Why Purchase Unfinished Furniture?

> Many manufactures hide inferior wood and finishing with paint and other quick "cover up" techniques — Sings unfinished series shows you the raw beauty

>You see what you are getting

>The ability to give our sing furniture, your very own personal touch and customizing

>More affordable than finished furniture

> Just plain out fun!

Why Sing Honeycomb Furniture?

> Unique 25 year full repair or replace warrantee

> Perfectionist craftsmanship

> Unmatched flatness and straightness

> Helpful customer service when you need it



1. Start by inspecting. Look for any scuffs marring in the wood. Sand with the grain of the wood using 150 grit

sandpaper. Then dust off and wipe clean.

2. Wipe the stain on using a brush. Work in sections. Immediately wipe the stain off with a lint free cloth. Make

sure to wipe off with the grain. Use 2 rags, one for the excess and one to fine tune for that perfect finish.

3. Let the stain dry and do another coat if you want it darker. Let it dry overnight.

4. Next, apply a sealer or clear coat, the most commonly found kind is polyurethane which we use and recommend here at our factory.

5. Spray on polyurethane is easy for anyone and affordable Or carefully brush it on, carefully to avoid runs in the finish.

6. Let it dry and then apply 2 more coats.

7. After 3 coats, sand smooth with 400-600 grit sandpaper. Dust and wipe clean.

8. Apply 1 or more coats depending on the outcome of the first coat.

9. Enjoy your one of a kind custom honeycomb furniture.


How to paint unfinished honeycomb products

1. Always inspect and pre sand.

2. Apply 2 coats of primer (most top brands will work good). Let it dry overnight.

3. Apply by brush or spray paint can, paint. Let paint dry. Repeat.

4. Apply 2 coats of spray polyurethane.


Tips and Tricks

• Water based stains work great when it comes to fixing scratches and gouges. You can use them like paint. Just use

a q-tip and dab it on to fill the gashes.