Product Data Sheet Sing Core Insulated Reinforced Torsion Box Sliding Door Blank with Stiffeners

Product Data Sheet Sing Core Insulated Reinforced Torsion Box Sliding Door Blank w/Stiffeners The standard Sing Core Insulated Reinforced Torsion Box Sliding Door Blank w/Stiffeners consists of base core material of patented Sing Core, enhanced with patent-pending stiffening technology sandwiched between two exterior faces. Standard facing material is Birch ply. Sliding door blank is framed […]

Torsion Box Door

If you’re a millwork who answers the call of exclusive and demanding clientele seeking large doors or a high end custom door manufacturer, you’ve already sought out information on how to build a torsion box door because the only large doors with some degree of stability and are not extremely heavy are torsion box doors. […]

Lightweight Strong 3/4 inch MDF Torsion Box Cabinetry Panels

Patented Sing Core is bringing the latest development in lightweight and high strength technology to visit the cabinet industry. Imagine being able to use a lightweight building material that is commensurate with high-tech aerospace technology at 20 percent of the price. This new cabinetry alternative to MDF 4×8 sheets delivers many times the strength of […]

Kitchen Cabinets Lightweight Torsion Box Stronger than Steel

. High-end Kitchen Cabinet Solution   Sing Kitchen Cabinets Our staff is dedicated in solving the problems associated with high end custom cabinets, butcher block island, kitchen island table and wood furniture for the best clients. If you want to find out more click here. A Stronger, Lightweight Cabinet-making Material The most exclusive homeowners in the United […]

Lightweight Insulated Torsion Box Non Warping Door

The invention of insulated reinforced torsion box helps woodworkers solve the mystery of warping wood eliminating the problems of warp, bend, twist, cup, cracking and even rot. Sing pre-built torsion box can be used to manufacture a lightweight true flat workstation. It would take hours – even days – of work to build an 8 […]

Torsion Box Improvement

Torsion Box (lightweight panel, sandwich panel, honeycomb panel) 1. What is Torsion Box? The revolution or evolution of wood working, metal fabrication, plastic and cement meets the invention of patented Sing Sandwich core (see the many uses of Sing Core). Sing Panel provides the wood worker with pre-built torsion box. Traditional torsion box (above) which could […]

Aerospace Technology Torsion Box Panels

Sing Core is providing new, space age solutions to old technologies that have been used in transportation industries for years. You might be as surprised, as much as we are, to find that many leading-edge technologically advanced transportation manufacturers who build the most high-tech aircraft, boat and train vehicles and containers often use old technology […]

Pre-built Torsion Box for High-end Craftsmen

Imagine being able to build a torsion box work table – or anything, for that matter – without the time, energy and cost of building the torsion box yourself? Q: How easy is it to work with? A: Just use your normal wood working tools and treat it just like you wood any other piece […]

Torsion Box Assembly Table Multi-function

The torsion box assembly table has been the stand out project for the high-end wood worker. Regardless of the end-user’s specific application needs, there is no other method as effective as torsion box structure for building a table that can be lightweight and extremely flat. Now thanks to Sing Core and Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse, […]