Sing Core has had a wonderful year in 2018. This year marks the completion of a number of major projects completed by our clients. We are very happy to share their success. Additionally, Sing Core has had the fortune to expand in to a second, large, facility in addition to the one we currently operate in. This will lead to increased production capability, and potential for lower prices. Finally, we have added a number of technological improvements to our sales process including: semi-automatic pricing, automatic shop drawings (now free to all customers), and tighter control of all projects from initial estimate to final delivery.

Expansion in to a Second Facility

Sing Core is celebrating our continued expansion which is taking us to new places and new opportunities for you to experience what it means to have Sing Core inside your high-end products using our new, improved simple pricing method.

We recently bought another factory to expand the services to you, and to celebrate, we’re offering you discounts on all Sing Core products. So, if price was a concern in the past, now might be the best time to try Sing Core inside your products.

Looking for More Factory Space

We’re looking to expand even more! So, if you have a factory with square footage to spare, we are looking to sublet from you. If you have or know of a factory for sale, we might be prepared to buy it from you or someone you know.

Free Shop Drawings and More!

Sing Core has invested a substantial effort in automation and computer assistance regarding its sales and production processes. This includes: semi-automated pricing, automatic shop drawings, and improved project management.

Our pricing model is inherently linked to the specifics of your project, and in the past has required extensive human review and manual data entry. Now, we have a better method where data is automatically routed from your quote request, calculations made, and forms filled out. This means our team has more time to review individual projects, and estimates will get back to you more quickly.

This systems also gives us the power to provide free shop drawings to any customer who requests them.

Additionally, our system improves our ability to follow each project from start to finish, so everything from initial quote request, to sales info, to final production and shipping is fully recorded and available to our team. With massive centralization of data comes the ability to generate forms automatically, and so reduce potential for errors and to keep our whole team informed about the specifics of your project. The bottom line is quick, error-free service for all our customers.

Best Doors of 2018

Sing Core is honored to involved in so many projects, and to push the boundaries of what is possible with doors and door technology, all across the United States. Although there are too many to include all of them, below are some of the most impressive projects we are delighted to show you from the last year.

14′ Foot Tall French Door

Industry leading millworks, architects, and high end designers call on us to make all kinds of doors that present far too much of a challenge for other door manufacturers to construct.  This was the very door many of our customers called “mission impossible.”

This 14 foot tall French door can be easily carried and transported by just a single worker, yet, pound for pound, it’s stronger than steel and warp free guaranteed for 50 years.  Here at singcore, we make the impossible possible! Doing the impossible while providing you with exceptional quality products is part of our philosophy here at Sing Core.

27′ Wide, 9′ Tall Sliding Door / Moveable Wall

Sing Core is proud to accept large sliding door, movable wall, or temporary wall projects the would cause other door core producers. Once example is this amazing door produced in mid 2018. In this project the greatest qualities of Sing Core’s patented honeycomb core come to the forefront:

  • Light Weight
  • High Stength
  • Sound Deadening Qualities
  • Modular Construction
  • Extreme Warp Resistance

This wall was designed to be finished with an amazing custom mural. Imagine giant dragons, lush forests, or any image that sets the mood of your company’s work space.

With our spline joining system, seams in your large moving wall not a problem. The stability we provide means your custom art wall will be less likely to be damaged do to cracking paint. And, the panels light weight means it can be both a dream to operate and to look at.

Oversize Pivot Doors

This pivot door represent the best reasons why Sing Core excels in these types of applications. Our light weight, yet strong core technology lends itself perfectly a functional and resilient door. Clients will find their Sing Core pivot door easy to use, and not too bulky, but still with a strong feeling like steel in their hands.

Likewise, the contractors, millworks, architects, and trade professionals who we have the pleasure to work with feel confident in our exceptionally panels because of our industry leading 50-year warp-free guarantee. Our panels are so straight, and last for so long that we have no fears about their longevity, and this confidence makes our customers secure in their work.



Work With Us

Sing Core is always seeking to expand, and drive the way forward with new clients, new projects, and even more innovation. Contact us to day with your next project to see how we can assist you!