Are you in need of replacing those old carriage doors? Maybe you just want to spice up your home a little bit? Carriage doors are a great way to do this. They are very large, and yet so elegant. Carriage doors can replace your roll-up garage door. It will save you an immense amount of space! Carriage doors use a series of hinges instead of a track as the roll-up garage doors use. Using Sing Core makes your installation simpler, doors last much longer, and are significantly easier to handle. Easier handling means that your shipping cost will be even more favorable!

Hinged, swinging, swing-out, swingout, swing-in, swing, slide, or fold carriage doors for your carriage house garage can be found at Sing Core. The old-fashioned design, side-hinged garage doors swing open and closed from a hinged frame on either side of the opening. We create the most lightweight, strongest, and economically friendly doors. Traditional carriage doors are very heavy due to their size and structure, which causes them to need very heavy duty hardware to hang the door. The idea that carriage doors open on heavy duty hinges my not seem like a hindrance, but it raises the cost of hardware and make the door increasingly more difficult to install. So make it easier for yourself or your contractor to install your carriage doors by using Sing Core doors. Sing Core proudly makes any size (no matter how large) door tailored to your needs. Our doors weigh a third of a standard carriage door. Don’t think for a second that this weight difference alters the quality. Sing Core doors are the strongest doors on the market today. We believe so strongly in this that all of our doors are backed with a 50 year structural guarantee. No other door company can come even close to that!

Carriage style garage doors swing open elegantly and add a classy look to homes. Custom swing out garage doors are becoming more popular each year. Out swing carriage doors allow garages to be turned into living spaces, and they’re great for garages that have limited head room or living areas where you do not want to have all the overhead track. Swing-out, side-hinged heavy double doors can be served as the entryway to your home even! With a classic, yet highly unique, twist on modern garage door functionality, the side hinged garage doors are perfect for anybody who is looking to spruce up their home. Sing Core happens to be the #1 custom carriage house wood garage door manufacturer. We create custom swing out garage doors that are made to order and can be shipped throughout the USA and even abroad. You can check out our custom wooden swing doors by exploring our website, You like what you see? Then head on over to our pricing page to get a quote for hinged carriage doors, carriage house doors, or carriage garage doors that swing out to open. Remember to tell your contractor that you would like “Sing Core Inside.”