Pocket doors are a type of sliding door that recesses into the wall instead of sliding in front of it, effectively becoming invisible. Sing Core makes unique sliding possible with our lightweight and sturdy core.

 Whether you’re trying to hide your pantry or keep a daring escape route, secret doors are an exciting and distinctive way to add to your home. These pocket doors have become an integral part of modern architecture, but despite their many advantages there are also some disadvantages these doors present unique challenges in the manufacturing and installation process. Pocket doors can be more than just a convenient sub-type of sliding doors. Pocket doors are one of the only options when considering a concealed or hidden door.

Along with several benefits. Pocket doors provide a special twist to any sliding door application. Pocket doors largely improve the area near the door opening, as a traditional sliding door requires dedicated wall space to open over. Pocket doors fully recess inside of the wall, meaning all of the necessary holding space is in a place you already couldn’t make use of. Pocket doors also prove to be useful in space-saving scenarios, such as in an RV or small office. These doors despite all of these benefits, they do have a couple major drawbacks if not built properly

One of the biggest downsides to poorly made pocket doors is that when they warp, they become a huge problem. A pocket door needs to remain on its tracks at all times to function, and a warped door panel could potentially pull it off of the tracks or put extra strain on them. In addition, a warped pocket door can scrape alongside the opening in the wall, damaging the finish of both the door and the wall. There are many other complications that can arise with a door that warps. That’s why we recommend using Sing Core for your pocket door, as it will never warp.

There are many reasons as to why doors warp. It could be the size of the door as in the length, width, and height. Also the skin as in the materials used. Some of these materials are more prone to become warped. Weather also plays a huge role in the life of the door. If the door is consistently in harsh conditions and exposure can become warped in no time. But overall the core of the door is the ultimate performance tester. Most doors have a hollow core that doesn’t give the door a solid foundation to resist warping.


Sing Core Pocket Doors, like all Sing Core products, come with a 50 year structural and warp-free guarantee. You won’t find this common in the industry, as few products can hold up to it. At Sing Core, we don’t make empty promises. Your door will last for 50 years without structural or warping issues, guaranteed.

Guarantees are offered with doors which are covered, in writing, signed by the inventor of Sing Core. We take our 50-year guarantee very seriously. Our best clients depend on this worry-free performance and trust us to provide them with the best solution for large doors of any size or style.