Homeowners are reaching out to find the best building materials possible to integrate into their sustainably conscious home project.

As the home owner, you may want to see Sing Core featured in your project due to all the added benefits. In our network we work hand-in-hand with designers, architects and contractors to make sure that you have the right Sing products to match your requirements and specifications.

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This makes the job safer and more efficient for your general contractor and your architect will thank you for being diligent and for introducing them to Sing Core which they will continue to include in future designs.

Even a $500.00 door does not have the impressive functionality of a Sing Core door. See our comparisons.

If you are a home owner who desires only the best for your dream home, then you are seeking only the best – not only for doors – but all components and Sing Core is perfectly matched due to having high strength, insulated, light weight attributes.

For the green and earth conscious individuals, you may rest assured that you are selecting an Eco-friendly product for a better world based on a lifetime of research and development by inventor Peter Sing.

While architects and contractors are aware of Sing Core, it takes you, the discriminating home owner to specify that you desire to have Sing Core featured throughout your home’s design. Realizing your home’s quality of excellence with be based on your dream and your team; your designer, contractor and Sing Core.

In 10 minutes, any builder can learn the structural advantages and applications of Sing Core, and the unparalleled performance proves that this technology is truly the best for your home and the future of all creatures.  If your project has not been completed, there is still a chance that we can help you with the substitution process.

Dream homes begin in the minds of the home owners who research the right building materials and components that will fulfill their desire for their perfect home. Building a high-end custom home is a combination of art and technology.

The imagination of the homeowner’s vision is translated into an actual design by the architect, then it’s up to the mill work and contractor(s) to bring the dream to life. The entire process is rewarding and fills the home owner with a sense of pride.

The challenge is in how to find the best components to build your home. In many cases the homeowner conducts a great deal of the research, often online, searching for doors, floors, ceilings, roof systems, even furniture, etc…

Even though Sing Core is not available in lumber yards, nor is it distributed by building material distributors, yet the most high-end architects and mill works from coast to coast seek us out as they provide solutions for the president, prime minister, kings and the Pope.

Regrettably, we are unable to provide patented Sing products for retail or directly to homeowners as we only support architects, millworks and door companies. See full apology.

It takes a village to bring a successful visionary project to life. Often the skills and imagination of the architect are key influential factors in moving a project from an initial vision to the real world.

SingCore is the secret ingredient in the process of bringing the best things to life.

How Sing Core Works With Your Team

Sing Core supplies valuable components to the construction process. Patented Sing panels, posts and beams are integrated into projects where the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, insulation and alternative Eco-friendly manufacturing options are either sought after or used in solving the problems associated with large scale projects.

The process works something, like this:

  1. The Architect specifies, “SingCore” inside the products, let’s say, a large pivot door
  2. The General Contractor seeks out a qualified Millwork who obtains unfinished pivot door from Sing Core
  3. Sing Core manufactures the pivot door blank to architectural specs and ships to millwork
  4. Millwork finishes and installs hardware and provides finished pivot door to the job site
  5. Installers hang and or install the pivot door

The resulting large pivot door can be guaranteed not to warp, bend, twist or otherwise fail (including full structure warranty) for 50 years. No other door can offer such integrity, unless it has, “Sing Core inside.”

The power of Sing Core: 13 ft span 1 inch thick panel, little or no deflection demonstration

large extreme edge pivot door with man door

Center for Architecture Design Seattle

The unique attributes of patented SingCore assists in bringing the creative concepts of architects to life in the real world. Ideally, architects who understand SingCore’s unique characteristics specify SingCore in their designs.

We are seeing even more architects working in tandem with our team to solve the challenges with traditional materials. Basically, when a problem associated with weight or strength rears its ugly head, SingCore is the Eco-friendly solution. In the event the architect was unaware of the size and/or weight issues associated with his or her design, it is not uncommon for the general contractor or millwork to seek SingCore to solve the problem.

Homeowners can make their homes and hearts sing by referring Sing products to their architect, mill work and general contractor.

Sing Core is most famous for doors, especially large oversize doors, whether they are sliding doors, pivot doors, extreme weather exterior doors, etc…

Sing Core has built the strongest, lightweight and eco-friendly insulated doors. For the homeowners that do their research, if they’ve investigated how Sing Doors are made and what sets them apart from other commercially available doors, Sing Doors win out, hands down.

Sing Core custom builds custom door blanks for all kinds of doors, including garage doors, carriage doors, sliding doors, exterior doors, wood doors, metal doors, etc…

The best doors in Manhattan penthouses in New York are Sing Doors.

