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Woodworkers know the best solution for building a true flat work bench, door or panel is to use a torsion box structure. It takes a skilled craftsperson hours, if not days, to build a true flat strong lightweight bench. This torsion box is very labor intensive, people only do it for extremely high-end or as a labor of love.

The good news is Sing Torsion Box structures are made in our factory by the train load with highly precision machinery. It is more precise, higher in strength and lighter in weight than any torsion box structure created by a wood shop. Now you can use the most advanced torsion box to build endless products at very low cost.

Inventor Peter Sing invites you to apply for free membership in his Sing Torsion Box Club today.  Members are invited to attend free seminars and first-time attendees receive enough Sing Torsion Box core to build a large size work bench free… and bring your truck to take advantage of seminar-only you haul bargains.

Sing Torsion Box Club members have access to exclusive how-to information and details about how to build the strongest, most lightweight products using eco-friendly Sing Torsion Box technology.

Member Benefits:

  • Free Seminar(s)
  • Free How-to Details
  • Free Sing Torsion Box Material*
  • Members Only Club Discount Pricing
  • Build Products for Us
  • Build Products for You
  • We Sell Your Sing Products
  • Make the world a better place promoting Eco-friendly woodworking

Joining is free and you can enjoy all the benefits that come with membership by having access to free material to build to your heart’s content using patented Sing Torsion Box or Sing core.

Members are also part of a growing network of craftsmen, and will be able to trade your skills with the highest quality wood material at no cost to you and/or purchase material at club discount price.

Free Seminars

Sing Seminars are held periodically (currently bi-monthly, increasing frequency according to growth of movement) at our showroom, next to our factory.

These seminars explore tools, techniques and processes that maximize the Sing Torsion Box technology. As well as:

  • Discover how to build new Sing products
  • Take advantage of 1-day-only discount offers (bring your truck)
  • Take advantage of skills-for-materials offers
  • Network and exchange woodworking knowledge with others
  • Reduce overhead and maximize profit
  • Access evolving marketing techniques
  • Business-building and merchandising

Members can join our Active Craftsman Division (ACD) entitling you to all knowledge and material needed (including Sing Torsion Box, adhesive(s) and wood veneers) to cold-press (included) and manufacture your own Sing furniture panels, boards and beams.

Free Sing Torsion Box Material

In this exclusive grass-roots movement, we are partnering with skilled craftsmen who desire to promote the wave of American-made handcrafted products that are the best in the world. We know these are hard-times, and we are here to help you get from here to there.

In an effort to help motivated and talented woodworkers, we are willing to provide select ACD members with the materials they need to build their products up-front. This is by invitation only and you can enroll in this program at our free seminar.

ACD Members are invited to attend our detailed seminars at our factory location, so that you can be assured to have the best, most current information and designs at your fingertips.

Members Only Discount Pricing

Sing Torsion Box Club members save up to 75% on materials i.e. Urethane Glue, Sing Core, Sing Sandwich Panels, Sing Panels, hardwood veneers (oak, maple, birch, sapele, walnut, luan, etc…) at a fraction of the price of regular distributors.

Member Responsibilities

1 Study our web site to learn and believe that Sing Torsion Box is what you would like to use at your wood shop.

2 Tell your friends and enter our wood blog to talk about your experience about Sing Torsion Box as non-biased comments and share with the wood working trade what your Sing Core knowledge.

3 Use your Sing Torsion Box Club membership to use Sing Core and Sing Sandwich Panels to build all types of Sing products. Members can sell products back to Sing Core, or can be sold on consignment at Sing Core, sell at your own on line store or let us sell for you.

4 Promote Eco-friendly products and keep jobs at home by using your skills to build products to last and will help to spread the word to others about Sing Torsion Box and make the world a better place.