Introducing Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Door


Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Doors are your ideal solution for freight doors for your entire fleet.

Industry Challenges

The challenge with roll-up freight doors used in commercial applications is that they are big and heavy, which means they are difficult to operate and add significant weight to the load.  Since trucks loads are limited by weight capacity, a heavy door means you can carry fewer packages per load.  These types of doors also tend to be very costly.  Companies that manufacture roll-up doors produce products that are unnecessarily complex, resulting in products that are far too costly.  This can result in huge cost overages, which can severely hamper your bottom line.  Another problem with most cargo roll-up doors is that they are very difficult to install.  Because their products use so many different complicated parts, they can be extremely difficult to install.  This will result in increased labor requirements and cost overruns.  Lastly, truck doors have been highly susceptible to environmental damage from water and UV rays.  UV rays are an excessive problems for standard freight truck overhead roll-up doors.  UV rays will significantly decrease the life of your doors.  Another challenge is doors that are weak and won’t hold up under rigorous, industrial use.  Ever notice how most metal freight doors are dented, bent, and crushed?  Those types of doors do not have a pleasant appearance.  They will also not function well in the long run.



One-stop Solution

SingCore has solved all of the problems of large overhead roll-up freight doors with our Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Door designed for heavy duty rigorous use in trucking and freight applications.  Your simple solution to easy freight loading and transport.

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Super Light Weight

Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Doors are the lightest weight truck freight doors on the market, our doors mount on universal truck roll-up door tracks, so you won’t need any special mechanisms that add weight to your installation.  Our door panels are lighter.  You will save around 100 pounds from your load, which means you have more capacity for your freight.  In turn, you will earn more money.  Lighter weight means our doors are less taxing on your hardware and your track systems.  They also require less expensive hardware to install and are easier to operate.

Ultra High Strength

Often, you will see truck cargo doors on the road and they are dented and bent.  This is because they are not built to tolerances meant to withstand the rigorous use freight doors must undergo to meet the needs of shipping and transport companies.  The secret to making the highest strength panels on the market has to do with SingCore patented and patent pending SingCore material.  With SingCore inside, we can make you the strongest Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Cargo Doors on the market.  Our doors are designed to hold up under the most rigorous conditions.


Easy to Install

Because our doors are the lightest weight on the market, they are easier to transport, lift, and install.  This means you need less manpower and less expenses to complete your installation.  Moreover, you need no special tools.  All you need is a wrench and a screw driver.  The panels are so light weight, they can be easily lifted with just one finger.  They require less hardware.  Thus, there are fewer parts to assemble.  All of this results in the fastest, easiest to install overhead roll-up freight door system on the market.

Weather Resistant

Our doors hold up far better than wood overhead roll-up doors because they’re skinned with aluminum.  Plywood doors tend to allow water to seep in and destroy the integrity of the door.  We also use a special design to prevent water from seeping in around the edges.  Sing Aluminum Overhead Roll-up Freight Doors are designed to withstand all sorts of environmental conditions.  If used carefully, these may be the only doors you will need in the lifetime of your truck!

More Functional

Because of the light weight, sturdy nature of our panels, no door on the market functions as easily as ours.  Our doors can commonly be opened with just one finger.  You will not find another one finger opener on the market.  They are so light weight, children and elderly folks can open them with ease.  Because of this, you will expend less energy opening our doors.  You will be able to save more energy to actually unload your cargo.

Cost Effective

Most overhead roll-up freight doors are hugely expensive ranging from $1,200.00 to several thousand.  Sing Aluminum Overhead Roll-up Freight Doors are more affordable and more functional than any other system on the market.  Our system is simple and uses less hardware, so it saves you considerable money on the expensive hardware used with competing systems.  Because our doors are so much more reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting than competing product, we save you from the high cost of replacing your doors on a frequent basis.  Moreover, our doors are less costly out of the gate because of our low price.  Lastly, with our special pricing, you will be able to outfit your whole fleet at a fraction of the cost from our competitors.

Better Safety

Lighter doors mean better safety.  Heavier doors are more difficult to operate, especially when used in overhead situations.  They can come crashing down and smash or cut off fingers.  They can cut off and crush limbs.  You can pull muscles, break arms or legs.  You can even break your back on large doors.  Light doors means easy operation.  It means you will minimize your chance of injuring your joints, arms, and back.

Universal Track System

Sing Overhead Aluminum Roll-up Freight Door system works with standard freight door track systems, so you don’t have to install new tracks or seek any addition hardware for adapting to our doors.  Simply remove your old doors and install our doors on your existing tracks.  You can even use your existing hardware with our doors.  You can accommodate almost any hardware.

Visually Appealing

It has been said that our doors have a stunning appearance.  You be the judge.  For a low price, you can purchase our doors and see how beautiful they are.  They can be painted in any cover or treated.  You can even apply your own customer graphics to our panels.  We can even make you a door with an amazing aluminum finish or anodized aluminum for one of the most visually appealing overhead roll-up freight truck doors on the market.