In fact, doors are very similar to floors, walls, ceilings and furniture – even stair treads – in that all of these systems can be reduced to components that are panels of varying size, thickness and materials. For the most demanding clients, true flat and straight (without bending, warp or twist) is a huge concern.

Consider this:

Ask any door manufacturer or mill work if they could build and guarantee a large door to be true flat and stay flat for 50 years; then add fully insulated and sound deadening as an added challenge. Only doors made of patented Sing Core can carry such a guarantee in USA, maybe even in the entire world.

High strength is another highly sought after attribute, that is usually exchanged for dead weight that is added stress and strain on the project and structure. Inventor Peter Sing solves the issues of weight and strength regardless of the desired materials, like wood, metal, concrete and cement at a competitive price, without compromising elegance or beauty.

Sing Core is Eco-Friendly

Sing Core is manufactured with less, energy consumed, using earth-friendly renewable veneers. No formaldehyde is used in the adhesives between the structural and sandwich facings to ensure a true green end-product.

Sing Core is Lightweight

Lightweight does not mean weak, heavy does not mean strong; just as low cost does not mean inferior. If you are searching for lightweight panel, post and beam in wood, metal, cement board, FRP or plastic for your building design project.

Sing Core is extremely lightweight. Though traditional honeycomb panels and products have been effectively used in your designs, patented Sing Core weight is approximately 4-6 lbs per cubic foot. No other core or sandwich material can lay claim to the lightweight advantages of patented Sing Core.

Sing Core is Strong

Traditional aluminum, paper and/or plastic honeycomb core cell size is commonly 3/8 inch to ¾ inch. The average compression strength are 10 to 100 psi; but the smallest Sing Core grid is 2 inch x 2 inch which when tested at the University of Washington reached 660 psi for Sing Core’s honeycomb core.

The height of Sing Core could be 6 inches or more and still has superior strength but the average height of traditional cores are limited to mostly within one inch because the taller the core, the less compression strength. That is why you never see aluminum core in a 6 inch thickness, because they fail structurally. Sing Core maintains its strength and integrity in thickness of 6 inches or more. Sing Core is redefining, “lightweight and strong.”

Sing Core is High Precision

Sing Core is not only lightweight and strong but is one of the most high precision substrate materials available with tolerances of +/- .007 of an inch. It is this high precision which gets the interest of engineers working on high end projects and architects dealing with clients who demand the best high performance end products.

The Sing Core difference makes solid materials more dimensionally stable, stronger than steel pound for pound and lighter in weight. Best of all, Sing Core is the most sustainable building material on the earth. Click here to see Sing Core in comparison to other building materials.

Increasingly, homeowners are finding Sing Core online as a possible solution for the challenges they face. They introduce our web site www.singcore.com to their architect, mill work and/or general contractor to learn how to incorporate the Sing invention to their future dream home building project.

What are homeowners looking for?

Earth-conscious home owners are looking for building materials that are primarily:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Pre-insulated
  • Have uncompromised strength
  • Have a beautiful appearance
  • Reduce sound transfer (sound deadening)
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to work with
  • Reduce installation and maintenance costs
  • Competitively priced
  • Outlast other building materials

Sing Core has been designed with the homeowner in mind. It is the only aerospace-type core – Click here to see Sing Core in comparison to other types of core materials commonly used in aviation, boat building and the home building industry. See substrate – that is compatible with private home building and can be modified and treated just like any other wood-based building material.

Sing Core comes in several formats to fit the desires of the homeowner, while overcoming challenges that might face both contractors and the do-it-yourselfer, like:

And can feature any exterior material/finish, for example:

  • Aluminum
  • Brick
  • Ceramic
  • Concrete
  • Fiberglass / FRP
  • Wood (any wood species, or wood composite material)
  • Steel

Sing Core building materials are so lightweight, that they reduce the amount of manpower needed to complete a project as normal 4 ft by 8 ft walls can be easily manipulated by one person. This also reduces physical strain and work-related injuries on-the-job.

Besides the benefits that homeowners are generally seeking, Sing Core offers other advantages, including:

  • Lightweight
  • High-strength
  • True-flat
  • Warp, twist, rot resistant
  • 10-year warranty

We also offer professional large size Sing door panels that are true flat and guaranteed to stay flat for 50 years

Due to Sing Core being so lightweight, it is easy to ship throughout the entire United States at low cost and is probably the only bulk building material that is Made in the USA and exported to other environmentally conscious countries throughout the world.

Home owners are increasingly insisting on the use of Sing Core to their architectural and design teams.

The best mill works in each large city used patented Sing Core for their challenging high-end jobs – See part of our clients list.

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