Imagine all the possibilities at:  Sliding Door Gallery Many educated homeowners demand that their trade professionals use Sing Core products to build their dream homes. Sing Core does not make the doors themselves, but after researching our patented Sing Core materials many homeowners will not allow other building materials to be used. See our new C Series line of Affordable Barn Door and Sliding Closet Doors. (Visit our homeowner’s page.)

Regrettably, we are unable to provide patented Sing products for retail or directly to homeowners as we only support architects, millworks and door companies. See full apology.

True Flat Guarantee premium certified true flatDoors are a very critical component and must withstand constant impact, use and weathering, be sound-deadening and long-lasting. The solution is our patented Sing Core materials. No matter what style doors you envision for your home, or if you need a barn door for your barn, patented Sing Core panels can build the strongest yet lightweight, long-lasting, insulated, and true flat doors.  This means Sing Core doors are not dangerously heavy or difficult to use, they never warp or twist (which prevents damage to hinges and fingers), and they will last for many decades with normal use.

Our patented Sing Core panels are made with our patented water-resistant, formaldehyde-free, eco-friendly glue and made in the USA. If you need a sliding door for your barn, barn doors made with our patented Sing Core panels are the most long-lasting, insulated and sturdy.

Exterior sliding barn doors can be beautiful following installation, but after time, problems develop due to expansion and contraction from weather exposure causing them to warp, twist, and crack and compromising the overall performance of your sliding barn door. Even a 1/4″ deflection can compromise a barn door’s function and aesthetically pleasing quality.

Sing Core’s true flat guarantee is why high-end millworks and designers seek out Sing Core for extreme weather and temperature-controlled environments, and that guarantee will ensure your barn door works well for many decades.

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