aren’t like any other arched doors, because they can be any size – even large, oversized arch doors – that can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or fail for 50 years no matter what the size.

patented sandwich door

The true flat professionals can assist in the creation of an arched front door that out performs all other wood round top doors made. You start with a high precision radius top door core, then make sure to include patented warp-free stiffeners to assure your arched doors remain warp-free.

Sing core arched doors are the only oversized wood arched doors that can be guaranteed not to warp over time. That’s why you see Sing Core elliptical doors in service as arched top storm doors in high end homes and as exterior arched wood doors. Because, who wants a warped round top entry door? (Nobody I know).

Large Arched Doors

Most people and arch top French door manufacturers know that if a door is over 7 ft tall, you’re going to have problems with the radius top door moving with environmental changes due to moisture and weather patterns. Unfortunately, this is the main problem with large arched top doors which compromises the radius top door’s seal and could cost in terms of extra expenditures due to energy loss.

Some large arch top aluminum door companies have countered this problem by adding weight and steel to the door to help keep it straight, but this puts added stress and strain to the door frame and structure, requiring heavy duty hardware and adding maintenance costs to the door and building over time.

Solving the Problems for Large Arched Doors

Finally, high-end arched front door manufacturers, millworks and custom arched door builders can supply warp-free round top doors to their clients that can even be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist of otherwise fail (including full structure guarantee) for 50 years!

No other Eco-friendly arched front door can achieve such high precision or high performance.

Having Sing Core Inside imbues your large arched doors with impressive characteristics, such as:

Lightweight (a fraction of other solid core arched doors)
High-strength (stronger than steel pound for pound)
Insulated (for climate control and sound dampening)

Eco-friendly Arched Doors

Sing arched doors are made in the USA. A labor of love, manufactured with natural and recycled materials expending very little energy are bonded with waterproof formaldehyde-free adhesives with the intention of helping to make the world a better place for the Earth and all creatures.

This unique, patented torsion box composite core material is changing the way large arched doors are made, as well as many other products, making the world a better place.

50 Year Warp-Free Guarantee

Only elliptical top doors with premium warp-free Sing Core inside can be guaranteed not to warp for 50 years.

Don’t you want all your arched doors to have insulated, warp-free Sing Core inside?