Material Options

Home -> Products -> Material Options Metal-Skin Options Wood-Skin Options  Wood Aluminum Metal Hot Rolled Steel HPL & Plastic FRP Fiberglass Concrete & Cement Basically, patented Sing Core can host any flat surface material. To date, these are the most popular: Any Wood Species Sing Wood Non-warping Sing Wood Planks are growing in popularity among the […]

Simple Price/Order Process

It is not uncommon for potential Sing products users to get overwhelmed by the ever expanding wide variety of products and applications of Sing Core. There are hundreds of Sing products available covering dozens of industries, but the pricing method is just as simple as buying lumber or solid metal. We understand that it is easy […]

Sing Wood

Description Why choose Sing Wood? Sing Wood has a better appearance than solid wood. Furthermore, Sing Wood is lightweight, super-strong, and eco-friendly. Solid wood skin covering is available in any thickness from 1/8 inch to six inches. (Note that plywood is only .020 thick and cannot withstand sanding or machining.) If the exterior wood surface […]

Cold Rolled Steel Lightweight Panels

Sing Core Cold Rolled Steel Panels are as strong or stronger than solid steel panels yet so lightweight that one man can easily carry a 4 x 8 panel with his bare hands.   These SingCore 20 Guage Cold Rolled Steel Composite Panels measure 35″ x 13′ x 1″ are lightweight.   These panels have […]

Sing I-Real Estate

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